Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Well….we are not having a party at the condo yet… but that doesn’t mean we can’t GO to all the other parties!

Visit A Fanciful Twist to see where Alice will lead you! You’ll have so much fun you will NOT want to leave!

Mad Tell her the Lavender Dreamer sent you an invitation!


And for some of my weekend fun….I went shopping at LuLu’s and to the library. It’s always fun to visit your favorite ‘haunts’ when you get back to town! (a new apple scented Yankee candle)


Do you love this big bowl that I found at LuLu’s?


I think I will take it to Florida to put in my kitchen! But I’ll enjoy it here for the summer! It’s hand painted….


And I started to crochet a handbag but decided I did not really have the yarn I needed for the project (or the patience to work on it).


So I bought a new SAK bag!


Don’t you love it? It’s just what I wanted!


And books from the library…


Love this decorating book….(that looks like my new blue robe hanging on the hook! heehee)


I’ve already started this new novel. I have read almost everything that Sharyn McCrumb has written!


If you have not read She Walks these Hills…GO NOW and get this book! It’s her best!


What are your weekend plans? Please let me know in the comments if you are joining the “Mad Tea Party”! I’ll join you for tea! Enjoy your weekend! It’s glorious here!



Stacey said...

I think it must be fun to have two places to take care of and love. :) I am totally with you on purchasing the Sak purse instead of crocheting. Love those purses!! Your books look good too. The library is one of my favorite haunts...just went this morning.

Cyndi said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful start to your weekend, Diane! Love your new bowl and handbag. And that picture of the mountains is beautiful!

I'm still sewing porch cushions, but later this evening we're going to our friends' home across the street for a pool party! Yay!!!

Have a great rest of your weekend!



Anonymous said...

I love the Sak bag Diane!You made a good choice.You even have it really quicker than if you made it yourself,LOL.

Happy weekend!

Janet said...

Love love love your Sak bag! I think about doing some crochet but that's as far as I get! Thanks for the book recommendation. I'm always looking for a good read. I think that's what my weekend might be all about.... reading and doing some art.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I need to get over to Lulu's. I dropped some clothing off last month and alot have sold, so I need to go get my money!

Love your Sak!

Dianne said...

Tomorrow I'll be going to my daughter's for my granddaughter's 1st birthday party! In a rental car with a/c! I'm making lady bug hair clips for the girls' party favors and got red bandanas for the boys. I'll be heading over early to help put the goody bags together.

Vee said...

The weekend that was promised as a blue sky alert has turned to gray skies and an imminent threat of rain. Bummer! But glad that you are enjoying your weekend. I'm jotting down the name of that author and "She Walks These Hills." Just the title sounds great. Love all your finds, the new purse, the wooden bowl...all great! Happy weekend to you, too!

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Love the SAK bag - I need one too!
I was looking at that book by Christina Strutt as I just finished reading her Green Housekeeping book and really loved it!

Thank you so much for you really nice comment about my screened porch! As soon as it cools down a bit we'll be out there enjoying it again!


Marydon said...

Diane, the bowl is lovely! I'd have bought the bag also ... I love the color.

Have a lovely summer's eve ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Green thumb said...

Hi Diane! Hope you're having a great weekend and a lot of virtual fun..he he!
Michela xxxxx

Jackie said...

Well, here is the story...I planned to have a glorious girl day by myself shopping and dreaming in the antique capitol of the Pacific Northwest when my pretty pink shoe went flying and so did I...down the sidewalk! However, even though I feel squashed this morning...I never let it stop me from shopping...Bandaides and all...

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I giggle, thought that the doll in the previous post was a real baby. Wow, a grandchild I was thinking. Both of the robes are gorgeous, your husband is a treasure!

The weekend is my time to relax, and enjoy my husbands company, oh and Bootsie's, when he feels like it.

Have a great one, so glad you dropped by.


Rhonda Roo said...

I am definitely tea partying it (still!) this weekend, and having fun meeting new peeps.


Both books look like most excellent summer reading/dreaming, and you may not be hosting an official tea party but you did give us EYE CANDY!

Have a wondermous madcap week, enjoy yourself!!!

XOXOXO Rhonda Roo

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Diane, I Love your new Sak bag! I adore Sak's. This one is really pretty and it looks crocheted! Have a wonderful week! Twyla

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love your new SAK bag! Such a pretty color and perfect for the summer.

LuLu's sounds like a fun place to browse and you always find such nice bargains there. That bowl is perfect for a 4th of July.

I'll put this book on my library list...I hope summer lasts long enough for me to read all the books I have waiting! :-)
♥ Pat

Lallee said...

Hey, you're back in NC! I enjoyed all the FL trips you posted recently. Each place is on our to-do list! You were brave to visit them in the summer heat.

I read the book I won and really enjoyed it! I passed it on to my sister when I saw her recently. Thank you again!

Love your new bowl in your red kitchen. It would look great in your FL kitchen too. You'll just have to carry it back and forth. lol The new purse is very nice--should go with lots of things.