Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Wednesday Wee Ones"

Looks like a smoke signal from Mt. Pisgah!!!'
Must be signaling 'Wednesday Wee Ones' !

Even though I am very limited in space at the new condo,
I HAVE to have a few dolls!

So here are some NC dollies in the guest room!
I love the little antique chair in front with Mellie in it.

Wendy has the chair by the window!

These are some of my favorite dolls
and I plan to redress them to 'match' the guest room decor!

I am blessed to have so much talent in my family.

My son, Darrel sketched this years ago
and I have always decorated a room in animal prints.
Isn't it perfect?

And my daughter in law, Jeannie, created this cross stitch!
The details are exquisite! It looks so great in the guest room!

Hope you enjoy your day, too
....remember to take time to PLAY!
We need to have some FUN
EVERY day!


Shelley said...

Enjoyed your post...your family does have talent indeed....


Michela said...

Ooooh! You have such lovely guests in your new condo!
How funny the smoke signal!
Enjoy the rest of the week! :)))

Tammy said...

Your dolls are so cute...I sooo want a doll room now! I guess I'll need to start collecting!!

Boo-Bah said...

Your dolls are so beautiful.

Your family is very talented. The cross stitch is so pretty. It looks like a lot of love and work went into it.
The animal print is wonderful.

I love the doll in pink that was on your bed. They are all so gorgeous it is impossible to have a favorite.


Janet said...

There's definitely plenty of talent in your family! That drawing is fantastic!! And the cross stitch is beautiful. That looks like a very welcoming guest room.

Catherine Holman said...

You have so much talent in your family! Your dolls look right at home. Thanks for your kind comment for our "Callie".

Cal said...

Cute dolls, brilliant sketch and lovely cross stitch.
Cal x

beedeebabee said...

I'd love to share a room with all those little sweeties! Adorable!!
I'm so impressed with your son's drawing, it's stunning! The cross stitch is so beautiful also...such detail, that must have taken months to do! Hugs, Paulette :o)

Draffin Bears said...

Your little family all looks settled in your new home.
Your Sons drawing and the cross stitch are beautiful and you have a very talented family.


Q said...

Wow! You do have talent in your family!
Thanks for the reminder to have fun!

M.Kate said...

Everything is beautiful BUT those animal prints are fabulous and your DIL cross stitch is priceless..I thought you look so young...didn't know you have grown up children..maybe around my age, which is very young ya, hugs..M

Anonymous said...

Love all that you posted here. Darrel's work is amazing, and Jeannie seems to have so many skills too,

My favorite section was seeing your dolls--especially Mellie and Wendy. My dolls send best wishes to yours.