Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WOW! Look what I did !!!

Did it hurt?

I saw Meryl Streep with ear cuffs in "Mamma Mia"
and couldn't wait to find some!

In fact...I couldn't find any!
I went to Amazon and found them HERE !
And what a GREAT PRICE!
They just clip on the top part of your ear and seem to stay put just fine.

I took these pics of myself looking at myself in the mirror. EEEE!!!
My hubby will wonder why I didn't put some makeup on
and wait for him to get home and take a good picture!
But I was too excited!

Now I would like to get one more hole pierced
in each ear to wear a diamond stud.
I must have too much time to play!

Have you tried something new lately?
I'm trying to shake things up and change!



Boo-Bah said...

I love those ear cuffs. You said they clipped on so you didn't have to have them pierced?

Yes I am trying something new. On the 27th I am getting rid of my gray hair. Hooray!!

Happy weekend to you.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

No, they don't require piercing, Iris. You just squeeze them tight on your ear. Can't wait to see your new hair do! It feels good to do something...unexpected!

Lenae May said...

Awwweee! Bravo to something new! I'm in the same mood. It looks great!

Jacqueline Jaggers said...

I finally got over here to visit you. I see you commenting all over the place. I love the fact you tried something new. It's becoming on you and I have not done this yet, but I may get a gnome tatoo on my foot...yes, at 50 I just might get my first tatoo! Anyone that lives at Once Upon a Fairyland should don't you think?

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh! I love the ear cuffs. My best friend has some gorgeous cuffs. I'll ask her where she gets them. I've thought of getting some too.
Have a wonderful weekend.
P.S* You're very pretty without makeup! I'm sure your hubby would agree!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I agree you're pretty without makeup! The earcuffs are great, they look so good on you. Good for you for trying something new. I am debating a shorter haircut! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

lila said...

I loved Meryl's jewelry in Mamma Mia, too. I hunted for a silver ring that wrapped around like hers...never found much....except one made from a silver spoon.
the ear cuffs are cool!
Cute photo, Diane!

Janet said...

Back in late '89 I bought a little ear cuff at a Renaissance Faire and I still wear it every day! I love it. I wear mine a little lower, more in the middle of my ear but I like yours up higher, too. Yea for Meryl for bringing them back!!

Paulette said...

I also agree, you don't need makeup at all. You're truly beautiful! Love that little ear cuff! It's so nice to try something different, isn't it? I have an eternity band that I never wore on my finger, so I decided one day to try it on my second toe. I've worn it that way for years now. It makes me smile whenever I look down and see my toe sparkling up at me! I love it! Hugs, :o)

Michela said...

You don't need any makeup!

Kelee Katillac said...

So proud and impressed of and by YOU!!!

The ear cuffs are FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Showing your style!!

love, kelee

Miss Sandy said...

Actually, I tried something new today! I climbed on the back of a very big motorcycle, held on with a death grip, flew away, and lived to tell about it!

a fanciful twist said...


I have three holes in each ear, eeeps! ;)

Catherine Holman said...

Wish I'd read your post earlier. I just placed an order for a birthday present on Amazon and could have ordered those earrings too!

Holly said...

Cute! I get all excited about things like that, too! My mom used to wear the clip ons on her ear lobes but I thought they hurt dreadfully!

I've been wearing my hair all different ways lately- especailly right after I color it! ♥

M.Kate said...

My friend! You look GREAT and young too :D Glad you didn't have to pierce them...hugs...M