Thursday, December 12, 2019

The rest of the story....

You may remember that I mentioned seeing a Barred Owl a week ago. (yes, I know I keep posting about it but it's part of this story too! hahaha)

Well, it all started when Tom the Backroads Traveller told me he wanted to send me a beautiful handmade wreath! One that he made himself. He showed some on his blog HERE and when I commented on it, he said he would send me one. And I told him I would send him a box of ordinary pinecones. 

So that's what we were doing in the woods. Looking for perfect pinecones. 

You can tell I was serious about the task at hand!

And that's when we saw the owl. 

That sure was easy to work into another post! lol

*The Lavender Cottage*

So this week I am thankful for Tom, my good blog buddy. And that I went out that day pinecone huntin'!

(we keep our snowmen inside in FL so they won't melt)

This is the prettiest wreath I've ever had!

 Thank you Tom!

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Monday, December 9, 2019

Looks can be deceiving....

We walked at Blue Run Park in Dunnellon last week and it was like being put in a snow globe, except instead of snow, there were leaves!

It was windy but it wasn't cool. It was 82 degrees! And the wind was warm. 

But the wind was blowing the dead leaves off the trees and it truly was magical.

All around us the leaves swirled and drifted overhead. I took my cap off to look up and cypress leaves (that resemble evergreen sprigs) caught in my hair.

So beautiful!!!

 There were lots of people out walking and enjoying the warm, 'Fall like' day.

Have you had a chance to get outside this week? It's the best time of year to hike here in Florida!

 So take a walk with me....

the video is less than a minute and we'll walk along the trail and then look over at a stream of water. (where the baby alligators were a year ago) And speaking of neat sightings! If you missed my amazing Barred Owl sighting, click HERE

FINALLY! I saw an owl on one of my hikes! YAY!!!

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Saturday, December 7, 2019

The Barred Owl on the Florida Trails!

And yes, I FINALLY saw an owl on one of our hikes!

A Barred Owl in all it's beauty!

The first owl I've seen on a hike here in Florida! When we moved here, we didn't really think about hiking. Not many people would list that as a reason to move to Florida. We noticed a lot of trailheads when we were driving around the countryside but it was a few years before we hiked one of them. I looked back at my journal and this is our 7th year of 'serious' hiking. When we walked the first trail at Ross Prairie we got excited about the possibilities and had fun researching where all the trails in our area were and just kept going. It's been an amazing adventure.

So here's the story of the Barred Owl. 

I wanted to go out in the woods and pick up some pinecones. (that's a story for another day! But Tom the Backroads Traveller knew I was planning a pinecone huntin' expedition). My hubby said he would take me. When we got there, we veered off on a side trail. And while I was looking down in earnest for pinecones my hubby was looking up into the trees to see what different pinecones might grow on the trees! 

And he saw it!

 But it didn't even look real. It looked like a statue between two trees. And of course, I was back 'aways' on the trail. I hurried but it felt like I was in slow motion. And what I was afraid would happen did....he flew!
We took off through the woods in the direction that he flew.

And we found him.

 In an even better tree with good lighting.

We took photos while he watched us.

 And then he looked to one side...

and then the other....

and he flew again. This time much deeper into the woods. Yes, we continued to walk down the trail but didn't see him again.

Amazing! Something I'll never forget!

I know so many of you will remember how many times I've said that it has been a dream to see an owl in the wild! What a THRILL! My husband used words like disbelief when he first saw it and then astonishment when he realized it was real.

 So that's my Barred Owl story! 
It's a good one, don't you think?

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

*Holiday Baking with Wednesday Wee Ones*

On the days I don't hike, I stay busy working playing around the house. I scrub and clean, get my laundry caught up, oh....and dress dollies! 

Well, you know what they say! And I definitely don't want to be DULL!

So one day I dressed Noel in her pretty holiday dress and then made sure she had her apron and hat for her baking 'chores'. I made all of these little clothes, even the potholder, mitt and dishtowels. 

I even made those gingerbread men....years ago!

 And I got to meet M.A. Vessey years ago at an art show in Hendersonville, NC. She painted this Christmas scene. 

I wanted to buy some little cookies but they all looked so fake! (at least the ones in my price range did! lol) So we're not sure what's in the oven but I'm sure it will be yummy! (we'll REALLY have to use our imaginations now)

So don't forget in this busy holiday season to

Take Time to Play!

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Monday, December 2, 2019

Creative Banners

I was planning to change my banner for December and went back to see what banners I had made for November.

A lot of them I never used.

When I get home from a hike, I love to work on my photos and usually see photos that would make pretty banners. 

But then I find one I like and stick with it!

 So I tried to make some mosaics with my November banners.

It's a 'work in progress' to use Photoscape but it was fun! (and time consuming! lol) Everyone has to find out what size photo works best in the layout they have. Crop and resize a fav pic and then play around with it and see what looks good!

Hope your December is off to a great start! Ours started with a hike! Of course!

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Saturday, November 30, 2019

I'm breaking out of this place....

I think he can do it, don't you? heehee!

And I know there's bad weather in so much of our country right now,

but Florida has been beautiful!

And the birds have flown South!
(bad news for the worms!)

I've never seen so many birds on my hikes and in the forest!

I know we've probably seen this little Vesper Sparrow in the past but this was our first time to positively identify him.

And after we saw him at the Pruitt Trailhead,
we saw another one on the Florida Trails.

And I took a card out to the mailbox and looked up at this small flock of Sandhill Cranes.

They squawk constantly as they fly over so I had time to run inside and grab the camera.

 We had just seen the Crane family at Pruitt this week. They are there year round.

 It's hard to stay inside with the sunshine and temps in the 70s! Want to 'break out' with me?

There might be 'monsters' in the woods! 
 (it's a big oak leaf in the trail! lol)
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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving from Florida!

I love taking part in Thankful Thursday every week. 

 It's wonderful to count our blessings every day and share them on Thursdays.

The Robins showed up this week by the hundreds!

 I spent some time with my Florida Wildflower book and the closest I came to an ID for this pretty purple flower is Deer Tongue. If you have any other ideas, please let me know.

I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness....and good memories. Have a blessed day wherever you live!

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