Friday, July 30, 2010

What do you say when….

You are in an antique store so full of old stuff that you can hardly walk…(more like a JUNK store)….you find a cute rabbit….the lady walks up to you and says, “Feel free to make an offer on anything! We have more to put out and no room!” So you ask how much the cute little rabbit is on the table nearby and she says….”Oh, that’s not for sale.”  REALLY? How strange is THAT? My hubby and I kept looking and working our way back to the door but I thought about going back to her and saying something (I’m not sure what). Hubby said to let it go!

Of course it’s a little different experience antiquing with hubby! He asks questions like, Where are you going to put that? What IS that? How much does that cost? I had one of those….and I gave it away last week!  hahaha! Or maybe even…do you have any money? (I never carry a purse!)

We were in the Biltmore Antiques District and there’s so much stuff that it becomes OVERLOAD! You can’t SEE everything….to the point that you can’t see ANYTHING!

We did go to a couple of fabulous stores, Post and Gray 


had some of the most beautiful ‘high end’ furniture and we ended our shopping at The Screen Door …one of my MOST favorite places to look! (photos from their websites)


So how much did I spend? Less than $10! I think I got too HOT and it affected my judgment! But in my effort to downsize and live more simply, I have to be careful not to buy too much….and junk things up! heehee!


Here are the little items I bought for a craft project!  Aren’t they precious?


So what personality are you? Do you speak up? Would you walk around the store carrying the rabbit and put down your money at the register? Would you rant and rave? Would you pout? What is the proper response….I would just LOVE to know! heeheehee!


Have a great day! Lighten up, HAVE FUN and try to shop in air conditioned stores! heehee! (I wrote this for myself) And please know that I am writing this….with a sense of humor! I was not really bothered by any of this…just wanted to know your thoughts! ; )

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Always learning something NEW!

When I saw Jen’s post at Muddy Boot Dreams, I read her comment as well! And learned something new! 


I use Windows Live Writer for all of my posts but I have never put Reflections (under Borders) on my photos! WOW! Photos from the Asheville Arboretum!  How pretty is THIS!


I wanted to show my pretty hydrangeas on my coffee table.


They are just about finished and their blooms are starting to dry out but hubby cut some and I am going to enjoy them!


I put them in a piece of pottery that we bought at Sea Grove!


And a few of the small blooms in this vase…


I have mentioned artists that inspire me and I hope everyone will visit Diane at Diane Knott's Musings to enter their giveaway and visit their new shop Cottage by the Pond !

knott_giveaway (2)

Here’s what hubby is doing this afternoon…..


standing on the balcony watching this airplane!


Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

“Wednesday Wee Ones” Marie Osmond dolls

Some of the most beautiful dolls are made by Marie Osmond. She has such wonderful artists and designers and she’s a very talented artist herself!

I have one of her porcelain dolls but the dolls I like the best are the small vinyl, Adora Belle dolls. Marie’s website is HERE , a link to her dolls is HERE and read her doll story HERE !


The Adora Belle dolls are personally sculpted by Marie Osmond herself and have a beauty mark near their left eye.


This is ‘My little Teddy’….


and this is a Christmas Adora Belle.



I’ve redressed this little girl in a jumper that I made!


So small and sweet!


Marie Osmond is so talented! We were shopping this week and saw some of her new hand bags….they are beautiful!

This was my favorite color and design! Have you seen them yet? They are a little expensive…like the Vera Bradley bags….but they seem to be very well made and I think I like them even better!


It’s summertime! Enjoy your day!


Take time to play and HUG a doll! : )

Monday, July 26, 2010

After a busy weekend…

it’s really nice to have a rainy afternoon!


It’s a little hard not to feel lazy though! The sky is dark…the mountains are engulfed in clouds and it’s cool! So nice! Hubby and I went to the library together right after lunch and decided to watch part of a documentary on Thomas Jefferson.


It’s very interesting but now it’s time to check in with all of my buddies and see what’s new with all of you! Did you have a fun weekend? Did you do anything special?

One of our favorite things to do is try a new restaurant. We drove over to 12 Bones…HERE…to pick up BBQ this weekend! We got some baby back ribs for hubby and good ole Beef Brisket for me (and enough to share with hubby!), baked beans and Key Lime Pie. I made fried okra and new potatoes to go along with it and ‘my oh my!’


It was amazing! If you think you’ve heard of 12 Bones…Obama and his wife ate BBQ there when they visited Asheville in the Spring.


And when you drive around the mountains at over 3000 ft. elevation you never know what you will see….


Look closely…..


Come back little one…’re going the wrong way!!


We’ve never seen this many baby turkeys together in one place!


One of the many reasons we love to travel….seeing something you’ve NEVER seen before!


There were 3 adult females and 15 fuzzy babies!


And where were the Tom Turkeys?

We saw 30 turkeys altogether on Saturday! What a DAY! And do you know what this crop is?


There are still fields of Tobacco growing here in NC!


Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday! What’s new with YOU?  I’m on my way to visit NOW!!! : )

Thursday, July 22, 2010

“Art and Artists”

I have been so inspired by the artists I’ve met on the blogs I love! (an inspiring view of the sky today!)


I have a whole list in my favorites…just for artists! And I am blessed to have many artists in my family! My sister is amazing…and all four of my sons are gifted. I would like to do a whole post on my sons and their art soon. 

 My grand kids are all interested in art, too and my grand daughter gave me an art lesson when they were here, teaching me some techniques she is learning in the art lessons she is taking. (we worked on trees…mine is a little sparse!)


I would like to give a special thank you to Carmelina at Creative Carmelina for giving me advice on buying drawing pens. She told me exactly what she uses and where she buys them….and I took my coupon to Michaels and got a great deal on them.


They are so smooth and easy to use that they glide over the page.


I know I need practice but I am going to try to spend the summer enjoying my art!


Thanks to ALL of you talented and creative ladies that inspire me every day with your wonderful blogs! What a difference you make in my life! Wish I could give you all a HUG! 

Do you have any special creative projects you are working on this summer?


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

“Wednesday Wee Ones”

Lee Middleton made a few ‘big girls’ and I was fortunate to get two of them. They are so precious together that I just have to see what you think of them! All of the doll collectors loved this size. I wish they still produced them!


These precious girls ‘live’ in my bedroom here in the condo


and brighten my day!


This is Trina Kay!


And this is Lacey!

And when my youngest son and his sweet family visited this month, they brought 2 of the cutest outfits for my dolls. They traveled to Viet Nam this Spring and brought surprises!


But did they have to spend so much on me?


My dolls are worth it though….


don’t you think?


And they brought me a wonderful piece of jewelry from Viet Nam….a Jade bracelet!


I love wearing it! It’s actually one of those things that makes you feel good all over. And when my kids are far away, I like wearing something that reminds me of how special they are to me!


Happy Wednesday from Trina Kay! Enjoy your day and take time to PLAY!