Monday, March 18, 2019

Spring time Hikes

We've done some longer hikes lately to take advantage of the beautiful weather. 

Also they are doing 'control burns' on many of the Florida Trails this month. It's good for the overall health and safety of the forest so I won't complain (well, not much).

Blue Run Park has so many wildflowers blooming right now and these Spiderworts are especially pretty. 

I love the colors and may try to paint some this week. I'm still having fun with the watercolor markers. And I will mention that if you use them, be sure to get watercolor paper! It makes ALL the difference! I know...I tried them on cardstock and it didn't work well at all!

 Are you doing something creative this week? Let me know!

The palms looked beautiful reflected in the water. It's harder to 'see through' the foliage to get good photos but still our favorite place to walk at least once a week!

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Hawk's little Feast

We saw the most beautiful Red Shouldered Hawk at Blue Run Park in Dunnellon the other day!

 And just as we starting snapping the pics, he swooped down and got a tasty tidbit for a mid morning snack! 

Oh no....that's one of our baby turtles! 

Do you think he's so rich he'll make turtle soup? (a line from our favorite Jane Austen movie Pride and Prejudice)

No he'll just pull it apart right in front of us

and eat it raw!

Quite an amazing sight to witness!

But don't worry, there are TONS of turtles at Blue Run.

RUN little turtle RUUUNNNN!!!

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

I shouldn't give up my 'day job'!

Well, not to become a famous artist! I have some talented artists in my family but I'm not one of them! I do like to 'create' and 'craft' and try something new!

So when I was feeling like I needed a lift, I bought myself some Tombow Watercolor markers. 

Oh my! They are fantastic! (I ordered the pens from the big online A store and I found the paper at the big W store nearby)

At first I tried to draw or paint with them and it looked like Wendy, my doll had gotten into my markers.

 Wendy is visiting Aunt Helen in this photo! 

Aunt Helen even let her sit on her desk to help her with her computer work! heehee!

So I went to youtube and searched for Tombow watercolor markers and found all kinds of tutorials and got some great ideas.

I though they would be perfect for the backgrounds of cards.

My first try looks like 'too much'.

 Second try, maybe too little?

I'm going to keep experimenting and having fun. I'll let you know when my husband thinks I can give up my day job. hahaha!

Have you tried anything new lately? 

I dare you!!!

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Horses and Signs "Take Two"

This post came up for a few short hours before blogger 'kilt my blog' a couple of weeks ago. So I was able to write it again and hopefully it won't be too confusing! And YES, I am STILL very happy to have my old blog back! YAY! So here goes...

It's fun to meet friendly people when you hike.

 We have new signs up on the Florida Trails! There are so many trail markers and warning signs already but now there are new red caution signs for the trail crossings.

But I would rather be safe. Everyone has been very considerate of me on the trails. There are many more bikes on this section of paved trail than hikers. And just a few horses that come from the campground nearby, for a small stretch of the way. 

 A 'few' more signs along the way!

 It's beginning to look like Spring here in Florida! 

This is Red Chokeberry and it's in full bloom now!

We even have the dreaded pollen already....ahhhchhooo!!!

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

What's in a Name?

We went to Blue Run Park over the weekend and saw all kinds of neat critters. New leaves are forming and it's getting harder to see through the foliage and almost impossible to take photos now.

We watched this beautiful Green Heron.

He's so much smaller that other herons and you don't see much 'green'. 

I always come home and look at the ID book and then realize it is indeed a Green Heron even though he looks midnight blue with a dark red neck.

We see a lot of white birds along the river, especially Ibis and Egrets but this is a WHITE Little Blue Heron. They are white as juveniles. 

And then there was the Red-Spotted Ant Mimic. And he was pretty much just what his name implies. He ran across the trail just like an ant....a really HUGE ant. 

And when we got the pics home and zoomed in close, we saw lots of legs! It was a spider of all things!

 With a big red bulbous body! Well, I never!!!

  And how about a tiny lavender frog? 


Nature is filled with beauty AND the unusual! 

Did you see anything out of the ordinary this week?

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Cards 'A little how to'!

I make cards for the patients at the Legacy Hospice House. I have been volunteering for over a year now. I spend one afternoon there every week (and sometimes stop in at other times). I am a patient visitor so I spend time with the patients and their families and friends. 

Each room has a bulletin board so I make cards to put there. 

The cards I make are really a big tag. (they don't open) I take cardstock and cut it into 4 'tags'. Then I put a colorful piece of paper on top and embellish.

 Let's 'get real' and spread everything out on the table so that we can WORK!!! 

It's not easy finding the words to put on these labels, so I usually just put 'love' or 'you are loved' and then I write a little something on the back of the tag and sign my name. It adds some color and cheer to their rooms.

I know I could probably buy butterflies but I have a chip board butterfly that I trace onto pretty paper and I cut them out....4 or more at the same time. 

 I take my ruler and bend the wings up so that I'm gluing just the body to the card. 

 And look at what I'm doing with the little pearl stick-ons Gina! Don't they add the perfect touch to the butterfly! 

Gina at With Twigs and Branches makes beautiful cards and she sent me a box filled with craft supplies to use for my cards. It's fun to get creative with new supplies!

I want to mention the beautiful silk ribbon I use to add the finishing touch. It's from the Etsy shop Victorian Gypsy Girl HERE and her prices are reasonable and the ribbon is DIVINE!!! (I need to order MORE!)

 So that's what I do in my spare time. I have lots of projects I want to do but making these cards is easy and fun! And I love having a folder filled with them when I visit the hospice patients.

Are you crafting this week? I have some new watercolor markers I can't wait to try out! Stay tuned!!!

I'm thankful for friends and crafting and my volunteer work AND my BLOG!!!

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Monday, March 4, 2019

Rainbow Springs State Park for special days!

We wanted to spend the day somewhere beautiful! So we drove over to Rainbow Springs State Park. (we had to drive right past Blue Run Park which was hard to do...our car wanted to stop there! lol)

 It's the perfect place to WALK!

And take pics of it along the way!

 "Ornamental gardens, man-made waterfalls and sloping hills are visible reminders of the springs’ more recent past, when the land was home to a mining operation and a privately-owned tourist attraction."

 I wore a new Columbia shirt (I got it on sale because it was 'last years' color) and the Carribean Joe shorts. My hubby already had the Columbia hat and it matched so I wore it to keep the sun out of my eyes.

 You'll notice I wear sunglasses when I'm outside. I have bright blue eyes and I need sunglasses!

 Oh, and PUT that CAP back ON! My hair is so white it will blind you! lol

The azaleas were finishing up already but there were still some in bloom and even some gorgeous Camelias!   

I love Camelias! 

 And I love my sweet hubby!

 So we had a special day and came home happy and TIRED! Good tired though! (our high was a warm 82 degrees!)

 Thanks everyone for visiting me today! I wake up every morning very happy to be blogging with all of you!!!
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