Saturday, October 21, 2017

Blue Run Park "Hike #34"

We had beautiful weather this past week and managed to get TWO hikes in...FINALLY!

One day we hiked the Blue Run Park trail in Dunnellon and were very relieved to see that Hurricane Irma had not done any damage to the area around the Withlacoochee River.

Can you believe how beautiful the water was? It was extremely fast moving that day too.

 Here comes someone enjoying the day in their boat.

I better hurry and get photos of the 'white bird' across the way.

This was a mystery when we saw it. We knew it wasn't a White Ibis but it didn't really look like a Great White Egret either. And it wasn't!!!

Meet the Little Blue Heron eating along the bank of the river.

A Little Blue you say? 

A juvenile!!! Anni has helped me so much with learning to identify many of the birds we have here in Florida. She told me to look at the bill for a certain ID on this little guy.

Now normally the Little Blue Heron would look like this

 well he was having a bad hair day here! haha! But you get the idea...he would be BLUE!

Imagine our surprise to see a snow white Little Blue!

Enjoy your weekend! Get outside whenever you can! You never know WHAT you'll see!

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Monday, October 16, 2017

The Beauty of Florida Swamps

Many of you have not seen the beauty of Florida swamps....but let me assure you, they are breathtaking! When the sun is out, shining through the Cypress trees it is magical!

 Don't you love these Cypress knees?

You may think of swamps as having brackish water but most are alive and well and teeming with 'wildlife' and beautiful plants. 

The swamps we walk past at Blue Run Trail in Dunnellon have a lot of duckweed growing on them. That's what the green is on the surface of the water....thousands of tiny plants called duckweed. Of course there are other water plants too. I did some research on Florida swamps and think this would be considered a Floodplain Swamp.

We finally got out for hike #34 even though it was 90 degrees! It really was a gorgeous day!

The Red-Bellied Cooter is one of the slow moving animals that lives in the swamp.

Thanks hubby for this amazing photo!

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Tersa Sphinx Moth

I can never tell if something like this is a moth or a butterfly.

When we saw it in our flowers, we thought it was a couple of dried leaves. The wings looked 'papery'!

It was perfectly still and let me take photos from every angle.

Doesn't it look like an 'alien' in some of these?

 Have you ever seen one like this?

 And when I was at the Farmer's Market, I looked across the street and saw a bird perched on a tree out in a field.

I identified it when I got home by looking at the photos.

It's a Kestrel. I haven't seen one in a few months so it was a nice sighting.

Do you have something fun planned for the weekend? We hope....hope to get out on a trail and take a hike! It's still hot but we are SO anxious to get outside again! 

Thanks Lea for the ID! I did a search and found a link HERE that tells more about it. How neat! We can always count on our blog buddies to help us when we are in doubt!

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Monday, October 9, 2017

The 'White Elephant'!

I had such fun at the White Elephant Sale and bought a bunch of junk good stuff! 

And only things I really needed! lol

 I mean....have you ever seen a lighthouse cookie cutter? And everyone knows I lived in Texas long enough to consider myself a how about the cowboy hat and boot? I bought the hammer for my hubby! haha!

 I don't listen to country music all the time but I love a little Johnny Cash, George Strait and Alan Jackson when I'm in the mood! ( may be a Texas thang?)

 This necklace was only $1 and I didn't even realize until I got's a locket! 
A White Elephant Sale is a type of garage sale or community sale of 'used items'. Ours is held inside and close enough that I can walk to it. Lots of fun to mix and mingle with friends and neighbors and find some bargains too. I spent less than $20 on all my 'loot' and even got some Fiskar stamps, paper and pencils for my altered book projects.

We had beautiful skies over the weekend. How was your weather?

Did you have a fun weekend too?

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Backyard Birding

It's still been too hot to get out on the hiking trails. And this week even though it was 'less hot' it was windy.

This Hawk was on the pine tree behind our house and we watched it swaying side to side in the wind. It was hanging on for dear life! 

We think it's a Red Tailed Hawk...possibly a juvenile.

Hubby and I both took pics.

I can't zoom as much with my camera, so this one is mine! lol

I looked down on the concrete in our courtyard and saw this Mexican Petunia bloom that looked neat.

And one more to show you what it looks like on the plant. They have bloomed all summer long!

Do you have special plans for the weekend? I hope the weather's nice, for ALL of us! (I'm planning to go to a White Elephant sale today!)

