Thursday, May 30, 2013

Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah….

someone’s in the kitchen….I know….I know!


Because I would NEVER put this much butter in the skillet to fry eggs! heehee! Really I wouldn’t! It’s been a long time since we cracked open an egg and it had a double yoke! YUMMY!


And look what I found at the thrift store….


It has holes on the back to actually hang it on the wall but I think I’ll glue magnets to the back and put it on the fridge. Do you read Dear Helen Hartman? I think she would call this Kitchen Kitsch! (it’s plastic)CCIMG_3339

I bought a few old cookie cutters, too!

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Any fun finds for you this week?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mountain Photos and a GIVEAWAY WINNER!

I’m going to include photos of the mountains in each of the posts I do while we’re here. The mountains look different all during the day and are glorious at sunset!


I’m happy to announce the winner

of the “Ring the Bell” DVD!


Congratulations Catherine Holman !!!

It’s a wonderful movie and I know you’ll enjoy it!

The weather here in NC is fabulous this week!

Our highs are in the 70’s.

How warm is it where you live?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Are we THERE yet?

We can make the trip from FL to NC in one day but it’s a LONG tiring day so most of the time, we stay overnight about halfway there.

Since we are driving the route that was the main highway back in the ‘50s and ‘60s, we see all of the old motels. I wish I had time to take photos of all the neat signs we see.


I think it would be a little scary to stay in one of them though! lol

Hubby really surprised me on this trip. He was searching online for a motel room and found a brand new Hampton Inn in Statesboro, GA. They had just opened 3 weeks before! Everything was SO nice and spanking new! They really gave us special treatment, too. What a fun experience! We can’t wait to go back. So here are some of the photos in case you find yourself in GA some time. It’s close to some fabulous restaurants, too!



And have you EVER???


Have you EVER seen anything so cute?


There’s a PIG in our room!

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Can I stretch the meaning of ‘tweaked’ to say this towel has been tweaked? heehee!


Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Remembering those

who paid for our freedom.



I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful day.


(taken in Florida last week)

God bless America

Let’s all pray for our country and be thankful for our blessings.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Beauty of Rural America

We drive through Northern Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and into Western North Carolina when we travel between our two homes.


We listen to music and enjoy the sights along the way.


I fill my hubby in on blog news, too! After all, he’s trapped in the car…where can he go! And he likes to know what all of my blog buddies have been up to…what’s ‘new’ in blogland.


(Peach trees loaded with peaches!)

It’s fun to get to our destination and look at the photos I’ve taken.


You just never know what you’ve captured until you view them on the computer.


And I always travel in style!


Hubby cut the roses before we left and I put them in the door of the car.

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Do you like to take the road less traveled?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

We’re HERE!

We’ve made the trip North again and arrived in the mountains of NC in time for a shot of cold mountain air. It’s about 30 degrees cooler here! lol That’s a bit of a shock to the system but we love it!

There’s a WELCOME in there somewhere!


This is the entrance to our condo.


Everything is so green and beautiful.


We’re going to relax and enjoy some time on the balcony with these beautiful views!


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Do you have big plans?

Friday, May 24, 2013

“Garden of Daisies” Inspiration

I have blog lists filled with the best blogs in blogland! (I actually have more than one list! lol)

Every day I am inspired by those that I visit and every day, I see something I like or want to try.

My girlfriend, Gayle at a Garden of Daisies has so many collections that I love. She collects paper dolls and you know how much I love dolls!

Here’s what I set out to ‘copy’! Linens with hand embroidery that she makes into pillows.

Here’s mine….


I found this table runner, but when I was folding it over the pillow to see how it fit, I decided I would just fold and fit! No sewing required! I didn’t want to cut it so I was going to try to make an envelope pillow case out of it anyway. So I got really lazy…I mean resourceful….and I folded it carefully around the pillow and put it on my chair to enjoy.


I have it spread out on my cedar chest.

(let the folding begin!)


A quick photo of the chair in my bedroom.


I have one more pillow that I bought at the Thrift store already made. It’s propped on the end of my baby doll crib.


So that’s what I did today. Oh, and I cleaned up the area around my sewing machine.

It was a good day….

a very good day!


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Have you been inspired to create something special this week?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wildlife Photography !

It’s always fun to take photos of wildlife and we have a lot of opportunities here in Florida. But the photos need a little ‘tweaking’ when you get home!

I love using PicMonkey AND IPICCY to ‘tweak’ my photos.


This black squirrel was a rare siting here in our community.


I made a quick run to the store, without my camera.

But I was able to drive into the driveway, grab the camera and get back before he scampered away.

(we think to play a round of golf!)


Doesn’t he look like a bear in this photo?


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Have you ever seen a black squirrel?

Monday, May 20, 2013

“Ring the Bell” Review and GIVEAWAY!

I received an extra copy of a new DVD,

 “Ring the Bell”


and would like to give it away to someone who would enjoy a wonderful Christian movie for the whole family. Part of the description on the back, “This heartwarming story of redemption will entertain and inspire the whole family.” The movie was produced by Provident Film and it was sent to me by Flyby Promotions.

It would get my highest rating! I liked the story, the main character is a sports agent played by Ryan Scharoun and when he goes to a concert that features, Casting Crowns…I was thrilled. Mark Hall and Casting Crowns are amazing. They sing “The Well” and it is very inspiring. (it was their movie debut) Another surprise was Steven Curtis Chapman playing the part of the local minister. EXCELLENT!

Special thanks to my girlfriend, Noelle at Live and Dream a Little Dream. (I won her giveaway)

and here’s a link to the movie…

Photos and videos HERE!

If this sounds like a movie you would enjoy, just tell me in a comment! I’ll announce a winner in a few days!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Florida Steers!

We drove by the most beautiful cattle ranch and hubby stopped to let me take pics.


Love this windmill in the background!


And get a load of these COWS!


I felt like I was back in Texas!


My Texas drawl was noticeably stronger just hanging out with these guys.


You’ll notice I didn’t get very close though!


We’ll just have to look through the fence! haha!


Would you expect to see this in Florida?

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Christmas came early!!!

I received the sweetest gift from a friend!


Isn’t this the cutest Christmas tree you’ve ever seen? Look at all these ‘Christmas Critters’!


Thanks John!

I appreciate you making this for me! I love it! And thanks Aunt Helen for the special friendship we have and all the sweet things you do.


I’ve found a few holiday items at the Thrift Store to share, too.



I love vintage Christmas and handmade items, don’t you?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Some Thrift finds are more valued! UPDATED!

Do you ever find something that just feels more precious to you? That’s how I feel about this duck!


Is it valuable?

It is to me!


It just seems to fit in with my décor…

with my seashells and other vintage things.


I’m trying to be a little more discerning so that I can enjoy my home and the things I really like.


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Do you have your favorite thrift finds, too?

UPDATED!!! It seems like I update my posts a lot lately. But Susie asked how old this was. I wasn’t even sure, but I turned him over and this is what I saw! Made in JAPAN! Cost…25 cents! I feel even better now! heehee!