Monday, April 26, 2021

Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Years ago, I kept a gratitude journal and this week I decided to start a new one. I write in journals every day and have for years! I write in my day planner about the interesting happenings of the day! And I write in my hiking journal to document our hikes, how far we go, how long we hike, weather, sightings and anything of interest.

I love beautiful journals and have some I've been saving for 'special'. So I'll start something new this week. We've had both of our Covid Vaccine shots so it's time to 'live a little'! And write down what I'm thankful for each and every day!

I've had such a good week and so many good hikes and walks. The pair of Canada Geese at the neighborhood pond have little goslings now.

Aren't they just the cutest thing ever?

It was funny that a Red-winged Blackbird got into the photo above!

I wish I could have gotten closer but I didn't want to bother them!

I get so much joy from the birds and critters here in Florida

Amaryllis and Bougainvillia are in bloom right now too!

A beautiful Florida sunset always makes you pause and give thanks too!

Have you had a good week? 

Thanks to all of you who enjoy this journey with me 

...discovering the real Florida....

and take the time to leave such sweet comments!

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Saturday, April 24, 2021

It's been raining 'ducks' and 'Ibis'!

We've had some much needed rain this past week.

And we've seen some sights a little out of the ordinary, like this PawPaw bush with red petals in the center!

The Mottled Ducks I've seen in the neighborhood pond flew over for a visit.

They landed in our backyard and walked around finding worms and all kinds of edibles under our trees. Later I saw them in a retention pond nearby.

And when we were driving home from a hike, we saw a large flock of about 50 White Ibis in a retention pond in our community.

One loner....

And I'm not sure these are getting along well with others! lol

Retention ponds are necessary in Florida neighborhoods to catch rainwater run off. Much of the year they are dry (and kept mowed) but during heavy thunderstorms and rains from hurricanes they may hold water for a few days. And Florida is flat and near sea level so these retention ponds are worked into the residential planning. 

A big view of the retention pond from a distance.

I've seen a lot of pretty birds this week and this one is my favorite.

A Female Summer Tanager seen on my hike from the 49th Ave Trailhead.

She's a real beauty and a rare sighting!

What's your weather like this weekend?

After one rainy day we've had beautiful weather, some great hiking weather! 

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Monday, April 19, 2021

Catching up with Mosaics!

 Mosaics are such a fun way to share our photos! And if you're like me you take a LOT of them! 

And then hubby takes 'a few' too! These are his pics of the cactus that are blooming in the fields at Halpata Tastanaki Preserve now.

He took one of me on the trail at 49th Ave. The flower in the top right is Rose-rush,  not sure what the other one is!

I took one of him to add to the cactus photos he took on the Florida Trails.

We both took pics of the Red-bellied Woodpeckers and Coral Bean flowers in full bloom. 

This long leafed Pine is beautiful and the top right is Wooly Pawpaw in bloom.

You would NOT believe how many butterflies are here now! The wildflowers are blooming like crazy and the butterflies are everywhere!!

Isn't the beautiful blue sky amazing here in Florida?

So that's what occupies my days! My days 'at home' aren't nearly as interesting! I clean and cook and eat and talk to family on the phone and write texts and read books and my favorite blogs. I will say that I've been Spring cleaning some AND doing a little art! But believe me, you'll enjoy my hiking photos more! lol 

49th Ave Trailhead

And thanks to everyone for the fun comments about my new Jeep. It seems like if you've ever had one or you have one now, you LOVE Jeeps! I know I wasn't sure until I test drove a few if it was right for me. And Tom, they have made 'a few' improvements since the '60s! The ride is smooth and I have lots of the latest technology. I even have navigation! Be ready, I might drive by to take YOU for a ride! I'm really loving it! It's just what I needed to go everywhere I want to go! 🚘

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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Herons and Caterpillars and Alligators oh my!

We've had some fun hikes this past week! The weather has been just right some days to a 'bit hot' other days. We will be planning a few early morning hikes in the near future if this keeps up.

But the trail at Blue Run Park is always shady and we see more birds there than anywhere else.

He's been fishin'! 

This week the herons have returned!

Black-crowned Night-Herons.

And Green Herons. 
We saw 2 of each!

And isn't this juvenile Little Blue Heron eye catching? 

He's still wearing 'white' but streaks of blue are showing up and his bill is bright blue!

But whatever you do, don't stand under these trees for very long!

I think it's a Tussock Moth caterpillar. When I searched online I came across a post done by a blog buddy a few years ago HERE. Another website said that if you touch one, you'll feel like you've handled fiberglass!

And isn't this Alligator kind of neat framed in vegetation....and a long ways away? heehee! I zooooomed!!!

Some sights in the parking lot at Blue Run Park.

 Enjoy your weekend!

Get outside with your camera and see what you can find!

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Monday, April 12, 2021

More Jeep Fun!


Having a Jeep is exciting! I know, I've had lots of nice vehicles over the years but having a Jeep has some added fun benefits!

When you're out and about, you always get the Jeep wave! 

When you meet another Jeep you wave and they wave back. How much fun is that! The Jeep wave is explained HERE

And then there's the duck, duck, Jeep phenomenon! I think I'll let someone else explain it HERE!

But it's a fun way to say "Hello" to other Jeep owners by leaving a rubber ducky. 

We walked at Blue Run Park and when we finished there was a yellow rubber duck in my door handle. It made my day! Now I'm always on the lookout for other Jeeps at the trailheads. I bought a bag of ducks and the first one I left was at the Publix near us when we went to get our Covid 19 vaccine. It was a purple Rubicon that we parked close to. I hope they came out of the store and smiled when they found it!

I still love finishing a hike and seeing the red Jeep at the trailhead waiting! Photo taken at Halpata Tastinaki Preserve hwy 200 trailhead. And one thing that I LOVE about my new Willys, is the Sky One-Touch roof. With a little button, you can open the roof and ride home in a convertible. The weather has been so great that we open it every time we drive home. 

And believe me, I put a cap on when it's open so that my white hair doesn't blind other drivers! hahaha!

It's the perfect vehicle for my lifestyle! 

So that's more of my Jeep adventure. 

Have you enjoyed some adventures this week?

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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Which of these are true?

1. I've hiked 53 hikes so far this year.

2. I hiked alongside a horse at Blue Run Park.

3. I won the lottery and lost 10 pounds.

4. I bought a new red Jeep!

5. I watched an Eagle soar overhead.

Answer at the bottom of this post.

A few of you have asked what I've been up to lately besides hiking. Decorating, playing with dolls, cooking, crafting? Well, to tell you the truth with the weather so beautiful, we are hiking as often as we can. The weather will get hot soon enough and then I can pursue other interests. 

(a hint)

But for now, I'll hike with a horse if the opportunity arises! We have never seen a horse at Blue Run Park and the man was nice enough to stop for a chat. 

On the left a little boy was on his little bike and I'm on the right. (we weren't nearly as close together as this photo looks)

It was something you don't see every day!

He led him across the bridge.

One more pose....

And then he was gone!

We didn't hitch a horse in the parking lot but look what is waiting for us there!

A new RED Jeep! And oh how I love it!

It would have helped if I had won the lottery but I don't think you can win if you don't buy a ticket and I haven't been on a diet. 

Answer : So NO I didn't win the lottery OR lose 10 pounds!

Everything else is TRUE though!

So now you know all of my secrets....well....maybe! 

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