Saturday, July 31, 2021

Humming right along!

We enjoyed some time in the mountains of North Carolina and took a few hikes while we were there too.

The first place we headed was Fletcher Park!

It never disappoints!

We watched this hummingbird while we enjoyed the flowers and art work in this part of the park.

It hovered right in front of our eyes!

I'm not sure what these red flowers were but the hummers loved them!

Our hike was a little stalled while we marveled at these tiny birds.

And around our condo there were lots of flowers planted to attract hummingbirds and hummingbird moths.

It was neat to see these moths every time we walked around outside.

Just one more! lol

It's fun to see different birds and flowers when you travel.

But back at Fletcher Park, I'll get a few photos of the Jeep with mountains in the background. This is Bernie Mt.

Oh and one more moth, a Skipper!

We had a good time but it's also nice to be back in Florida!

 (even though it's too HOT to hike!)

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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Remember me? We've been traveling!

It sure felt great to load the Jeep and travel to the mountains of North Carolina.

And we had lots of fun on the way!

A trip through Georgia deserves a stop at the Piggly Wiggly!

It's a Southern thing! Taking a detour because of a train on the tracks is common too! 

And we saw fields of sunflowers in full bloom.

Doesn't hurt to stop for a few photos, does it?

It was nice to have the cooler temps in the mountains and lower humidity!

And then there are the Blue Ridge Mountains!

We never get tired of seeing those!

Lots of photos to share and I can't wait to start visitin' again! Can you believe I didn't even take my computer on this trip? (I took an IPAD but didn't spend much time on it!)

What have I missed? What's new with you? Tell me in the comments what's happening where you live! I'm anxious to hear from all of my blog buddies!

Enjoy your day! I love the mountains but I'm also thankful to be back in Florida!

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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Do you see what I see?

 It's a two tailed bird....right?

Up on the top of Bluebird of Happiness Hill!

Or a bird with a VERY large head!!!

Walk slowly so we don't scare it away.

And take LOTS of photos because you may never see this again!

Then right before your eyes, you blink and everything becomes clear!

YOU look very odd to US too, hiker with the pink cap!!!

There were lots of Doves perched here and there on this particular hike on the Florida Trails.

And now we need to pick up our pace.

We don't want these Buzzards to think we are easy pickings! heeheehee!

Every hike is different. No matter how many times I hike this same particular section of the Florida Trails.

😃 NEWS FLASH!!!! 😃

I'm going to take a blog break for the rest of this month. We have some things we need to get accomplished and I won't be on the computer much at all. I'll miss you and look forward to hearing all of your news when I get back! 

Have a wonderful month of July! 

Be back before you know it! 

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