Friday, August 20, 2010


Walking along the trail here at our condo is delightful….


Come along with me….


and you never know what you’ll see….


Have you ever seen a hummingbird moth? I think this is the first one I’ve seen….unless I visit Q's Corner ! You always see some amazing nature photos on her blog!  


And aren’t some blogs that you visit delightful? I always enjoy spending time at A Scrapbook of Inspiration . Her latest post is beautiful…and inspiring! It made me want to get in my car and drive to Vermont or watch “The Sound of Music”….or both! Visit her and tell me what you think!

Do you read books because you’ve seen them mentioned on a favorite blog? I am reading a book that I cannot put down….Roads to Quoz by William Least Heat-Moon!


I heard about the book on the blog, At Home with the Farmer's Wife and checked it out at my library. And I was shocked to find that his travels start in Arkansas, very near where I grew up! So I am really enjoying it! I hope my friend, Lila from Indigo Pears sees this post! I know she will LOVE this book!


I am hoping you’re having a delightful day! Can you tell me one thing that delights you today?


Ready for our walk? Put on your Asics and let’s go!!! Hot


lila said...

I would certainly join you for that walk!
Of course,I will check on the book, thanks for the "heads-up"!

Anonymous said...

Love the beautiful butterfly photo! Walking? Great idea. Think I'll go too!


Della said...

I am delighted by my son! He keeps me connected to your blog. Love your pathway, very beautiful scenery at your condo!

Happy@Home said...

Now that looks like a walk I couldn't pass up. I'll be right over :).
I had never seen a hummingbird moth until I moved to NC. They are fascinating, aren't they?
Beautiful photo of the butterfly.
It delighted me.

Vee said...

"Delights" may be too strong a word, but I was able to eat soup tonight and it tasted so good. No, I had never heard of a hummingbird moth...interesting looking little critter. said...

Now there is one thing I love, a good walk! Susie xxx

Jemm said...

We have hummingbird moths. They are so WEIRD! They have a proboscis that is nearly 4 inches long that they stick out into the flowers. Crazy I tell ya! They kind of freak. me. out.

KarenHarveyCox said...

The walk around your complex is lovely. I'll come along! Thank you for mentioning me on your post. I just love hummingbirds, we have one in our garden who loves my Jacobs Ladder plant. I am going to look for that book, I love quotes.

Have a beautiful day.

Cyndi said...

The grounds around your condo are lovely. And I LOVE hummingbird moths. We have lots of them here and I always see them on my Phlox, too!

Today I'm delighted that my hubby has the day off and we are going to lunch together!

Have a wonderful day!



Shirley said...

Delightful post! What a great book find! I wish I had more time to read. Thank you SO much for your kind comments - you always make me smile. Thank you! I am delighted that my girls are enjoying school so far (they started back on Tuesday) and I am also delighted that I have my mornings back to myself. : ) Have a wonderful weekend!!

Becca said...

Lovely photos and what a beautiful place to take a walk.
I don't think I've ever heard of a humming bird moth, but that's a great shot. So, you grew up in Arkansas? My parents grew up there too! I am "delighted" to have today as an "extra" day off from work!
Happy Weekend! :-)

Sharon Lovejoy said...

I so enjoyed our stroll and all the discoveries. BEAUTIFUL photos.

Ok, I will try to wade through this new William Least Heat Moon. My dear friend gave me the Prairy (his spelling) book and it flummoxed me. I think that was the one that had a sentence with 300 plus words.

I better lighten up and try him again.

All joys to you,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Dishesdone said...

Beautiful grounds where you are! A walk must be very nice there! Enjoy your book!

Q said...

Your Hummingbird Moth is so pretty,
so is your Tiger Swallowtail. Being aware of what is in our backyards is exciting....It is always a delight to walk with you.
Thank you for mentioning Q's Corner.

Bearly Sane said...

I would love to join you for a walk Dianne, I could do with some warmth right's been so cold all week, icy winds BRRR!
Never seen a Hummingbird Moth before, didn't even know there was such a thing...thanks for sharing, I learn something new everyday.
Mmm what delights me today? The sun has finally come out!
Have a fun weekend.
Warmest Hugs,
Sandi @ Bearly Sane
P.S. Please stop by when you get a chance, I have a great giveaway on offer.

Marie said...

I saw a hummingbird moth down in our garden in Kent one day. I could have sworn it was a hummingbird, except that the colours were so dull. I was so excited to see it! I have asics too. They are so comfortable and have healed my plantar fasciatis!

bj said...

Are you shopping yet????????????:))

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

... I enjoyed the walk, no asics but flats, is that okay ;)
Have a lovely lovely weekend! xx

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh, you took a lovely photo of the hummingbird moth! Aren't they just amazing!!! I love the photo of your swallowtail as well. Today I actually saw my FIRST real hummingbird. I was amazed at how small they are. Couldn't get my camera ready quick enough! Theresa

koralee said...

Wishing I could go with you...what a beautiful area you live in. Hugs for a great new week. xoxoxo

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

Hello,Diane:How are you?
Lovely pics.
I like to walk,too.
Thanks for your nice feedback.
You are so sweet.
Have a nice day.

Burnt Woods Creator said...

We used to get those moths in AZ but haven't seen any here. They are pretty awesome, hey?
Diane, I added the little mice pin keeps on my selling blog if you are interested. I will be adding more soon.
Have a great Monday.

thefabledneedle (jen) said...

the landscaping is so pretty. it must be nice to live in a community where people care about the place. where i live it's the same, my landlord and i make sure things are pretty and homey out front. :)

have a lovely day!

Lallee said...

I think hummingbird moths are fascinating. I saw them once in our garden and couldn't believe what I was seeing. I didn't know what they were at first. I have always hoped they would return. Your butterfly pic is just beautiful.