Thursday, June 2, 2011

My MOST perfect day!

What would it be?

“A Day at the Beach”


I long to be at the beach...


and I savor each moment!

I even say a prayer when I walk

onto the beach and look out at the ocean!

We drove to Smyrna Beach, Bethune Beach and Cape Canaveral yesterday! The closer we got...the darker it got!

And just before we arrived, raindrops fell!


But later the clouds moved on and it turned out to be the perfect day with very few people on the beaches and temps in the 70s!


What a perfect way to spend June 1st!


My sweet hubby gets credit for ALL of the photos

on my most favorite day! THANKS hubby!

I was too intent on enjoying the ocean...and picking up shells!

Do you have plans for a vacation this summer?

Do you like to visit the beach?


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Hubby wins cuteness points :D Thanks for sharing your photos!

Stacey said...

Is it like a perennial vacation? It looks wonderful!

Shellbelle said...

You're right, I can't believe the temps were in the 70s on June 1st! This is the craziest year I've ever seen, but I'm not complaining one bit. Those temps are perfect when you want to spend the day on the beach and you're not into sunbathing. I love the beach when it's lightly raining, it just brings on an almost dreamlike quality. This is even more so when the tourists go running for cover and you've got the beach to yourself.

See, we're just like that egret in the photo, we know a little rain won't make us melt, lol.

Looking forward to more pic of your "MOST perfect day."

btw, I think it is that pull of the sea that brought us together as friends.


Della said...

You did have a perfect day! Your hubby took some great pics, and I just love the one of you walking alone on the beach. It's so beautiful, just as you are! Have more perfect days like this!
Big hugs for a sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

wow,, wonderful photos,, that beach shot is just amazing,, thankyou for sharing this,,

Screaming Sardine said...

I love the ocean. I miss it terribly. Thanks for showing these great photos. I can almost smell the salty air.

Tracy Screaming Sardine

classic • casual • home said...

This is lovely! I used to live in Orlando and I loved going to New Symrna. The water was so warm. I am lucky to live near the beach now in Calif. It's a great place to get some exercise!

Following you. Thanks for entering my give-away.

missbmckay said...

I loved beach combing when we lived near the ocean. So relaxing. I love the sound of the water and wind.

Anonymous said...

I love getting out in nature...and would actually prefer a hike or bike ride through a woodsy trail instead of the beach. Or a romantic stroll down a shaded pathway!

great photos...your hubby is great behind the lens too!

ciao bella


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh these photos are just awesome! I love the beach also. If you get a chance I would love for you to enter my eco friendly giveaway!!

Cozy Little House said...

I'm not anywhere close to a beach, you lucky girl you! Wish I was though.

Freckled Hen said...

I love that picture of you walking the beach. I feel like I need the ocean like water or air. It's a part of me. Last week I sat and ate my lunch while looking at the lighthouse on the Mystic River and thought of you...happy beach days, friend!

Vee said...

Love the beach and try to get there at least once a summer. You really did have a wonderful day and your hubby takes such good pictures.

Donnie said...

I love the beach but even more so after those great photos. Have a good day.

Splenderosa said...

Kudos to hubby for the pics!!
I love over-looking the beautiful waters, but actually don't like being in the water (unless on a huge yacht like the one in your photo). The beaches in northern California & Oregon are my absolute favorite, the weather is cooler and it's the Pacific. But, I do like the Atlantic side of Florida too. xx's

JG said...

Now that was a fun June 1!

The beach is great! Nauset Beach on Cape Cod is my fave. Your hubby took great photos! :)

Vintage Gal said...

What a lovely day for you at the beach ~ great pictures..Tell Hubby bravo!~ ;-)

Happy@Home said...

I love the beach, but have no plans to be there this summer. I will enjoy it along with you .... virtually. Hubby did a great job with the photos. You 2 are the cutest. Keep having fun together.

Diane Writes said...

Hello Diane! Lucky you for having a hubby whom you can bring to shopping and photography. As I have told you before I am not a fan of congested beaches. If I would choose my own beach, it has to be something with that in your pictures. So serene and peaceful with all those waves. I love your first and second pic btw. It's a dramatic winner shot!

ShirleyC said...

We just came back from a vacation in Destin. It was perfect weather. I would love to visit the ocean side some day.
Great pics!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I am heading home to visit Minnesota this summer, let's hope the snow has melted!


Karena said...

Just beautiful!! The images are wonderful!

Art by Karena

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Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I was actually born on a beach so I guess that is why it is my favorite place in the world to be.
Some day I hope to retire near where I was born.
Lovely pictures.
I have missed you

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love the beach. It feeds and soothes my soul. I miss it and I'm ready for a beach trip soon.

KAT said...

Yes, Smokey Mountains cabin, My Dads 80th Birthday and family reunion in the Smokies. I will post about the weekend in late Summer sometime.

KAT said...

Love the beach too! Great Photos

Kim K. said...

Beautiful pics. I'm glad the weather cooperated for your PERFECT day. We rent a cottage on Lake MI the last week of June each year. It's our slice of heaven. Nothing beats the beach.

missing moments said...

Oh yes .. I'm a beachy girl We have a vacation home in Anna Maria, just 3 minute walk to the beach. So I know your joy!!!!

La said...

I would live at the beach if I could. I've already taken my vacation to Fort Pierce, Florida.

Anonymous said...

I used to dream about living on the beach. I love the ocean and hope to get back to Florida for a vacation. It has been 18 years since my last visit there.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

No rain at all down here in Miami!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I love the look of a stormy beach! I think it was hotter here, than there, for some reason...maybe that is why places that never had tornadoes are getting them this season!

It's Just Dottie said...

I am so in love with the photos of the ocean waves ! I am going to spend as much of my summer on Galveston Island as I can!!!

Wanda said...

Your hubby took some great pictures. I love the last one with the stormy sea and the yacht (?) in the background. It looks like you had fun!

Becca said...

Oh I am just drooling over all of your beach photos! I love the sea! Well, only a couple more weeks and I can enjoy some water time in Seattle. :-)

Bluebirds and Butterflies said...

Hi Diane,
Great photos from the beach...good job hubby! Love the one of you walking along the beach. I used to go to New Smyrna beach from time to time when I lived in Florida. Always loved the fact that at some places along New Smyrna/Daytona Beach you could drive your car....unlike Playalinda Beach closer to where I lived. I love Playalinda Beach though so much...because it was the beach where I spent most of my time when I was in jr. high and high school. Such great memories! I love the beach and enjoy going back to visit. Walking along a beach is one of my favorite things to do! xoxo Kim