Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Fall!

Or "Turning over a new leaf"
(no pun intended!)

Align CenterI declare... beginning today... to love Fall
and everything that goes with it!

I have said for years that I feel sad and melancholy
in the Fall and I have used that to make excuses
for a 'melancholy mood'.

And that is just so NOT me!

I sat down with a notebook yesterday
and wrote...and wrote...and wrote!
I think I can put it aside now
and change.

There are so many good things
happening in my life right now and
I am thankful for all of my blessings.

I also realize that what you put out into the universe
comes back to you. And if I thought I had my feelings
a little hurt a few days ago when the consignment shop
gave away my purse.....that was NOTHING compared
to the hurt someone imposed on me yesterday.
(and I can only think they did it because
they are going through a bad time)

So I am going to quit whining and thinking sad thoughts
and change my attitude. And I thank all of my blogger friends
for sharing your amazing posts and sweet comments
that make such a difference in my life!

Here's something to make us smile!

I have a miniature pumpkin collection!

A lady has a studio and teaches ceramic classes at
"Our Family Crafts" in a town nearby
and she always has these precious pumpkins at
the craft shows...and I always buy everyone she has!

Don't they make you happy?

Please tell me something about Fall that makes YOU happy!
I'm making a list!
And I plan to post it!


AwtemNymf said...

Lovely candle centerpiece. Candles, Pumpkins and Autumn/Fall ALWAYS makes me happy!
*swoons* Have a great weekend!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Loving your ceramic pumpkins!! I love autumn too, the fall foliage is what makes me happiest, I can never seem to get enough of looking at it, and tend to take lots of pictures year after year! One thing that I love here in the fall is the pumpkin marmelade that the little farm stands sell, oh so yummy on hot toast each morning.

Tammy said...

Love those burgudy? colored leaves in your display!

She'sSewPretty said...

Good for you Diane!! I have been having a case of the blues lately too. Fall doesn't get here until mid October. It's in the 100's today! But, when it does get here I love it. I love the fall colors, and the cooler weather! I also love those little pumpkins too. I can see why you're her best customer!

Boo-Bah said...

I am sorry that your feelings were hurt. It sounds as though you aren't going to let it get you down though.
I love the red and golds in Fall. In CA. we just don't get enough of them, at least in my part of SO. CA.

Your decorations are beautiful. I would have to say that I love the earthy colors, browns, yellows, golds and reds all year around.

I posted pictures of the chickens for you on the top of my post today.


Stacey said...

Your pumpkins are so pretty. :) I'm sorry some goon hurt your feelings. Sometimes it's like that and you are have to just let it go. My husband thinks he gets melancholy in the fall too. I always think it's so nice to have relief from the heat, nice cool air, wonderful new foods on the menu, football season (even if I totally don't understand) list could go on and on. Keep on looking for reasons to enjoy this time of year.

Colleen said...

I love your fall table arrangement, the burgandy leaves, candle and mini pumpkins are sooo pretty. I love fall and look forward to changing of the seasons. Although I am having my own pitty party right now because my little darlins (Alex 4 and Payten 16 months) will be moving away in a few weeks. They are my sunshine!!! So I will have to look at the sun and the fall leaves and call them ????? times a day!!!
and get a web cam and travel 2 1/2 hrs as often as I can. Really lucky they will be that close. My youngest daughter lives 9 hrs away in Albuquerque.

Martha said...

I too love fall! I do not love winter though! Your decorations are wonderful!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi there,
Thank you for visiting my place recently. This was a WONDERFUL post here. I used to be so sad about Summer leaving, too. But blogging has really helped my attitude towards Fall. So many people celebrate its arrival, that's hard not to jump on the bandwagon. : )
I LOVE your beautiful Header, too!
Take care,

barbara said...

I like everything about fall: apples, sweaters, football, leaves, candles, rain - it's all great. September makes me a little sad because it means the end of summer, but by October, I'm ready and happy as can be.

Jacqueline said...

Trust your blogger friends to lift you up when someone tries to knock you down!
My happy fall moments are watching these crazy whimsical squirrels in the chestnut trees snatch the nuts and hide them. It makes me just laugh. They act like they are robbers, looking over their little shoulders and then diggin to China to hide them. Have you ever seen one throw one down at you?

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Those little pumpkins are cute!

A positive attitude is a wonderful thing,Diane! I have found that the people who have hurt me the most are the most miserable people I've ever met and that does help ease the hurt. (Kind of!) ☺

Today, my favorite thing about Fall is hearing the sweet things that my boy says about it. He's so sweet and loving and excited about the upcoming cozy days inside with me. ♥

Freckled Hen said...

I grew up watching my mother become melancholy each Fall. I think at a young age I chose Fall as my favorite season just to show her it wasn't so bad! As an adult it is still my favorite season. 4 of my 5 kids were born in the Fall...I like the cool mornings and warm afternoons, the harvest type suppers, dark evenings with the fireplace. I love the smell of woodstove smoke as I would walk through our little town in Connecticut in the early morning.
I'm sorry your feelings were hurt. I'm glad to read you walk a lot, I think that is one of life's best pick-me-ups, that along with blogging, of course!
Also, I love your pumpkin collection!

Jans Gourds said...

Something to ponder.
"Nobody can hurt me without my permission"
So when someone hurts you, or hurts your feelings, ask yourself it you opened the door for this to happen.

My feeling get hurt easily too but I have stopped allowing it to happen.

I just remember that for them to hurt me means that they have only hurt theirselves and may have lost a good friend in the process.

I only have a few very good freinds and I value thier friendship more then life itself. I would go to the ends of the earth for those few after that a friendship is earned thourgh trust, caring, consideration, and love. Love for each other and love for yourself and those that you chose to surround yourself.
Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble and I am sorry that your life has been darkened by others. Don't let them affect the way you look at life today, tomorrow, or next week. Be happy my friend.

dc said...

I enjoy the crunch of the leaves in the woods, the new smells and the fresh blustery dry air!