Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cutesy and Creepy!

I wanted to share a few cutesy things I have in my home.


The is the basket I bought at the Primitive Shop on our trip.


I put a cute little Halloween pick in the Fall flowers.


Lots of fun things here and there.


I love decorating the baker’s rack in the lanai.


Oh and didn’t I say creepy?

We went on our #40 hike for the year at Ross Prairie and it was all about orange and black!


How funny is that…I mean CREEPY ?

One more cutesy.


Good old Florida sunshine streaming in the kitchen with temps in the mid 80s for the next few days.

Happy Halloween! Ghost

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Perfect Florida Beach Weather

We drove to Canaveral National Seashore on Monday and the weather was fabulous. Our high was 80 but on the beach it was in the 70s with a nice breeze. With so many clouds sometimes it even felt chilly!


We found a few pretty shells and some nice seaglass.


But you know this close to Halloween, you’re going to see something ‘scary’!


Better look up close!


BATS!!! Bwahahahaha!


I’m joining Tex for the

Good Fences party. Ghost

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy Halloween from Wednesday Wee Ones

Opal is our little model this week with a Halloween bubble dress and black hat. (handmade by me!)


We don’t do any scary Halloween at our house but we sure love all of the fun stuff!


Like black cats and vintage crepe paper streamers.


We have such FUN!


I got carried away with the ‘effects’ on Picmonkey so I’ll share them ALL with you!


JoAnn and I both made Halloween outfits this week.

Visit her HERE to see her latest creation.

Candy has been sewing for her dolls, too. Visit her HERE.


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Anyone else want to join us for the FUN this week?

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Monday, October 26, 2015

McIntosh 1890’s Festival for 2015 !

It was HUGE this year with a record number of people turning out to enjoy a festive day!


McIntosh 1890’s Festival home page is HERE and their Facebook page is HERE.

We’ve been several times but we’ve never seen this many people there.

And what a treat to have such a nice variety of vendors. I’ve never seen so many ‘prims’ or had so many Raggedy Anns to choose from. (that’s my festival weakness, although I did buy a new bracelet that I forgot to photograph.


It was fun to see Samantha again this year. Her shop is HERE. Of course I couldn’t resist her little Halloween Annie.

And I met Mare and she also makes Raggedy Anns and lots of cute things. She has a Facebook page HERE.


Have you ever seen a cuter little button nose? I got the scary ghost from her too! (and I made the little black cat last year and it jumped in the photo shoot)


We walked a country mile from where we parked and then up and down the streets trying to visit close to 300 booths filled with amazing arts and crafts.


It seems like Fall now here in Florida!

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Flycatcher sighting

I thought this was the prettiest little bird and he was nice enough to pose on a fence post for me.


And even close enough to some wildflowers in bloom.


We were surprised when we got to the Trail head of Halpata Tastanaki Preserve to find out they had put up a new sign.


Some of my favorite fences are the entrances to my favorite hiking trails!


I’m joining Tex for the

Good Fences party,

Saturday’s critters HERE

and I’d Rather B Birdin’.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cornflower Blues

I love this fabric.

I call these colors cornflower blues.


Zeta thinks it’s still warm enough in Florida to go ‘barefoot’!


I took her into my ocean blue bathroom for her photo shoot.


Don’t you love the back of this little apron?

Here’s the pattern.


(notice the notation! lol)

It was even hard to get on her. My hubby had to help me dress her! haha!


JoAnn and I both made something from this fabric.

Visit her HERE to see her latest creation.

Candy has been sewing Fall outfits for her dolls. Visit her HERE to see a beautiful Fall jacket and skirt and a Halloween costume.


Thanks for joining us for Wednesday Wee Ones as we continue our sewing challenge.

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If anyone has a dollie post for next Wednesday, we are featuring Halloween creations. Just let me know if you would like to join us and I’ll add a link to my post.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Florida Fall Foliage…Fabulous!

We took our first ‘Fall’ hike at Halpata Tastanaki Preserve this week and it was beautiful.


I know many of you don’t think about Florida having prairies but in central Florida we have a lot of different terrain. (even rolling hills!)


Many of the Fall wildflowers were in full bloom and others had tight buds on the plants.


Let’s look up close at this pretty flower!


It was one of those nice mornings that we start to have at this time of year, temps in the 70s all morning with a light breeze. Quite refreshing after a long hot summer.


It’s great to get back on the Florida trails!


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Lavender Cottage for Mosaic Monday.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hiking weather and a Stranger in the Woods!

The weather was perfect for hiking while we were in NC. We spent the afternoon at the North Carolina Arboretum and walked the trails along Bent Creek.


Lots of ‘hilly’ terrain that gave us quite a work out!


And the ‘stranger in the woods’ was this unusual plant.


Imagine my surprise when my blog buddy, Debby from My Favorite Things did a post about it this week. She has some great information on it in her post.The link to her post is HERE.


She identified it as the Bursting Hearts or Hearts-a-Bustin', Strawberry Bush or the by the official name of Euonymus americanus!

I was so excited to see something so unusual and beautiful, that I stopped some other hikers to point it out to them. Always a surprise when you get out in nature…when you surround yourself with beauty.


I’m joining Tex for the

Good Fences party.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

You’re invited to a Tea Party!

Ginger planned a tea party for her bear friends and would like to invite you all to attend.


She has a new dress for the occasion.


And a pretty tea pot of sweet tea.


The bears like theirs with a bit of honey, you know!


JoAnn and I both made something from this fabric.

Visit her HERE to see her latest creation.

Candy has made her little Jo a Halloween costume so visit her HERE for some holiday FUN!


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