Monday, January 31, 2022

End of the month Leftovers?

We take SO many photos that I never post! 

So these are all taken on my birthday.

I told you I could make a month of posts just about my birthday! Can you spot my pink cap in the first two?

And we'll hurry right through them.

I mean I have another birthday just around the corner, right?

 They do seem to come along pretty regular! lol

This one needs a little 'splaining'!

At the top is a restaurant, I think.
Bottom left, would you rather take the birding trail with me?
Bottom right, or the 'watch out for alligators' trail with hubby?
Center, we didn't catch this young man in action (in a photo) but he was practicing his rope tricks. At the trailhead with a lasso flying through the air....really! 

We still had lots of wildflowers blooming and butterflies fluttering on this fine January day. We've had a freeze since then so that may have finished some of the blooms.

Hubby got Bubba's BBQ for my special birthday meal. We got a sample platter with all kinds of goodies. I loved the BBQ brisket best! If you are local, I highly recommend this place in Dunnellon! We'll be back!!!

I don't actually eat the sauce but hubby liked them. 

I got some pretty birthday cards this year. Hubby gave me THREE so he gets the most credit. 

I got some pretty ones from friends and family too!

He ordered these pop up cards from a wonderful Etsy shop HERE! If you need a card to send to someone and can't get out to shop, order one from her. She'll send it anywhere and even add a personal message. They are the cutest cards ever! Thanks hubby! And thanks to everyone that was thoughtful to send me a special card this year. 

I had a HUGELY Happy Birthday! 

Thanks everyone for making this one extra special!

And we had TWO days of winter weather this month! hahaha! But do you see what I see? Look under the 25!!!

0% chance of snow? Well, I should HOPE so!!!

Enjoy your day! Stay warm! 🌴

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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Princess Pocohantas Parkway?

 Do we have time to turn at the pink elephant to explore the parkway? 

No, not this time! It's my birthday day trip! 

I wonder how many more posts I can do for my January birthday?

All of January? lol

But I had my choice of places to go and I chose to drive back out to the Gulf Coast and hike on the Withlacoochee Bay Trail.

It's become my favorite getaway now! I don't think anyone got my invitation! 

And we had weather in the 70s that day. We've had a week of colder temps so I was happy to have a beautiful day for this little trip. I mean it was only 60 when I hiked a couple of days ago! lol

I don't know how many banners I need! 

So here's some of what we saw. One of the highlights of the day was seeing a dolphin coming all the way out of the water...twice! But the photos of that didn't come out good. Too much excitement!


Spotted Sandpiper

A really LONG garter snake! (possibly an Eastern Ribbonsnake)

Red Admiral Butterfly (the first one we've seen)

A beautiful Eagle flying overhead....

and a Juvenile Eagle, too.

A Mockingbird (thanks Wally J. for help with the ID!), it never made a sound so I just couldn't understand a mockingbird that didn't 'mock'! 

So our plans for the day weren't exactly plan A but very close! And we'll save a trip down Princess Pocohantas Parkway for another day!

Have you had a good week?

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Monday, January 24, 2022

"Life is a Gift"

 Isn't this a beautiful quote?

It's very simple and we've heard it all our lives but it still 'packs a punch'!

I am always excited when January rolls around. It's all about a new year and new beginnings (and most of you know that I just had a birthday).

We are taking advantage of the beautiful winter weather in Florida to make familiar hikes AND find some new trails.

I always like to see signs and stickers on vehicles. (I haven't been brave enough to put one on the Jeep but I will this year!)

The above mosaic is a sign with a Mockingbird on top, and honey bees on the flowers!

Doesn't it look like a tall gnome could live in this tall tree?

Eastern Bluebird, Flycatcher, Warbler

Let's look up close at the honey bee!

I hope you've seen something that made you smile this week!

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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Wild animals in the Forest?

 Sometimes the small birds we see get missed in my posts. 

There are always the 'one of a kind' critters that get more attention.

Like this 'wild' bunny rabbit. He's sitting on the concrete steps that riders use to get up and down off their horses. Here at the 49th Ave Trailhead there are hiking trails, bike trails, horse trails and mountain biking trails. I've never actually seen anyone get off their horse here but then I've never seen a bunny use them either! 

We are seeing big flocks of Warblers and I don't always know the proper ID. 

I know most of the ones along this trail are pine and palm Warblers. These are Pine Warblers.

Female Common Yellowthroat

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Downy Woodpecker

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Eastern Phoebe

Black and white Warbler

Little Blue Heron

And last and maybe least.....

a lizard showing off his Dewlap. 

Did you know that is it called a Dewlap? Well, you learn something new every day!

And I learned A LOT when I posted this! My bird buddy Wally Jones helped me with the IDs! Thank you so much! That's what friends are for!!! His blog is HERE. And thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes! I'm still celebrating! 🎂

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Friday, January 21, 2022

Special Day plans!

When you get a little older, ( a little older....not OLD!) you are OK with plan A B or C! 

If the weather is nice, I 'plan' to spend the day at the Gulf Coast.

If not, I'll go another day! lol

We saw this boat in a little bay of water along the canal in Inglis.

It's picture perfect pretty, isn't it?

And for my special day....what to wear....what to wear!

Do you think I could hike in my sandals?

Happy Birthday to me! 

I plan to be out and about today so I'll visit soon!

Well, unless we are on plan D! hahaha!

Enjoy your day! 🎂

Monday, January 17, 2022

Cross Florida Greenway "Felburn Park"

We walk a lot of the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway trails and love finding sections that are new to us. 

This hike started at J. Phil & Ethyll L. Felburn Park and followed the canal.

You could either stay on the paved trail or get off onto the primitive trail.

We did some of both!

Isn't this a beautiful Hawk?

Seagull, Mockingbird, Hawk and Great Florida birding sign.

Red berries and a beautiful flower in bloom.

Isn't this the craziest vine you've ever seen?

And sometimes I think it looks like we live in the wild West instead of Florida! But here we are driving the Jeep along a dirt road with wooden fences, cedar trees and brown grasses as far as the eye can see. (the palm trees might give it away though)

Do you have a nice park near you with walking trails?

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