Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cute Clothes!

I like clothes…lots of clothes…CUTE clothes!

When I was growing up my mother called me a ‘clothes horse’!


I have always enjoying looking through the clearance racks and buying things at the end of the season for really good, discounted prices.


But I NEVER thought I would buy my clothes at the Thrift Store! (I hope that doesn’t sound snooty! lol)


The Hospice Thrift store goes through each item of clothing and doesn’t put anything out that is worn or has a stain. They donate ‘worn’ clothing to a local church. (this black shirt was brand new!)


So it’s much more fun to look through clothing that is in great shape at amazing prices. Here in Florida we dress very casual….tee shirts and shorts or capris and sandals are the order of the day. Add some pretty jewelry to dress things up.


And the prices? Most of the tee shirts are $1.50. You just can’t beat that! Well, except that I get a discount for being a frequent shopper!


I look for brand names (I like Talbots, Chicos, J Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and my favorite…Carribean Joe) and I usually try things on. (sometimes sizes can be tricky!) I tried on this top and skirt together and paid $3.50 for BOTH!


I thought of Linda at A La Carte when I found this top. She’s traveling to Paris in a few days! I have the top, Linda…can I come, too?


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(for lounging around the house)

I think it’s fun to add new things to my wardrobe and keep my closet updated by donating clothing that I don’t like any more or doesn’t fit quite right. It’s all about comfort and feeling good….and being ‘cute’ at any age…don’t you think?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

~Ruffles and Lace~

All I care about is pillows.

I’ve been obsessed with them lately.


I made ‘new’ pillow shams for my bed! (I know…I know…I just made pillow cases last week!)


And oh how I love the way these turned out.


I was inspired by a couple of posts that Jen did on Lace Crazy! She is super talented!

This was a vintage tablecloth with just a faint stripe through the fabric. It has been washed many times and is so so soft! No stains or blemishes. I finished them off with vintage lace. And look how much fabric I had leftover after this project! (WHEW! That was close! lol)


But then I took all of the throw pillows off the two red sofas in the living room to start fresh and I’ve been making new pillow covers. I wish I could find some old needlepoint pillows with fringe like the ones on the red sofa in Downton Abbey. I’m going to keep looking!

The small pillow I made awhile back.


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UPDATE! Jen has a post today showing some of her pillow shams, too! The Adventures of the 'Ruffled Pillow Shams’ continues...

Click HERE to visit her!

Do you like to change your throw pillows out from time to time or put new covers on them?

Monday, August 26, 2013

What’s NEW? Etsy FUN!

I’ve been buying from Marivel in her Etsy shop HERE for a few years now! She makes the cutest earrings and little wallets and bags.


And now she’s made something else I couldn’t resist!

These adorable little doll key chains!


I knew they would be perfect for my sweet dolls from All is Bright to hold! Pat’s All is Bright Etsy shop is HERE !


I love having dollies in the lanai!


Marivel included these earrings, too.


Thanks Marivel!!!

I’m sharing Etsy shops that I like. I purchased these items and are so pleased with them!


Don’t you?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August Flies By!

I wanted to go back over my posts for this month and do a little mosaic review.


We’ve had a good month and when I look back, I actually got a lot done! My hubby has been working like crazy on projects around the house, too. Both bathrooms getting a fresh look! (updates soon!)


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It’s been a good summer here in Florida!

Has your summer been productive?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Literary Friday for Downton Fans!

I know we’ve all missed ‘our’ Downton Abbey this summer. (we’ve been watching the DVDs)

The cover and title of this book caught my eye and guess what?

It is GOOD!!!


While we Were Watching Downton Abbey

by Wendy Wax.

The concierge of a condo building invites the residents to view the Downton Abbey shows and the book shows how friendships form and what a difference it made in their lives. Lots of references to Downton Abbey makes it even more fun.


It’s an easy read and positively delightful! I can’t wait to read more books by this author! She is a beautiful lady, born right here in Florida!


I’m joining Ricki Jill for Literary Friday.


Do you have a good book you would recommend this week? And are you anxious for the new season of Downton Abbey?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tiny Seashells in a Thimble box

Well, that’s what the lady at the thrift store called this. She said it was a thimble display case.


