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Monday, June 17, 2019

The Joys of Hiking!

I've read so many beautiful quotes lately about nature. Getting out on the Florida Trails allows me to appreciate the 'beauty that surrounds me'!

 We had some rain this past week so I got up early one morning and hiked before it got hot (or rained again!) Everything looked so green and lush!

I just had to 'pose' for a pic! (that's my backpack bulging out my side...not part of me! hahaha)

 Lots of wildflowers and palmetto palm blooming right now!

The bottom center photo is just a little piece of wood in the forest but doesn't it look like an animal or a bird? Maybe a rabbit, or road runner? My hubby said Kangaroo!

 Do you have lots of flowers blooming where you live too?

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Fox Squirrel and Northern Flicker

I went out on a 'not quite as hot' morning and got in a good hike at the Florida Trails!

And I saw the Fox Squirrel again!

He was in the same area that I had seen him awhile back.

I had made my turn and was headed back when I stopped to take a drink of water. I unzipped my backpack, took out my water bottle, unscrewed the lid and when I leaned my head back to take a drink....I SAW HIM! 

He was looking right at me too! I carefully put my water away and raised my camera and got several good photos.

And then he decided he had posed long enough!

Off he went into the forest and up a tree. 

I had such fun watching him. He never got very far away.

Then down the tree he came!

Hope you enjoy the videos. I'm still learning!

 And I DID see several beautiful birds on this same hike. 

Northern Flicker (Yellow-shafted)

This one moved and I got a couple of views.

Later I saw another one!

It was a very good hike! Has it been nice enough for you to get outside this week? HAVE FUN!!!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

"Antique Dolls" for Wednesday Wee Ones

Dolls from my childhood are antiques! How did THAT happen? I think I know...time passed...really really FAST!

I was fortunate to find a lady that wanted to sell her childhood dolls and I'm so happy to have them. I don't have much left from my childhood.

I've made up for it in recent years by amassing a nice collection of dolls. I don't play with them as much as I used to but I do like to rearrange them sometimes. 

Toodles is from 1960, Betsy Wetsy 1958 and Cricket is a thrift store find so I'm not sure when she was made but she has a similar sweet face, don't you think?

 I have a doll room and these three are all on their little bed reading their sweet books! 

 Most of you know that I collect old children's books too.

So even when it's too hot to hike, I have plenty of toys to play with!  

Do you remember a doll you had when you were a child, 
or a toy that was special to you?

Remember to 'Take Time to PLAY'!!!

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Monday, June 10, 2019

20 Frogs a leapin'!

When we hike the Florida Trails beginning at the Pruitt Trailhead we walk along a wide road next to the marshlands. 

 That's where we see the beautiful Pickerelweed in my banner and all kinds of water birds. And in puddles of water along the road....FROGS! Tiny baby frogs and lots of them.

 I'm including some videos today for those that might enjoy them. In the first one, you can see lots of tiny black frogs jump when I get close. AND...if you turn the audio up, you can hear me laughing and saying, Oh my GOSH!!! They were so much fun to see and I got so tickled watching them!

And next we'll enter the Florida Trails enchanted forest. And guess what!

There were baby frogs jumping in the trail! It was hard to capture one in a photo but fun to see!

Another video will show you what it looks like to hike in Florida in May! It's already getting quite grown up along the trail. Lots of Virginia Creeper and Grape Vines sending out tendrils. Maybe not what you picture when I say I am hiking in Florida! So take a look!!!

We got some much needed rain over the weekend! The frogs will love it....the weeds and vines too!

How's your weather where you live? (see... I can write a whole post without talking about my hair! hahahaha)

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Pickerelweed at Pruitt

Say that 10 times real fast! heeheehee!

The last hike we took on the Florida Trails beginning at the Pruitt Trailhead had amazing views out over the marsh of Pickerelweed in full bloom. That was in May. No hikes this month so far! I'm in serious withdrawals! I'm considering a road trip to find some cooler weather! lol We are 10 degrees above the mid 90s most days with not much of a cool down at night. Oh, I've already mentioned this in previous posts? I thought so!!! lol 

Pickerelweed doesn't sound like a pretty enough name for this beautiful flower that blossoms in the wetlands. And it attracts all kinds of birds and bugs!

We saw several Red-winged Blackbirds that day.

They have the prettiest song to sing!

And some Grackles among the blooms too.

Even a dove on the wire looking out over the marsh.

Of course there are always Egrets and Ibis flying overhead.

I think this is a Tufted Titmouse in the trees. His 'tuft' was kind of swooped back so it was hard to tell.

And speaking of's the update on my 'new hairdo'! I went back and asked her if she could put more layers in my hair. She left the length but cut quite a bit off. Should I quote her? Do you dare me? She said...I quote...."I left the length but layered the c*ap out of it!" Not my favorite choice of words, but it gave me a laugh when I retold it to hubby and my girlfriend! I'll show you what it looks like in say....2 or 3 weeks when it grows back! hahahaha!

There was only one other vehicle at the trailhead and this was on the back glass. 

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

I'm thankful!

I'm thankful I have hair and I'm glad it's straight with all the humidity we have here in Florida!

 (A sketch from my sketchbook)

But I've been having a bad hair YEAR! The lady that always cuts my hair cut it WAY too short earlier this year! It took forever to get it to grow out. I went back and she did it again! This time I went over 2 months before I got it cut. 

So I decided to go to someone new.  I guess I emphasized that I didn't want it cut too short and this time, it doesn't look like I got a hair cut at all! I actually got my scissors out this morning and cut a little of it. (I HATE to do that!!!)

But it was funny yesterday when she handed me the mirror to look at the back! The mirror had my name on it! How special is that! lol

I tried to get a pic of the back of it so you can see. It does look good....just not short! 

 I am still sketching so here's what I lightly sketched in last night! 

It's nice to be able to complain about it here because I sure need to 'get over it' and get on with other things. Life's too short to worry about whether your hair is short! haha!

And life's too short to struggle with getting a paper bowl out of the cabinet. Hubby uses a paper bowl when he has a dessert in the evenings. And he got tired of trying to get one out of the 'stuck together' stack! So when I opened the cabinet it looked like an explosion of paper bowls! Don't was just for fun! They are back in a neat stack now!

Hubby found the deepest darkest purple Vincas for our pots in the courtyard!

 Aren't they beautiful!

What are you thankful for today?

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Monday, June 3, 2019

What to do....what to do!!!

What have I been doing lately? NOT hiking! I sure miss my hikes in the woods and along the Rainbow River but it's just been too hot to hike! High 90s during the day and it doesn't cool off a whole lot at night....mid to high 70s! I'm sure I'll find a cool morning soon and hit the trails but in the meantime...there's lots to do inside!


Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger

If you only have time to read ONE book this summer! Read this one! It is amazing! You'll never forget it!

And I saw Eileen's review on Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben on Goodreads and just had to read it. 

And it was GOOD! Can't put it down, want to stay up late at night reading....GOOD!!!

Card making...

I made several quick and easy cards to give to the Hospice patients at the Legacy House. Always feels good to have something to give and put on their bulletin boards. Cheers the room up!

Watercolors and sketching...

Not sure I'm getting any better but I'm still loving it.

And Cleaning... Time to clean out the big walk-in closet.

Wait!!! no photo? I forgot to take a pic? Or did I forget to clean! hahahaha! Like to venture a guess?!!!

Have a wonderful week! If it ever cools down or rains, I'll HIKE but for now, I'll enjoy being at home!

What have you been up to this week?

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