Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Wednesday Wee Ones" Penny and Calla Lily and new shoes!

This little girl gets lots of attention....she's so precious!


And I love her name!


It reminds me of my friend at The Comforts of Home! 

What a sweet friend.....and a wonderful blog!


My friend, Mona at Wsprsweetly of Cottages loves her, too!

So here she is posing in the flowers!


Wishing everyone a beautiful Spring day!

And Calla Lily?


She has a new outfit....


and pretty pink shoes!


Would you rather have pretty Princess shoes or go barefoot?

( I have new shoes, too! )


sun Enjoy your day! sun

And always....always....Take Time to PLAY!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Let your collections grow!

I am a collector! I love so many things and get a thrill hunting for treasures. What I don't buying a collection of something all at the same place. Many stores have all the 'matching' pieces to decorate a space and they look good together. But isn't it more fun to find a perfect piece here or there and put it together in time?


These are old beakers that my hubby had in his garage and I think they are perfect for tiny shells. But I didn't fill them up. I hope I can walk on the beach and add to them as time goes by.

DSCN5603 I cheated a little! lol I found a big bag of bright white shells at TJ Maxx and couldn't resist!


Here are a couple of my best finds from the Thrift Store here in Florida. This tablecloth is a small rectangle and will be perfect for my little table in the courtyard. Won't it brighten things up?


And isn't this a sweet little relish dish? ( I haven't used silver polish on it yet! )


It has a glass liner and even has a little knife! Let's has a knife....what is supposed to go in this dish? I don't think we should try to serve relish with a knife! heehee!


This is the view from my kitchen window this morning!




What do you look for when you are shopping or treasure hunting? Anything special that catches your eye?

star Happy Monday!  star

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Welcome to Lavender Cottage!

Welcome to the 52nd Sunday Favorites...
"One Year" Birthday Celebration!!!

I am so happy to be a part of the FUN....ONE YEAR and going strong! 
Visit Happy to Design for more party fun!

I went back a year to find this post! I thought you might enjoy seeing my home here in Florida! So here we go....

Our home in Florida REALLY is lavender! A beautiful pale shade of lavender!

So welcome to my home and join me in a tour of the study!

"Lavender Cottage" Art by Catherine Holman

I don't think I will call it my hobby room because I am sharing it with my hubby!

He has a small corner of the room for his computer....
and he gets the closet! heehee!

I love having all my craft and sewing supplies here...

but it didn't really feel complete until I got everything moved down here!

AND my Catherine Holman paintings framed!

Aren't they amazing!

I feel so inspired surrounded with beautiful art!

This was my first cross stitch....from many years ago!

I am so blessed! I know I will enjoy many creative hours here!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Friday, April 23, 2010

My life is never boring....

....we don't stay in the same place long enough to be bored!


We enjoyed the beauty of the mountains

and now we are sitting by the pool! We're back in Florida!


We always make our trip interesting by going a different route and staying overnight along the way.


This trip we stayed in Statesboro, Georgia and ate at one of our favorite restaurants, the Millhouse!


It was so delicious and I love the decor!




It's sunny and warm here in Florida and we will take the weekend to get caught up (really? heehee!)


Hope you're having a fabulous week! I can't wait to go to all of my favorite blogs and see what my blogger buddies have been doing this week! Is there anything I need to know before I get started?

We bought groceries today so we'll be grilling hamburgers and hot dogs tonight with fresh corn on the cob, cole slaw and Key Lime pie for dessert! Come on over! Flip flops are acceptable or bare feet!


sun Happy Weekend! sun



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

“Wednesday Wee Ones” Calla Lily

I love this beautiful ‘big’ girl but I have always wanted to change her name! When I finished reading “The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder” last night, I knew I had found the perfect name for her!

Meet Calla Lily…


I took her photo and plan to change her outfit soon! lol She needs a pretty new summer set!


Thanks again to Stacey at Poofing the Pillows for giving such a great review of this book!


It’s one of my favorites! It definitely brings back memories of growing up in the South! You laugh…you cry….you fall in love…it covers every emotion! Do you think Calla Lily is a good name for this dollie?

Enjoy your week! ; )