But the cubbies are a little bigger than I think thimbles would need.


Of course they are perfect for some of my special seashells.

And I recently found this angel top, so I found a bottle (salt shaker) it would fit, filled it with tiny shells and tied pretty ribbon around it to enjoy on my dresser.


Another pretty mermaid sits next to my earrings and other pretties.


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New Smyrna Beach, FL 

I must be missing the seashore.

So do you think that is a thimble display case or do you have other ideas?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Notecard Party–Tall and Skinny or Short and Wide!

I love making banners and I keep mine altogether on my desktop in a folder called bansandbutts. I did a post on it HERE!


And one thing you can know for sure, if the banner has a mountain scene, I’m in Western North Carolina.


When you see a Florida State Park, I’m here in Florida.


And if I’ve just been to the beach, it will probably have the ocean.


And the Postcard banner I have up there now is a copy cat from BJ’s Sweet Nothings! She helped me! Thanks girlfriend!!! (who knows were I am! I might be mailing myself to an exotic location! lol)

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A New New Button_thumb

I wonder if these would make good notecards? And are they skinny or wide? heehee!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Vintage Linens - Homemade and Boughten

Let’s start with definitions…

home·made adjective made in the home, on the premises, or by one's own efforts

bought·en /ˈbôtn/ adjective bought rather than homemade.

When you don’t feel so good, do you find yourself thinking of all of the things you want to do when you feel better?


I do….and I did! I was a little ‘under the weather’ last week and thought of all kinds of projects I wanted to do just as soon as I could.

I feel better now and the first thing I did was make new pillowcases. I wash my pillowcases more often than my sheets and they were thin and faded. Actually my linens are faded, too but I love them so much that I want to keep using them. My ‘extra’ linens are solid colors and oh, how I love these beautiful pink flowers.


I looked through my stash of fabric and my eyes fell on this old sheet that I had cut apart to make an apron. There was just enough left to make 2 pillowcases.


They have been washed several times and are smooth and soft. Perfect for ‘new’ pillowcases. I even made them a little longer, the way I like them.


Here’s my bed made up with some boughten pillowcases….vintage of course!


Don’t you love that sunshine streaming in?


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How are you today?

I’m so glad to feel good again!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The View from my Kitchen Window

We have some of the most beautiful clouds here in Florida. But this post isn’t about the pretty white fluffy clouds.


(this was taken right after the shower)

We had dark clouds roll through late one afternoon and bring us shower.


I walked outside and the grass was sparkling with drops of rain. The sun was out and everything was clean and beautiful.

Our home is on a Golf Course so this is our view from the kitchen window after a rain. (that’s a golf cart path winding through)


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Do you like to go outside after a shower and enjoy the freshness it brings?

Friday, August 16, 2013

“Literary Friday” with Art@Home UPDATED!

I hope you’ve had a good week and have a fun weekend planned! I’ve stayed home a lot but it’s given me more time to read!

I read 2 books this week and both were very good! I rate my books on Goodreads now which is more fun than trying to keep up with them in a spreadsheet.


I read another book by Jeannette Walls and it is excellent! Inside the front cover of Silver Star, it said a heartbreaking story….and I thought, oh no! I wasn’t really ready for a sad story but I wouldn’t describe it that way at all! I enjoyed it!


I found a new author I like, Laurie R. King so I checked out another book by her at the library. These are mysteries and filled with intrigue and interesting locations.

Right now I am reading this book.


I haven’t really gotten into it yet so I don’t have an opinion on it yet.

I received this one in the mail this week as a giveaway win! (I know…I’ve been so lucky lately!)


Visit Bella at A Prairie Girl Reads. She does lots of reviews and loves mysteries, too! I know I’m going to love this author! Thanks Bella!!!

Here’s my stack from the library this week.


Anything catch your eye?

What are you reading right now?


I’m joining Ricki Jill for Literary Friday.


There’s a REALLY great GIVEAWAY going on right now!

Paperback Writer has just released her 50th novel and is celebrating with a giveaway!


Go to her website HERE to read all about it! One of our blog buddies has made something special as part of the giveaway! You won’t want to MISS it!!!