Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Flock of Glossy Ibis

Or is it Ibises? I pulled into the Pruitt trailhead of the Florida Trails, rolled my window down and took my first photo.

 Do you see what I see through the fence? 

(we're parked now!!!)

 An amazing flock of Ibises....

 every different kind.

 Even some juvenile White Ibis!

 Oh and a couple of Great White Egrets!

 I stood on my tip toes for photos....

 and put my camera between the fence rails!

 It was a birders paradise!

 One of those 'time and chance' sightings.

 Because about an hour later when I left, they were all gone!

Even a juvenile Little Blue Heron (he's white).

But I don't think they went far! We've seen them again!

 Have you had a good week? 

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Let's Cross the Withlacoochee River!

One of the highlights of walking at Blue Run Park is reaching the big bridge and looking over to see what we can see.

There are nice overlooks all along the bridge.

And it's beautiful looking both directions.

We always see boats!

And birds...we'll save for another day! (and usually an alligator, but not this day)

 (clouds reflected in the water)

So today we'll 'focus' on the turtles, so to speak!

We saw an entire Turtle family!

Papa Turtle

and Mama with her little one!

 One more turtle over there!

 And a small one over here! 

It's a beautiful time of year here in Florida!

And I have so much to be thankful for this week.

What are you thankful for today?

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Monday, October 14, 2019

Featuring an Artist!

Did I go to another Arts and Crafts show over the weekend? 

Well, maybe!  ; )

It looks like I drove out in the country to take these photos but this beautiful church is close by and has some neat sculptures and statues in the areas around the parking lot!

I saw a lot of beautiful things and these Victorian style art objects were my favorite. There were so many pretty things on her table that I didn't know what to look at first. 

 She uses decoupage to work her magic!

I ended up buying a pretty little angel charm to put on my dresser, and she picked out another angel and gave it to me!

 Jewels by Mindy (Mindy Silberstein)

Thank you Mindy! 

 I knew they would be perfect among the candles, fairies and angels on my dresser. 

I love beautiful things, don't you? 

Oh and chickens! heehee!

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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Witnessing a Miracle!

When you get out in nature you never know when 'time and chance' will put you in a place to see something amazing. 

We always see beautiful birds at Halpata Tastanaki Preserve.
I'll feature a few of the birds we saw on our hike.

And save the miracle for the end of the post.

The trail was mowed so it was easy walking!

This Eastern Meadowlark surprised us because it didn't sing it's usual melodic song.

We were very happy to see it fly and then perch in a tree along the trail....and tweet!

It's always neat to see a Hawk.

And this is the photo you get when the hawk flies right over your head!

I love the backgrounds in these photos. 

And now for the miracle!

I tend to be amazed at most things in nature but watching a turtle lay her eggs was a once in a lifetime event.

 She took her time preparing a place for it, tunneling down into the soft dirt. Then after she laid the egg, she rested.

I'll include 2 short videos...

they are similar but so much fun to watch. 

We saw her lay about 10 eggs before we decided to leave and give her some privacy.

Have you been able to get outside and enjoy nature this week?

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Talented People!

When I go to Arts and Craft Fairs I am amazed at the talented people in this world! And right here in my community. I got a chance to go to TWO Craft Fairs last weekend!

First lets see what I didn't buy but really wanted! lol 

The fairies! 

I got to meet Susan Snodgrass and she is an amazing artist, creating fairies and mermaids out of porcelain. 

 I fell in love with every one of them!

The mermaid in the tea cup was very special.

But this one was my favorite!

(they were a little out of my price range but worth every penny!)

What I DID buy was a pretty quilt for my doll room.

Isn't it fun with all the cute little dresses appliqued on!

And 2 smaller square quilts (36" square) with hand embroidery. 

I got to meet the quilt artists too and they were both amazing!

Of course a craft fair isn't complete without some clever finds and jewelry! What fun I had! 

Something to be thankful for this week!

Have you been to a Fall festival yet?

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