Friday, July 31, 2009

Something whimsical?

I love to visit Kelee at The Katillac Shack
and I wrote on 'this post' answering a question,
"What is the funniest object you own and why does it make you smile?"

I immediately thought about the turtle on the rock...
that is ALWAYS in my living room.

I walked down to the creek where I lived
several years ago and I've carried it with me on every move.
I really do like the idea of something whimsical in every room.
I would love to find a mobile or Japanese lantern for my bedroom of these days.

Here are some photos of the living room in our new condo.


Of course I have already changed everything
on the bookcase since I took these pics yesterday! lol
(and I'm sure I'll change them a few more times
before I am satisfied!)

I can't let you go without a view of the mountains!

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Wednesday Wee Ones"

How can it be Wednesday already?

It's definitely taking me longer to get everything
in order here in our new condo.

We didn't move far from our house and that helps a little.
We are still in the Asheville area and love it here!

These two sweeties were cuddling during the move...

my hubby is responsible for this cuteness! lol

These two dolls are reborn dolls...
I call them my 'basket babies'!
"Ethan and Elizabeth"
Have a wonderful day!

Take time to play.......hmmm.....I'll try to do better!
I did go to the library yesterday and found a new book
by Elizabeth Berg, "Home Safe".
I've got a list going with your recommendations!
Thank you SO much!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My View of the Mountains!

I've spent every evening on the balcony with my camera!

The sunsets have been AMAZING
and I think I've taken about 100 photos! lol

We are all moved in and now I am trying to fine tune thingsAlign Centerand get organized!

I like order... I NEED order but I like all my pretty things, too!
So it's a challenge and I'm sure glad that 'hurrying hubby'
got my computer up and running! I can use a BREAK!

Moving men sure are nice when you're on the second floor!
They did a GREAT job, too!

I can't wait to get caught up with everyone!
Hope you've all enjoyed these last days of July!

If you read down this far...
please recommend a good book
that I can check out from the library.
We are SO close to the library and the park...
I'm going to really enjoy that!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Wednesday Wee Ones" will weeturn soon !!

Lavender Dreamer is still unpacking and waiting for the DSL to be connected.
As soon as I get her computer back up she'll be posting at warp speed.

signed, Hurrying Hubby

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Wednesday Wee Ones" Moving day!

We are moving this week so I will be off the computer for a few days!

I am sure it will only take me a few days to unpack
and get everything organized....RIGHT? heehee!

Wendy has been trying to help!

She offered to 'blog' while I am busy!

How do you like our 'change of address' cards?

Thanks to our friends Tom and Linda!
We love them!

Have a wonderful week!

Be back in a jif.....remember to take time to PLAY!
( I'll try to take my own advice! lol )

Monday, July 13, 2009

"The Big Crafty"

What a beautiful day in downtown Asheville!

The weather was fabulous and parking a few blocks
away gave me my exercise for the day!

And the BEST part......

I met Lori ! She has the blog, The Morninglori Vine !

I have loved her blog and all of her wonderful creations
ever since my cousin, Cindy gave me the book with her
cute critters in it.

It was so much fun to see them up close
and Lori is just as lovely in person as she is online!

What a fun time!

I haven't walked downtown to shop in a long time
and now I can't wait to go back!So many neat stores, restaurants and art galleries downtown!

Have a wonderful week everyone!
We have a busy one ahead of us!
Thanks Lori for making my day so special!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Look what we found!

My hubby found this nest in our forsythia bushes
and the eggs are so beautiful!

Of course my book is packed in a box
somewhere so I can't identify them yet! lol

I just had to make a photo collage!

Have a beautiful Saturday!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I love books...

...especially old books!

And what's better than a Nests, Eggs
and Nestlings identification book?

I was so thrilled to find this book and it was perfect timing!

I was gathering up all the old plastic bags that I could find
and pulled this box down in the garage!

Looks like a sparrow had built a nest in this cushy spot!

Here are a few more pics from the bird book.

I love the beautiful illustrations

and there were several notes inside of sightings
which makes it even more precious!

I also wondered if anyone knows what these are?

I guess they are place mats but they have cork on the back and are quite sturdy.

I bought 4 of them at Goodwill and
they have Pimpernel, Made in England on the back.

I'm not sure how I will use them yet but I think they are beautiful!

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Wednesday Wee Ones"

It's hard to believe it is Wednesday already!

We had a wonderful Fourth of July celebration with our family
and enjoyed every minute of the time we spent with our precious grand kids!

This little doll is the one I found at the Antique Fair downtown.

She is really so pretty up close
and has the most exquisite hand crocheted dress.

I just have to include a few pics from the weekend!

The kids ran in a 5k race on the fourth!
I will post more pics when I have them all modified!


And yes....I am playing in the playground!
Nana likes to have fun, too!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Have a wonderful weekend !!!


God bless you !




This is a cherry red dahlia given to me by my friend,
Michela at Little Secrets From my Garden.
Thank you sweet friend!