Monday, June 27, 2022

Art Journals

 I promised a blog friend that I would do a post that wasn't about birds or wildflowers but I'll probably sneak a few of those in this post! 

I usually call my journals 'junk journals' which makes my youngest son laugh a somewhat nervous laugh as if to say, Mom's gone over the edge. 

But these journals are so beautiful, I need to use the term 'art journal'.

I bought both of these books from a sweet Etsy shop called Nudgery Faire HERE and then I proceeded to cut and glue things onto the pages. 

She is very talented and I feel blessed to have 2 of her journals....and another one on my wish list. 

Her prices are exceptional too and I appreciate that. 

The first one I bought was the Fairy Forest.

The name is enough to sell me!

And it is indeed delightful. 

I still haven't finished it. I like to leave some pages available in case I find some perfect images to add later. And I always write quotes in all of my journals.

The second one is made in a different style and is so easy to work in. The pages stay open with the ring binding.

And of course she has put a lot of special touches into this one too.

Everything about it is beautiful!

A few more pages in a mosaic!

I love cutting things out, arranging the pages and gluing things in. I need a diversion when I can't be IN the forest!

(doesn't that look a bit like a monster or a BEAR in the center of the photo?)

Be sure and check this shop if you want a a journal to work on this summer! Just look HERE!

Are you working on craft or sewing projects this summer? 

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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Hiking in June in North Central Florida

 Well, there's not as much hiking going on right now. Our June has felt more like July or August. But if the temps are in the 70s and there is any breeze at all when I get up, I just might hit the trails. The humidity is the killer for us right now. But even though I love living here, I can still complain about the weather? Right?

We drove over to Halpata Tastanaki Preserve one morning and were delighted to see the Florida Scrub jay.

They are endemic to Florida and rare so we are always excited to see them.

This one was chattering away and I hope it had a nest nearby.

There are so many wildflowers blooming right now that I can't keep up with doing IDs.

Manyflower Beardtongue, thanks Pamela for help with the ID!

Every time we go out something else is in bloom.


Meadow Beauty

Meadow Beauty

Mourning Dove

Have you ever seen a Velvet Ant before? They are actually wasps. More info HERE

Velvet Ant (he left cute little footprints in the sand!)

Brown Thrasher

One more of this beauty!

This is how you feel if you stay out too long!

What have you seen this week? 

Is it hot at your house? Do you complain? lol

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Monday, June 20, 2022

Sunny Days at Cannon Farms in Dunnellon

 It was a hot sunny morning when I went to the farm last week but the flowers were in full bloom so I couldn't resist getting out in the maze!

Everyone there is so friendly and nice. Ashley offered to take me out farther to see more of the Zinnias but I wanted to spend time taking photos of the sunflowers. 

I spent most of my time in the sunflower field.

There were so many more blooms since I was there just a week ago.

It didn't feel too bad at 10 am. It was around 80 degrees with a light breeze.

I just kept on clicking and trying to remember that I had to choose a bouquet to bring home when I was finished.

I saw flocks of Cattle Egrets fly over the whole time I was there.

Ashley said that the flowers were drawing all kinds of birds and bees and bugs. 

She had seen a lot of ladybugs early in the season.

And the Monarch butterflies loved this special sunflowers. (I think they are Mexican sunflowers)

Hummingbirds were around and lots of honey bees.

I even saw a Swallow-tailed Kite while I walked around.

Being out in the flower fields gave me a chance to get better photos of the Zinnias.

They were gorgeous!

What a fun experience! 

I bought lots of fresh veggies again this week. We didn't have any go to waste last week but hubby mentioned more than once that we were eating 3 vegetables at every meal! lol This week the bonus was okra! We LOVE fried okra! And it's really worth the trip for the vine ripened tomatoes and fresh picked corn. Thanks to the owner for coming out to my Jeep with corn he had just picked and I almost missed.

Here's the sunflower I picked and brought home.

It doesn't get any better than Cannon Farms, family owned and operated! They are closed for the season now but it sure has been wonderful to spend time there! Thanks for everything Cannon Farms. See you next season!
Links to the farm are HERE and HERE

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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Beautiful Birds at Blue Run Park and berries at HTP!

Summertime hiking in Florida? I wouldn't recommend it! 

I can't stay in the house all the time so I've gotten out some. 

But the hikes are fewer and shorter and earlier!

The vegetation loves the heat and pop up showers we have in the afternoons but it makes it a challenge to get good photos.

The Black-crowned Night Heron was a good sighting though.

And this Great Blue Heron is trying to beat the heat under a tree with Spanish moss. (and you know I always imagine what my critters are saying)

You know if you climb up here you'll sink us.

See what I mean.....your end is already sinking!


Are you still here?

The Rainbow River is very beautiful and definitely 'old Florida'.

I zoomed in to see this house on the river.

Oh, look! Here comes a river boat motoring down at a leisurely speed.

Life is going at a slower speed. So what can you do?

Oh, let's see....put on long sleeves and go out in the heat and pick blackberries at Halpata Tastanaki Preserve?

There are a few wild blueberry bushes in the berry patch too.

And it's not too hot to cook in the oven for an hour to make a cobbler, is it?

Life is good! Even in the heat of summer!

Stay cool and safe this week and enjoy each day!

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