Monday, March 30, 2020

Wildflowers in Spring

Life sure has changed in these last few weeks. I still get outside and take photos of the beauty that surrounds me, but there's always the worry and tension that you just can't ignore. I pray as soon as I wake in the morning and then many times throughout the day. And even though I read in the evenings, my thoughts still go back to the state of the world when I climb into bed. It's sobering to say the least. I hope and pray all of you are in good health. 

I'll share some pretty wildflowers that are blooming right now here in Florida.

It's very dry here so the wildflowers are sparse this year.

But they are still very beautiful.

It sure is nice to have Mosaic Monday to share our photos and our friendship. Thank you to Angie and to all of my blog buddies!

(a few cute bumper stickers seen in the parking lot)

Please let me know in the comments how you are doing?

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Quiet Trails!

We're sticking to the 'quiet trails' for our hikes!

Which pretty much means any trail we hike here close to home!

We hiked yesterday and met 2 people in the 2 hours we were out in the forest.


So that's makes it a perfect way to get some exercise and 'clear the cobwebs'!


The weather is beautiful and we feel blessed to be surrounded by beauty.

Little Blue Heron

The trails here are never very busy. We usually see more people on bikes than walking. We live among other retired people that have an active lifestyle but there are a lot more walkers in the neighborhood than in the forest.

White Ibis 

We hike....and stay at home! It's been good for us and not any kind of hardship on us. But we keep everyone in our prayers. 

Stay healthy and happy! And let me know in the comments how you've been this week!

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Have courage...look UP!

I appreciate all the words of wisdom and encouragement I'm reading on all of my favorite blogs.

(I'm thankful for good coffee and lots of good books to read!)

Thanks to all of my blog buddies for taking the time to blog a little extra to stay in touch!

We are still getting out to hike but now a few of the trails are closed. The trails we hike don't have a lot of people on them though so it's a good way for us to get outside and get some exercise. We've only seen 1 person on the trails on two of our hikes this week and the last hike, we saw 2 horses with riders. (this number isn't down, this is normal for these trails)

I'm sharing some of the views from ABOVE today!

How about going out in your hang glider this week?

Or out for a ride in your airplane?

I guess we'll stick to the trails!

(the two horses we saw yesterday)

Have you been able to get some fresh air and exercise?

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Monday, March 23, 2020

'Playing' at home!

Staying at home? I'm pretty much a home body anyway so I don't mind being at home a little more (as long as I can get out on the trails and hike some too).

I spent a little time in my boxes of Spring decorations and added a few things here and there.

And redressed Noel in a pretty pink dress.

It's hard to feel lighthearted at this time but I'm staying busy and praying for everyone.

Hubby gave me the cutest card for our anniversary this month. I hope you can see it well enough to read it! (the card on the bottom in the center is the one I gave him)

I appreciate my fellow bloggers that are sharing 'stay at home' ideas. What are you doing to stay busy? My husband does volunteer work for our community from home so he has been super busy. Thanks to everyone who's helping to make a difference during this difficult time. Thanks hubby! 😘

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Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Palm Warbler in Spring colors!

We thought at first this was a Warbler we had never seen before! It had such beautiful colors!

But when we came home and got the bird ID books out, we decided it was a Palm Warbler in breeding colors! I think he'll get lots of attention this Spring, don't you?

And we are seeing more Hermit Thrushes in the forest now.

They are so pretty!

And the nice thing about them is that they like to pose.

They stay still long enough for more than one photo! lol

We've enjoyed our hikes this week. Not many on the trails so it's safe and helps keep us healthy too. I would get cabin fever if I stayed inside all the time. But we are not shopping or going out now except to get some exercise. I'm wishing you all the very best and keeping everyone in my prayers.

This Cardinal was at the trailhead enjoying a bath under a dripping water faucet (water for the horses).
Have you been able to get outside this week? Did you see something beautiful?

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Let's Start at a different trailhead!

We hiked to 'Gnome Valley'! (that's what I named it last month)

We started at a different trailhead and we were happy to make it that far. (it was a good place to turn around!)

But surprisingly, the Gnomes were all in hiding!

Not a Gnome to be found! 

But I won't give up hope! They may have been out gathering supplies! Or tucked safely in their little burrows. We'll go again soon to check on them!

(the mosaic above are photos from last month)

Lots of pretty Spring flowers blooming!

And butterflies flitting!

A good time to get out in nature and clear your head!

Stay healthy and happy! You can always REST after you hike! And please let me know how you are in your comment! And what's your weather like today? It's HOT here in Florida but still nice enough to get outside! (this hike was taken in the morning and it was in the 70s!)

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Monday, March 16, 2020

Forest views and Encouragement!

I appreciate all the words of encouragement my blog buddies are sharing!

It is a difficult time for us all!

So this will be short and sweet!

And I hope you'll let me know in your comments how you are! It's hard not to be worried or stressed but I hope and pray everyone is healthy!

I haven't bought a JEEP this week but I sure enjoyed the comments from last Monday! It's always fun to dream!

Take care of yourselves and be healthy and happy!

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Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Gopher Tortoise took a hike!

It's been a difficult week and looks like we have some hard times ahead. But I'm going to try to share some photos of our hikes in the coming days! I hope and pray you are all safe and healthy! Try to get outside and walk or if you are not able to do that, sit in the sun! It helps with your mood to get that good natural Vitamin D. 

We were fortunate to see this Gopher Tortoise on our hike at Halpata Tastanaki Preserve this week!

We see a lot of turtles at the river and in the swamps, but a Gopher Tortoise is a rare sighting! Can you see him up ahead?

The American Kestrel is a regular on this trail.

And we saw more than one on this hike!

Stay healthy and get out in nature if you can! I'm praying for all my blog buddies, all over the world!

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