Monday, December 31, 2012


Yes you read that right. I have a folder on my desktop with banners and buttons. I try to always put the banners and buttons that I make in this folder. I think I should make it a New Year resolution! lol It would make life so much easier…blogging life, that is!


So did I have some favorites this year?


Well, of course!

I can look back at these and realize what a fantastic year I had.


Don’t you love having your blog as a diary of your life?


Happy New Year!


Best wishes for success and happiness in the year to come!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!

I am always so excited to start a new year! I am one of those people that even loves Mondays! It feels like a fresh start…with no mistakes…yet! (a quote from Anne of Green Gables)

I love cards and notes….and letters, of course. And it made me feel extra special to receive so many this year.


We have wide windowsills so it’s a perfect place to display and enjoy them.


You’ll just have to ignore the gas grill, bird feeders and empty shelves on the bakers rack in the courtyard. Just look at the cards! heehee!

How do you display your cards?


I’m joining Mary for Mosaic Monday

and Diane for Beautiful Sunday

and Sunny Simple Sunday !

Happy New Year to all of my best blogging buddies!

Here’s to another year of fun and friendship!

Friday, December 28, 2012

I can SEW…I can SEW!!!

I know you’re thinking, YES…we know already!

But I have to be in the ‘mood’ to really enjoy it!

I was so inspired by a new blogger Anastasia’s Arts and her beautiful creations that I tried to make one.


She shared the pattern HERE and it was so much fun to make. It’s one of those creations that just comes to life as you put it together.

Thanks Anastasia for sharing your beautiful creation and your wonderful design.


I changed things on the shelf to enjoy my Fairy Cat and a ‘new’ doll I found at the thrift store. (I didn’t find a marking on her but her face and hands are bisque and her hair is like some of the rough twine I use…can’t think of the name of it! lol)

I love the Catherine Holman prints above the shelf, too!


I made the heart pincushion a long time ago (and the bear and little bird) and the sweet peg doll is from Elizabeth at Creative Breathing.


Visit Anastasia’s Arts HERE!

She is so talented. Tell me what you think of the fox she made and the whole set of Alice in Wonderland dolls!

Karen at This Old House has the Project 24 post up this morning HERE ! Snapshots taken each hour from bloggers around the world. It’s amazing! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

How we spent our summer vacation…

I mean ‘winter’ vacation!


We spent Christmas day on the beach!


It was beautiful and I have never seen so many shells on this particular beach!


It was 70 degrees and perfect!


We walked for 4 or 5 hours. (and bent over I don’t know HOW many times to pick up shells!)


It’s a tradition we started when we moved to Florida!

We even saw a fabulous sunset on the way home!


Did you have a nice day, too?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

“Vintage Favorites”

I sure enjoyed finding some cute vintage items at the thrift store this month!


I wanted to share mosaics of some of my special finds!


And one last look at my lanai…


well, the last look for now!


Enjoy the rest of the week!

Are you having fun?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from The Lavender Cottage

From our house to yours!



We did something a little different in the half moon window above our front door.


We always put a little arrangement up there but this year we added lights.


Hubby has everything on timers so it’s been fun to have them come on at about dusk and go off at bedtime.


I hope you have some lights on at your house to enjoy and give you a good feeling.



*Merry Christmas*

Monday, December 24, 2012

Here Comes Santa Claus…here comes Santa….

right down the Rainbow River!


A Florida tradition!

I see the boat now…I mean SLEIGH!


It’s coming down the river with Santa and Mrs. Claus!


Exciting for ALL ages!


We all walked up the hill with them both!


Step aside Mrs. Claus!


(And yes, it was COLD and that is ME with a red fleece hat on! lol)

But I’m happy and so are hundreds of other people!




Santa Claus is on his way to see you, too!

Are you ready?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Board Games

Sometimes I put decorations on the table in our library area but this year I set up a board game.
PMflourPixiesPicMonkey Collage
Now if we can just find time to play it!
I walked by and noticed my hubby had ALL of the train pieces going around the tracks.
And then another time I noticed that my pixies were ‘playing’ and one had toppled over!
Now…that’s better!
You just never know at this time of year what to expect!
This game is ‘Ticket to Ride’.
What is your favorite Board Game?
I’m joining Mary for Mosaic Monday
and Diane for Beautiful Sunday

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dedicated to friends of OLD…and NEW!

Years ago, before I had a blog, I was in a doll forum and made a lot of friends.


A few I have hung on to all of these years.


I took a few pics of my doll room today and wanted to dedicate this post to Pat, Bronwyn and Kaila and to all of my new dollie friends….those that love dolls as much as I do!


Enjoy this marvelous weekend!


Have you taken time to play?

***Holiday Hugs***

Gulf Coast Beauty

It’s wonderful to live close enough to the Gulf coast to drive there for the afternoon.


Here are some of the beautiful sights here in Florida.


Hubby has a new ‘toy’. He got a Canon S 100 camera for his ‘early’ birthday gift and it’s small enough to slip into his pocket and carry everywhere. The best feature so far is the low light feature. It takes the best shots inside without a flash. But for today….it’s too beautiful to stay inside!


Just HAD to take a couple to Picmonkey!