Monday, February 9, 2009

~~~Presents and pretties~~~

I have so many pretty things in my life....especially pretty people!

I received the most wonderful gift from my best cousin, Cindy today!

She sent me these books so that I can be more creative!

And the sweetest little children's hankie....

and if that wasn't enough....Look at the CHARM!

OH MY! I am over the MOON for my new charm!

I also wanted to show my latest paper dolls
that my girlfriend, Pat sent me for my birthday!
She sent me lots of Bath and Body goodies
and these precious dolls that she made!
When I opened the box, tears came into my eyes!
I know that sounds corny but that's how precious they are!

Thanks to all my friends and family that treat me so special
all year long! I am SO spoiled....and sentimental!
(just ask my hubby!)


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Yes you are a very spoiled kind girl! You deserve them dear.Love those presents.

Shelley said...

I love all those wonderful pretties..have fun with them!


Diane said...

Diane, It looks like you were gifted today too. :-) Such a nice feeling isn't it, not so much the gifts but the thought someone sent our way!
Diane too

Freckled Hen said...

I love the paper dolls! I am glad you had a special day.

Linda said...

What fun treasures to receive , you are deserving though!
Hugs, Linda

Q said...

These are treasures!
The paper dolls are darling and the charm is fantastic!
Have fun creating.