Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thrifty Living Series “Getting to know us better”

I hope everyone has had a chance to visit the other contributors in this series! (they are listed below)

We will all be learning so much from bloggers that live in other parts of the country and how they face their challenges.

My husband and I retired a few years ago but we did not quit working. We are working hard in our community as volunteers. It’s a busy lifestyle that we enjoy. We’ve both been blessed with good health so we are energetic about helping others and living the ‘give’ way.

But of course we have to be careful with our spending. And we are constantly discussing ways to save money. We keep an eye on the services we need. We have cell phones, but no land line now. We have cable tv but not the extended plan, anything we can do to cut back in the areas that are negotiable. And we change things up when it becomes necessary.

We love living in Florida where the cost of living is lower than many other states. And it provides us with a climate that helps us stay healthy. We can walk or ride our bikes and stay in shape. It’s also easier to grill our meat (for healthier meals) and buy fresh veggies and fruit.


I know there are challenges for all of us but as we get older, it’s even more important to NOT worry about things. There are many resources out there for us to take advantage of. I don’t have all the answers, but I love to research. If you have something specific to tackle (in the over 55 age group), I would love to know about it and see what we can do to find answers.

Be sure to visit the other contributors….

Brenda of Cozy Little House

Claudia of Mockingbird Hill Cottage

Elaine of Sunny, Simple Life

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and come back next week for our posts about saving on gasoline usage.


I’m hurrying as fast as I can….




a good parking place!

(Gopher tortoise photos taken at Canaveral National Seashore)

Remember…getting older is GREAT! It sure beats the alternative!


Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

What a great post to share Diane. I think we may retire in Florida someday...who knows. I do miss the winters.

Ginger Zuck said...

Great post. I miss Florida so much. I lived there for 12 years and would love to move back. Maybe one of these days.

The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Lavender Dreams,

Just be glad you aren't aging in TEDDY BEAR YEARS. Now I'm depressed, gonna grab my blankie and hide under the covers. Mom calls me an "antique" teddy bear, and it's NOT cause I am rare and priceless....well, I would say I AM priceless. Giggle.


Cranberry Morning said...

How I love those turtle photos! Isn't he cute.

I don't think we'll have the opportunity to live in Florida for part of the year, but it's a great plan for those who can.

Vee said...

Diane, you are one of the sunniest people I "know." Love that!

Ali said...

Oh good golly, don't get me started on the cost of living. Here in the U.K. it's one of the highest in the Western world.

I can imagine a warm climate year round is a real boon; no massive heating bills (but does the a/c make up for that?), winter clothing etc...

By the way, I love your tortoise photo. Tortoises are one of my favourite reptiles!

Ali x

Jemm said...

Your "issues" sound a lot like ours. Maybe the generational gaps aren't as big as we all think ;) How cute are you on your mountain bike!? Good for you :)

Claudia said...

About this time of year, I wish we were living in Florida! It's so hard to get out and exercise. Thanks so much for your wonderful post, Diane!


Cozy Little House said...

How cute the little turtle is! You know, I don't know why. But I haven't seen a turtle in years. (Where did they go?) You're looking fantastic, so you must be doing a lot right. Your post was great, and I will be 55 next month myself and fit in that group!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Hi! You're such a sweetie! Thank you so very much for your happy birthday wishes, gave me the smilies. :) Love the tortoise photos - I'm wondering how long it took to take all the pictures? ;) So cute!

Happy Thursday,

c. Joy said...

It is your posts on this subject I am most interested in. My husband & I were talking about how we didn't remember folks retiring when we were young - we're looking for examples of how it's done. We stopped by Barnes & Noble and checked for books on the subject. When we finally found the section there were only 6 or 7 books and two of them were on how to get quality long term care... Teach me.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

It's interesting to hear that Florida has a low cost of living, somehow I thought it would be a higher cost.

Staying healthy is so important, and it must be wonderful to exercise outdoors year round, you look very fit!!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I love your outlook. Your positive view is infectious. Love the turtle. You are so right that you need to worry less as you age. Being prepared is so important.

The Boston Lady said...

Diane, I am a little behind you in the timeline, but I look forward to learning along with you. You are absolutely right about stress and worry being debilitating especially as we get older. That's something I work on everyday! Love that turtle. Ann

Karen said...

Stopping in from Claudia's place. I'm so looking forward to what I can learn from this series. We aren't empty nesters yet, but feeling the crunch with teenagers. Perhaps we can teach them something, too.

laurie said...

every second person in our building winters in florida, the rest shiver in evy!!!!
I love the frugal tips, we're living on retirement now, its a whole lot different than being able to work over time for extras,

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Wonderful post! The picture of you on your bicycle reminded me of the streets of St Pete when I was a kid. My sister and I visited for a few weeks every summer. My brother and his family also live in St Pete beach now...he loves it down there! This is such an interesting concept for a blog post.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Thanks, Diane. I'm so glad you love
living where you live. You look
healthy and happy.
That turtle shot was cute.

