Friday, May 7, 2010

You deserve some cake today!

That's what I told my hubby. He's been working outside mulching our flower beds.


We have plans for our's on our list!

The back of our house...


We have some areas that need replanted but we're not quite ready to do that so he is spreading mulch to keep the weeds away and make the empty areas look better. Eventually we want to get rid of a lot of the shrubbery that we have and have a landscaper change things.

You can see that the shrubs have gotten too big in the front!


The side....we'll probably plant more azaleas here because they do so well!


So here's the 3 layer Dark Chocolate cake I made for my hubby! ( I ate a little of it, too! )


I found the recipe ONLINE HERE and it had such good reviews that I decided to try it.


The cake was dense but not dry and very chocolatey!


With a strong cup of coffee....oh my!


We saved some for you!

The rose in my vase was ready to fall apart so I put the petals around my candle.


They sure make my bedroom smell nice!


What are your plans for today? I'm off to the library in a few minutes!

heart Hope you have a nice Friday! heart

20 comments: said...

I love the way you have put the petals around the candle! I also love the look of your house, it is lovely! I have been busy in the garden this morning, mowing and tidying, Suddenly everything is springing to life... I love it! Your chocolate cake looks absolutely scrummy yummy! Enjoy the library and your weekend too! Suzie xxx

Cyndi said...

Hi Diane! Your home is lovely...I love that lavender color; it's so subtle yet so striking! And that cake looks soooooo good. Hope your hubby enjoyed it!

Have a wonderful weekend.



Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, the cake looks yummy! I love your courtyard. Your back yard is very neat and pretty. I wouldn't dare show ours:( Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

JG said...

Chocolate cake - yum!

Our weather is now very warm, so it's time I rotated the summer/winter clothes. That's my #1 priority this AM. Well, maybe not the first - I had to visit blogland! :)

Changing landscape is fun. On our daily walks, my hubby & I get such great ideas of what will grow where while observing other yards. Our front yard is finished and now working on the back.

Have fun!

Freckled Hen said...

Mulching is a perfect reason for chocolate cake! Your home is very must be nice and bright as you have so many windows.

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

I'm drinking my coffee as I write this. That cake looks quite yummy! Would love to have a slice with my morning cup of jo.

Stacey said...

Oh my, that cake looks wonderful! How exciting to have landscaping plans...that always excites me anyway. :) It helps to have a landscaper come even if they just draw the plans. We've done it every which way - with us doing all of it, plans drawn, and having it done. It's a process either way.

Janet said...

Nothing seemed to get through to me after I saw the word "cake" and the pictures of that three-layer chocolate delight!

desi said...

I'll have my slice of cake with a tall glass of ice cold milk, please. It sure looks yummy. Can you FED EX it right away?! lol~D

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

That cake looks yummy!!

Mila said...

Hi Diane :)
you have got a wonderfull home :)))!! Are there some clouds in Florida sky???Really ;)?
Pls leave a slice of that delicious cake!
Mila :)

Joy said...

Wow I love your courtyard. I would love to have something like that. The cake looks yummy too. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh does that cake ever look Yummy!! Hope you found some great books at the library.
I'm going to a mother/daugther dinner this evening with my oldest DD and my granddaugther Josie. Should be a fun time!!

Anonymous said...

okay, first of all, your home is lovely!
secondly I love that chocolate cake and the sound of that with a 'good strong cup of coffee' makes my heart flutter!

thirdly, I love the doily in your last photo! did you make that, I love to crochet!

and last but not least, I was at the library today reading my book on one of the couch/chairs was so peaceful to sit in solitude by the gloriously sun shine filled window!

that's it, that's all!
thanks for coming by!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Happy@Home said...

I hope my husband doesn't read your post as he is the mulcher in our house and I've never made him a cake like that for his efforts. I'm afraid if he sees this he may up and quit :-).
Seriously, that does look delicious. Great idea you had with your rose petals. So pretty.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Diane,

You have a lovely home and the courtyard looks like a fun place to relax in.
The cake looks yummy and would be much appreciated, by your husband after doing the yard work.

Happy weekend

Green thumb said...

Oh my!!!! Diane, your cake looks heavenly!!! Thank you for thinking of your hungry friends! :)
Happy weekend!
Michela xxx

Anonymous said...

Diane, what a lovely courtyard! So sheltering and private.

Jerri said...

I think pink flowers next to your home would be a very nice color combination. That cake has my name on it....I wish I could come over and have a piece. Tell us which books you checked out from the library. I'm reading Half Broke Horses and really like it.


Velva said...

Now, that is a chocolate cake!