Wednesday, December 17, 2008

***Wednesday Wee Ones***

Trina Kay looks lovely in her holiday attire!

It's so much fun to decorate with dollies, especially at Christmas time!

And then it's time to put your flannel
gown on to wait for Santa!

And the Cardinals on the terrarium are ornaments my sister,
Delores made last year!
Aren't they wonderful?!!


Royaltouch said...

Cute, oh darn, I forgot about Wee Ones Wednesday. I will try to post in a little bit, something, late but still Wednesday here.
We have 8" of snow now and counting, I am snow bound finishing my Christmas cards tonight.

Lallee said...

I thought your doll was real at first! They are all beautiful. You must have such fun with them. I love your mouse collection too--so cheerful. Thank you for telling me about the Scottie card. I have not seen that one yet!