Kim K. said...

Your positive spirit is certainly infectious. I always enjoy your blog for bursts of happiness and beautiful adventures. It's a cold gray day in West MI and your FL weather certainly makes me miss my bike.

Poppy said...

Thank you for the post! I am so excited to learn how other families live frugually! I'm definitely looking forward to next week's topic!

Have a wonderful day!


cynthia lee designs said...

Great post Diane. My hubby is getting to the age that he can retire we have been planning for awhile now.
Love the turtle photos.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm really enjoying getting to know everyone better. You are in a good positive situation and I look forward to reading more about how you have cut back. It is my lifestyle now...frugal!
hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Coming to read from Brenda's site. Will be checking in to see what you have to share. Hubby retires in May. We do not have much resources at this point. Not sure what all we will do, but live much smaller and cheaper for one!! He will not get his full pension for up to a year we are told, AFTER he retires (govt job). And though has signed on with the SS, they are now playing games already...and it will be 1 week tomorrow. Hubby says, I see now why they need an armed guard in that place...yes indeed!!
Elizabeth in NC

Karen said...

I love coming to your blog because you are ALWAYS upbeat. I can count on a pick-me-up, and I think that has something to do with your great health :-) And the easy living of oooh, maybe some day.

Cameron said...

Yep....when money is tight, it's time to cut the wants from the needs.
We don't have cable or tv reception....and I'm actually used to it now....haha! Never thought I would say that :)

I do miss pedicures, though! I love a good foot massage and cute toes to look at :)

sandy said...

Thanks for this interesting series on frugality. Fun seeing how others deal with these issues.
We also LOVE Florida and vacation there every year. But even though we're retired we have to live here in cold Minnesota. Can't complain though as we love being a big part of our grandchildren's activities.

Donna said...

Sunny Florida looks wonderful. Love that little turtle. I'm enjoying this series and reading all the comments too. We are over the 55 age group and close to retirement (almost there). Since my husband has lost his job two years ago things have been tight. We dropped cable, have one car now, shop thrifty, and live simply. Staying positive helps too! I know things will get better.


Joanne said...

I would love to live in your neck of the woods! My Hubby wants to get rid of the land line and I have been reluctant to do so...I have no idea why!
Blessings, Joanne


You're right Florida is a great place to live. Love that pic of the gopher turtle crossing the road, we see that all the time!

Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Hi Diane,
You look so cute on your bike! Leo and I used to ride our bikes a lot before we moved here. We're getting our exercise by gardening and working in the yard now. I love the idea of this series. Now I don't feel like I'm in the boat by myself anymore! I retired 2 years ago, and Leo has been unemployed for about 4 years. We've been living on my retirement income, so we have learned to be thrifty. It has been a huge change from the way we lived before! But we've adapted and I think our lives are so much better for it. I do miss my manicures, though.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Diane,
This post is wonderful. I love your tips and was just saying tonight how much our cable TV costs now. It is crazy and overpriced. It is fun to research ways to save every month no matter what the age, but certainly important when we retire. My hubs and I are not there yet, but we want to be prepared when we finally do.
Texas is also a place to live that is very resonable. We pay no state tax and housing buys you a lot for your money. The weather is mild most of the time too.

Love the tortoise crossing the road.
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Jen said...

You are so healthy and happy looking! And you are right about not worrying about things so much. For me, worrying and feeling guilty is huge. And a huge waste of time and energy. We women do a lot as caregivers and have to learn to caregive for ourselves! To not worry, to be kind to oneself, that is important! Thank you.


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Diane, you look pretty cute on that bicycle.

Have a super weekend. Getting some rain today....we need it!

Barb ♥

Icy BC said...

Love your shots! It looks like a fast moving pace with the photos, but I'm sure it wasn't..

DearHelenHartman said...

Thanks for the peek into your retired but not too tired to have fun life in Florida! I feel like that turtle some days, slow and steady wins the race.

Scribbler said...

I am coming over from Cozy Little House.

I will enjoy following this series on living more economically because I am retired, too, and my husband will be after July.

We enjoy vacationing in Florida and have thought of living there so I will be interested to see how you manage certain things. The biggest concern for me is the hurricanes, although the tornadoes here are probably worse.


RC Reese said...

Yeah, florida has it's good points...I live here too but winter is the only time I like to get outside...too HOT!!! And the humidity! Boy, a girl and her hair has no chance in Florida! I do love lil critters like the Gopher tortise (likes it on land not in water) like the lil fellow you showed. They can live up to 100 years old...SWEET!!! I'm just over here in Orlando myself!

labbie1 said...

LOVE the gopher tortoise and the parking spot! Cute! I really enjoy your blog as we are at about the 55 age mark (if you take our ages and divide by two!!!! LOL) and thinking about true retirement sometime...

You have a great outlook...go!