Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Barred Owl meets the Eastern Bluebird

Well, I don't really think they met but I began this hike on the Florida Trails with Eastern Bluebirds flying along with me. And ended the hike very near the same spot but under a tree looking up at a Barred Owl.

Hubby gets credit for spotting this beautiful Barred Owl.

He flew across the trail very near where I spotted one a couple of weeks ago.

And when he landed in the tree, it was an easy walk to get close for better photos!

He was gorgeous!

But we noticed he seemed to have trouble keeping his eyes open.

Hubby walked on the other side of the tree for a different view and the sun was shining right on the owl. (hubby is at the base of the tree, owl near top)

And you know how it feels when you sit in the sun! 

It's hard to stay awake, even with a crazy lady in a pink cap standing under the tree! (do you see a bike whizzing by in the background?)

It was exciting to say the least!

But let's not forget the Eastern Bluebird.

Time to slow down and enjoy the sights.

And even though I know this is a bluebird, aren't the colors different in this view?!

I mentioned in my last post that I am taking a break from my blog...for just a week or so. I'm going to miss visiting everyone but I am having some bad headaches and need to stay off the computer for a few days and see if it helps! Enjoy your week!

 See you back in blogland SOON! 💜

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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Be Careful how you Spend your Time!

 Your time is your life. Be sure you are spending it on things that matter. I'm always telling my 'kids' this. Even though they are still in the work force, they have some 'spare' time and I want them to do things they enjoy and that benefit themselves AND others. When you get older, you realize how quickly it passes. 

I'm blessed to have a good life and good health. I live in a place I chose, surrounded by things I enjoy doing. I love being out in nature, taking photos and sharing them on my blog. It's become a passion.

And I'm going to keep hiking and taking photos. But I'm going to have to take a little break from my blog. I'll see if I can stay off my computer for a week or so. Or at least cut back on the time I spend with a computer or IPAD in my lap! I'm still having some bad headaches and I'm trying to figure out what helps and what hurts. 

So I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving next week!

 And I'll keep praying for all of you that have asked for prayers. Please say a little prayer that I can get over these headaches. I've never had headaches in the past so it's a new experience for me. Most of the time, I just keep going. They are not so painful that I can't do things around the house or hike! So it's more of a nuisance than anything. 

I'll share my owl photos on Saturday and then take a week or so off. I'm especially thankful for all of you! I value your friendship and I'll miss reading all of my favorite blogs! But I'll be back soon! It's a great way to spend time!

Photos all taken on the Florida Trails from the Pruitt Trailhead.

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Monday, November 16, 2020

Photos that get left out!

A lot of photos are forgotten when we have an amazing sighting on a hike.

I'll give you a hint! When we were hiking the Florida Trails this week, we saw something that I had seen a couple of weeks ago. It was very near where I had seen it before and may have been the same one. lol It deserves a post all it's own because it was a Barred Owl! Coming soon!!!

And on that same hike we saw this neat bee or fly. 

Does anyone know what it is? It was pretty small but oh so colorful!

And there were beautiful moths.

Flowers in bloom.

Another moth and a Flycatcher!

Trails leading into the deep woods with spiders in webs to avoid!

The beauty of the flutterby tree (I named it flutters)!

And someone came out of their shoes at the trailhead! We didn't see anyone else on the trails so they were either lost in the woods or they went home without them. Are you missing your flip flops?

And even though I couldn't get any photos of it...
I stood in my backyard last night and watched Falcon 9's launch of the Dragon's first operational crew mission to the International Space Station. Read more about it HERE.  It launched from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida and I could see it from a distance. What a thrill! 

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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Safe from the Storms

 We didn't have any damage from Hurricane Eta here in North Central Florida. Damaging winds and rain and of course tornados are always a threat but it passed through without any of that. We woke up in the middle of the night to wind, rain and leaves hitting the bedroom window but it wasn't bad.

Now we are left with much improved weather! And even more birds that usual.

We are seeing big flocks of birds fly through, some we haven't been able to identify! 

And one day we drove in to the Pruitt Trailhead and saw these Sandhill Cranes under the trees, where we expect to see them.

You've seen a photo of ME here at Halpata Tastanaki Preserve.

And I've taken a 'few' of sweet hubby here.

You've even seen a coyote on the trail a month or so ago.

But what do we see through the grasses before we turn the corner?

Sandhill Cranes on the trail?

Yes, they were finding all kinds of bugs and insects on the trail.

Eat them all!

Then there will be fewer to eat on me! lol

Several times I've seen them flying overhead.

Time to migrate to Florida! Come on down! 🌴

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Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Christmas Robins are here early!

We usually see a big flock of Robins on the golf course on Christmas day. 
(And isn't my red mum lovely?)

The Robins came early this year! They must have known we needed a little encouragement.

We haven't had bad weather this week but we had a shower this morning and they were out there again pecking in the mulch under the palm tree.

I don't get a lot of junk mail but I did get a cute catalog from Walmart this week. It even had stickers to mark what you wanted for Christmas. Reminded me of the Sears wish books from days gone by. We  picked up our groceries this week too and got a little orange thank you!

I ordered new Swedish dish cloths in pretty Autumn designs and I love them!

And I even bought another Columbia hiking shirt in a pretty shade of blue.

And yes....this is toilet tissue! But look at the little embossed butterfly! 

Have you bought anything new this week?
(I need to make a new wish list! lol)

We have so much to be thankful for! Hiking is still close to the TOP of my list!!!

Please keep us in your prayers today as Hurricane Eta barrels through this part of Florida. I'll give you an update in a few days....God willing and the creek don't rise. (as my Dad used to say!)

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Monday, November 9, 2020

The Climbing Aster

It's amazing to see wildflowers bloom all year long here in Florida!

And they can be different from week to week.

This week the Climbing Aster is in full bloom!

It has so many pretty lavender blooms.

And the butterflies like this Gulf Fritillary loves it!

We always see Palm trees on our hikes!

And how neat to see colorful leaves on some of the Maple trees.

Lots of pretty reds and yellows!

And for something we don't see as often....

a banana tree! I think it's the wrong time of year for bananas though! We'll keep an eye on it though!

Lots of beauty in our hikes this week! 

Do you have flowers still blooming where you live?

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