Saturday, February 27, 2021

Two hikes in ONE day!

We're taking advantage of the beautiful weather to get out every chance we get! 

We actually hiked 3 hikes in two days! 

But let's start with a drive over to Johnson Pond.

I wanted to go over there when there were big puffy clouds that would reflect in the pond.

And I got my wish!

It was gorgeous!

And we saw turtles, Moorhens and Red-winged Blackbirds near the water.

This Anhinga was hiding in the brush too.

We love spending time at the Pond but also enjoy the hiking trails.

Lots of loops you can take and hike for as long as you want!

Nearby is another trailhead, Oxbow Trail.

It's a short hike to the Withlacoochee River and the river looked beautiful. 

The Yellow Jessamine was in full bloom too and the vines were draped over many of the trees!

But I would not recommend the Oxbow Trail. When you leave the paved road and drop down into the parking DROP DOWN! It was a bad drop and the parking lot was in terrible shape. There were other issues too and if you are local and considering this hike, email me for details.

What a lovely way to spend a day in February! Temps in the 70s with low humidity! Doesn't get any better than that!

Have you seen any flowers blooming where you live? 

Is the weather showing signs of Spring?

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Monday, February 22, 2021

Florida in February!

We start seeing flowers and flowering trees in the month of February here in Florida. We even have a fair amount of pollen already.

But it's beautiful!

And we love it!

Most of these were taken at Blue Run Park in Dunnellon, a nice place to spend a day any time of the year. 

We usually go once a week and take a hike!

I hope everyone is seeing their weather improve now.

A few of the birds we saw that day.

(Anhinga, Red-shouldered Hawk and White Ibis)

How are you doing on this fine Monday morning?

Have you been able to get outside and walk any?

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Northern Parula was the star of the day!

It was like a zoo at Blue Run Park this week! It had rained the day before and then the sun came out for a picture perfect day.

And the birds and critters were numerous AND varied!

The Northern Parula was gorgeous with it's brilliant colors.

It never stayed still but we kept clicking away with both cameras! 

We stopped often to see another bird or another critter.

And I don't think we've ever seen so many alligators,

this one on the log looks menacing 

but the little ones are 'kinda' cute.

Tri-color Heron

And this Limpkin was a neat sighting.

It stayed still for photos

then we took a quick pic of a Great White Egret getting ready to take flight.

And the Limpkin said....

you're photo bombing my photo shoot! haha! (straight out of camera)

(Little Blue Heron)

And there's room for one more don't you think?

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Monday, February 15, 2021

A Hike into the Canal diggings!

I've had an exceptionally good and interesting week. Not all weeks are as much fun as this one has been and it has kept me preoccupied!

I'd like to share some neat pics we took on a hiking trail through the canal diggings of the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway. 

(the hiking trail intersects with a biking trail here)

(critter homes)

(looking across the way at the horse trail)

I know we all agree that it's been a very difficult year so to have some fun things to experience is truly a blessing.

So I'm outside more than inside right now. I'll stop by and visit when I take a break from having fun. lol

I hope the weather improves for everyone! We are having some pop up showers but temps in the 70s and 80s for the most part. 

Take care and stay safe and warm!

Is it my imagination or does this mushroom even have a happy face?

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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Birds and a Feather

I don't take good photos of the birds at our feeders because of shooting through the glass (that isn't always clean)! 

(Ground Dove and House Finch)

If I go out into the courtyard, I scare them away!

But we do see some neat birds there, especially in the winter months. Lots of Goldfinches now!

We even saw a Baltimore Oriole one day last week but didn't get a photo of it. I hope it will visit again soon.

The pitiful bird I saw was probably a sick bird so I've deleted some of the photos. Thanks to my hubby and to David G. for letting me know. My husband told me first but as he will be the first to let you know....I never listen! lol

We are not seeing quite as many birds out on the trails but that should change in the next few weeks.

Lots of Warblers at the feeders!

Always something neat to see in nature.

And they are always hungry!

This Hawk was in the tree behind the house.

I'm not sure what bird this white feather came from but it was pretty on the trail.

We're still hiking just about every other day and enjoying the beautiful weather.

I hope you are all safe and snug during this winter storm that has hit the US! Take care and enjoy your weekend!

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