Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back to School "Wednesday Wee Ones"

I've had a different kind of week! Since it's so HOT, I've taken on an extra cleaning chore every day to get my house in better shape. Maybe you do this in the winter when you can't get outside. In Florida, we do it in the summer with the fans flying! lol  But all work and no play....we can't have that!!! 

 I dressed dollies this week too!

I made a little 'back to school' vignette!

Noel has her book bag and a cute little plaid jumper that I made last Fall.

Isn't it funny what you see when you look at your pics! I noticed the little yellow Winnie the Pooh books are upside down. She's got a lot to learn this year! 

These little dollies put on their painting smocks.

I hope my blog Sis, Linda has time to give them some art lessons this week! (I know it's HOT where you live too)

These two bookcases are filled with old children's books I've collected over the years.

They are treasures indeed!

And I found this precious little table and chairs WITH a big bowl of fruit at Hospice Thrift Store yesterday! Isn't it the cutest?

 Have you found anything fun this week or taken time to PLAY?

Happy Wednesday Wee Ones!!!

I’m joining Thankful Thursdays. (tomorrow)


Debby Ray said...

Hi Diane! You have created some darling vignettes for these back-to-school cuties! There is nothing that says back-to-school more than a plaid brings memories back to me of me even have one! Enjoy getting that house all spiffed up! Hugs!

Connie said...

Good Morning! What a sweet post . . . I think that school must start earlier for you, but it is starting here soon enough :) I couldn't help but notice the red clock . . . I'm a clock person and that one is very unique, I really like it. I will never grow too old to enjoy children's books. The simple stories, the rhyming verses and the art work . . . they are wonderful, especially when read with a grandchild on your lap :)
Great post . . . stay cool.
Connie :)

Sandy said...

I love your dolls dressed up for school and your vignette. You are right about the heat. I have no desire to walk outside. It is so hot and humid it hits you in the face immediately. Even my dogs don't want to stay outside.
I too am trying to do a few things in the house. Been sprucing things up.

Stephanie said...

Everything is too cute, my friend! It's hard to believe school has already started in some states....we will be starting the day after Labor Day which is quickly approaching.

I hope it cools down there. It has been rather chilly here. Yesterday is was in the 50's in the morning and it didn't warm up until about noon. Hugs to you!

Prunella Pepperpot said...

Can Prunella come around to play? She could do with a new dress too!
Your Dolls are looking very smart and I'm sure you have somee real treasures on your book shelf.
Loving the table and chairs!
Have a great week :)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

It is Back to School here also. I would love to give your girls an art lesson! Hugs!

Carla from The River said...

Sometimes it can be too hot here in Wisconsin, so we do inside chores too. ;-)
Stay cool my friend,

Arlene Grimm said...

Just LOVE LOVE LOVE...Diane. My grands headed off for the first day of school today.

Lowcarb team member said...

Oh Diane what a lovely fun post.
Just love your photographs and that little table and chairs with the bowl of fruit is amazing.

It's pouring of rain here in the UK, shall I send some over!!! LOL!

Take Care

All the best Jan

Diana Kosmoski said...

I love your sweet "girls" all dressed for school and ready to go---books upside down notwithstanding. lol

It is hot here, too, this summer and, being on the bay it is really humid here. ugh.

Hope you have a great Wednesday- xo Diana

podso said...

Diane such sweet vignettes for back to school. I love the jumper you made with the heart buttons. So cute. I wish jumpers were popular again!

Cranberry Morning said...

Oh Diane, I LOVE your back-to-school theme and the sunflowers and the cute little kiddos all ready to catch the bus (they would be if they lived where I grew up). :-) And of course I always love your shelves full of old books. Isn't it a comforting sight! And yet I'm still having a hard time believing that summer is on the downside. :-((

Cherdecor said...

Your dolls are so cute all dressed up for school. I retired from teaching about 12 years ago. August always seems too soon for school to begin.

We have been having cool weather since last Friday when a front went through. I love this cooler weather even though I am too busy inside to get outside to enjoy it. We have been painting and getting ready for company over the weekend. It will be fun to have a fellow blogger visit us whom we have never met.

Like you I have been doing a lot of cleaning. It seems that my work is never done. Enjoy your week!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Well if that isn't the cutest thing going, then I don't know what is. I love the idea of dressing up for the first day of school - and school doesn't start here until Aug. 23 so I have a little time left to make some plans. I'm already thinking about outfits that will be great for a photo shoot. Love all your little books and the shelf full of books. Such a sweet table too. Have a great rest of your week my dear.

The Sketchy Reader said...

Aw! This is the perfect post for National Book Lover's Day. I love your shelves with the children's books, and OF COURSE I love the little dolls wearing their back to school clothes.

Janey and Co. said...

How cute. I really like your dolls little school jumper. I pitch and toss all of the is almost a hobby with this Virgo....The most fun I had all week was playing golf with three fun girlfriends!

Vee said...

Why, yes, I played all day today with my sister. She even had her eyebrows threaded. ­čś│ (No, I did not!)

Darling little plaid jumper perfect for returning to school, especially for those of us of a certain generation. Ahem.
I still remember those little plaid dresses and my Pat Boone white bucks.

Red Rose Alley said...

Your dolls are so cute, Diane, and all ready for school. I love the one in the plaid dress. Your "school" display is so charming, and that clock is delightful. Oh, the bookcases filled with children's books, what a treasure. These books are so special and fun to read. I did a back to school post for tomorrow too hehehe.

love, ~Sheri

ps.....I think we are kindred spirits. Me and you picked the same bedroom on Diana's post today, along with many other familiar faces. : )

Danice said...

Darling plaid jumper and red shoes. Noel is all ready for school. Love that little table and chairs. What a great find :)

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

Dina walked out the door this morning to meet her new 6th graders with a smile on her face. (Held up two fingers ... only two more years of first days)

Sam I Am...... said...

I love your dolls and vignettes! And yes, school starts next week in many places! I love the children's books but I only have few. Your collection is awesome! That little table and chairs is the cutest....lucky you. You find the neatest things where you live. It is just precious and the bowl of fruit...too cute! Thanks for sharing your talents and your 'treasures'! Have a great day and stay cool! Hugs ~ Sam

Anonymous said...

Diane, I so enjoy seeing your doll fashion shows. Perfect for back to school! I love children's books. I lost count of how many I have. Love your display! xo

Regine Karpel said...



Que preciosas mu├▒ecas y que bonitos escenarios, besos

Jeanie said...

Your "girls" are looking very cute indeed!

Candy S said...

How cute the painting smocks look! I am sure the girls will make great strides with their art lessons during this school year. Noel looks lovely in her jumper and her book bag looks great. The little table and chairs are really just darling with their garden motif and the fruit bowl Is simply perfect for this set. Your collection of children's books is quite impressive! I started collecting books for my youngest GD a year or two ago. Most of the books that I have found are reprints of the books my children loved when they were young.

I hope the weather has improved somewhat in your area. It has cooled down here in Ohio. It is so nice to leave the windows and doors open all day.

Have a great day! Hugs..... Candy