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Monday, October 2, 2017

"If You Give a Moose a Muffin"

If You Give a Moose a Muffin is a delightful children's book by Laura Numeroff. I fell in love with this little book the moment I saw it. And since it was only a nickle at the old thrift store and a bit 'beat up'....I didn't mind cutting it apart for my next altered book project!

I started working on it yesterday by printing out some recipe cards. 

My favorites were the ones I found at Gooseberry Patch on their 'free goodies' page HERE. (I had trouble accessing them on their site and ended up getting them on Pinterest.)

I have all kinds of ideas for this sweet book and it sure makes me think of Autumn baking!

I promised Maggie my favorite Honey Wheat bread recipe. I made this 'upteen' times when my kids were growing up. I cut it off a bag of whole wheat flour. I remember cutting it off every bag I bought and giving the recipes to the ladies in my church. My kids grew up with whole wheat...whole wheat everything! One time they had a friend over that said we even had whole wheat water! hahaha! Memories!

My sweet hubby bought mums last week to put into the big pots by the front door. Hurricane Irma beat our pot plants to death so it was nice to get some pretty mums to replace them.

Have you done anything special for Fall yet?

It's October...time to decorate!

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Two Bugs and a Bird

We've had a few 'bug' sightings this week.

Isn't this green buggy thing beautiful against the pink rose?

Love the little stripes on his legs.

And this huge locust was on the garage screen. Doesn't he look 'prehistoric'? (we have screens on our garage that you pull across so that you can leave the garage door open and 'air' out your garage when you park a hot car inside)

This big bird landed in the tall dead pine tree behind our house and we grabbed the camera to see what it was!

A Mockingbird! Maybe looking for those bugs to eat!

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

I'm Grateful for all of YOU!!!

I feel ALL better! I passed the kidney stones and feel amazing now! Thanks so much for the prayers. What a difference it makes to have good friends that pray! 

I'm working on a Fall book but it hasn't quite 'come together'. I'm struggling to figure out the design and layout. But hubby put a new ink cartridge in the printer yesterday so I printed out some pretty Autumn paper!

A special 'Thank You' to Michelle from The Nest at Finch Rest for the gift she sent me this week. I won her 'Christmas in July' giveaway and she sent me a beautiful antique Christmas cup, Christmas tea, a little spoon and a sweet card. (I'll probably work that card into a book! heehee)

I'm always thankful for the Farmer's Mkt on Thursday so I'm off and running this morning. It will feel GREAT to GET OUT!
What can I pick up for you? Apples? Or bakery bagels? How about some corn on the cob?

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Monday, September 25, 2017

I'm so smart....

...and humble too! hahaha! The more I create, the more creative I become!

I'm still making altered books and I'm going in all kinds of directions now.

I made this cute little Beatrix Potter book for my girlfriend, Margaret. 

I hope she doesn't mind if I show it to all of you. She loves it! I included the whole book so she read the story and enjoyed it, too. Now she can write in her book and glue little mementos inside. It was fun to make and a very cute size. (the book rings were not in the book for the photos)

I made another book into a journal this week and experimented with sewing antique lace on the edges of some of my pretty paper (using the sewing machine). It worked like a dream.

This book had a plain cover and I glued the image on the front and then put some antique lace and an old clip-on earring on the book ring. I didn't embellish the pages in this one but stay tuned....I'm making MORE books and they are all different! 

And speaking of being humble. I am having a 'humbling experience' and would appreciate your prayers. I have kidney stones...oh my...they are painful! I had SUCH a good week and feel like writing in ALL CAPS...I don't have TIME for THIS! You know what I mean!

I better go cut some paper and glue something...


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Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Quiet Week

It's been quiet here this week...quiet is good! Our area is still cleaning up after Hurricane Irma and there are downed trees and piles of debris everywhere. But there are also lots of workers and trucks carting off the uprooted trees. I read a sad article in the paper today about my dear Sholom Park. They lost over 20 huge trees and since many were uprooted, it damaged the sidewalks and paths. Fencing was damaged too. So it's been closed but the article said, " New creative designs and beautiful landscaping will replace what was destroyed. We will rebuild and be back to normal soon." 
The photo in my header is Sholom Park. 

These are pics from my little neighborhood pond this week.

A moorhen family was in the middle of the pond.

Come on kids, try to keep up!

And a Great Blue Heron flew into a Cypress tree while I watched. 

He posed for me on the bank of the pond.

He just about disappeared into the reeds.

But he was watching me!

A sweet little Grebe swam by too. (I love the way the water looked in this photo)

It's been a terrible week of devastation around the world. I'm keeping everyone in my prayers.

Happy Fall Y'all!!! 🌻🌻🌻

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