Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween !

Wendy wants to wish you a safe and happy holiday!


She likes to get in on the FUN….


and would REALLY like to have some REAL candy!  heehee!

Let’s see what we can find…..





How about these?


AHHH…much better!

I have appreciated the sweet comments about my weight loss. I only have a few more pounds to reach my goal and I am already in a ‘normal range’ according to the Mayo Clinic website. And I have not been on a ‘fad diet’ but a long term healthy eating plan, so I’ve lost the weight slowly. Here’s the link to check your here! When I enter my weight and height I get this message now….(makes me feel like it’s all worthwhile!)

‘Congratulations! Your healthy weight is well worth the effort. It reduces your risk of serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.’

And YES..I know…sugar free candy is not the healthy part of my diet! lol But I am not eating any sugar whatsoever and a piece of sugar free candy helps when I crave something sweet (and don’t want another slice of apple). I have switched over to Stevia as a sugar substitute for coffee or tea.

Now if I can just stay out of Wendy’s candy…..


ENJOY your day! Thanks Elizabeth from Creative Breathing for my sweet Peg Doll! ♥


Be safe and happy!

And visit the MAYO CLINIC website for healthy living choices! If you visit the site…please let me know what impressed you most!  ♥

Contest CLOSED ! CLICK HERE ! Winner of the $65 gift certificate will be announced tomorrow! Good luck !!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

COLOR…with a Capital C !!!

When we drove to the Aboretum…


this is where we parked!


This is the MOST color we’ve seen this Fall!


I did not color pop or alter the color in any way (or even crop)…


this is what we saw!


It won’t last long though!


It’s unusual for the leaves to be on the trees after November 1st here in the mountains!


I already have my seatbelt on….but I need just ONE more photo! heehee!


Do you have Maple trees in your area? Enjoy your weekend, sweet friends!

Friday, October 29, 2010

LuLu takes over the bedroom !

Lulu is dressed for Fall…


and ‘piled’ up on my bed with all of her Fall bears!


I had the FUN of going to Boyd’s Bears in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania AND Pigeon Forge, TN in years past.


So much fun to see all of the beautiful bears there!


This is my master bedroom here in the condo! (and for my friends that love to decorate, you can see I still haven’t found something perfect for above my headboard! )


I love the warm mountain colors for our condo! The mountains were in the clouds this morning!


Enjoy your week!


Take time to PLAY! And don’t forget you have a few more days to ENTER the CSN giveaway!  ♥


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Take a HIKE !

It’s such a beautiful time of year to hike!


We enjoyed an afternoon at the North Carolina Arboretum….


but instead of walking through the gardens….


or viewing the Bonsai trees…


or even seeing the special exhibits….


we took off on the trails !


Did I mention I’ve lost some weight? (maybe I shouldn’t be stopping people at the grocery store to tell them…do you think? heehee) I’ve lost 16 pounds now and I have so much more energy! (I also have a phone hooked on my waistband! lol )


I still can’t keep up with my sweet hubby though!


We hiked for over 2 hours in the most glorious weather…


with the beautiful Autumn leaves swirling around us!


We are at ‘peak’ here in the mountains of North Carolina and it’s beautiful everywhere you look!


Have you taken a hike lately? It’s invigorating!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Have you found your ‘Steampunk’ ?

Well….I have to admit I didn’t know what ‘steampunk’ was until I already had some! heehee!

It could have been a way to travel….or a crazy dance for all I knew! But according to ehow, this is the definition of Steampunk….

“Steampunk has a bit of an obsession with time. As such, watches of all types, including wristwatches and pocketwatches, are popular. In fact, clock parts are often used in the construction of individual pieces of steampunk jewelry. Gears and watch hands are used to decorate larger pieces. Old-fashioned keys are also very popular, as are bits of antique cast-offs, such as pill cases, thread cutters and tiny knives.  Steampunk jewelry is designed to reflect the culture and fashions of the steampunk subculture. Like other non-mainstream movements, steampunk places great importance on the value of beauty that reflects unusual or antiquated ideals. The jewelry is often bold and aggressive in appearance, but usually attempts to retain at least an echo of femininity.”

And here’s MY Steampunk necklace!


We went to a Craft Show last weekend and this was my favorite ‘find’. This was made by a man that lives right here. He was a delight and so very talented!  I looked on Etsy and found some beautiful pieces, too!


And no, Tammy, it does not keep time. It’s watch pieces assembled into jewelry….just to look funky and cool!

Mr. Thomas wanted to show the ‘bee in his ear’


and the beautiful charms he wears….


and wish you a very happy day!


Do you like Steampunk? What do you think of it? It’s my very favorite necklace right now! Something different and…..VERY FUN!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog Love and a Giveaway!

Don’t forget to enter the CSN GIVEAWAY HERE! You still have one more week to win a $65 gift certificate to their over 200 online stores! So many wonderful things to buy! Be sure and enter on the post for the giveaway!

And I am enjoying so much ‘blog love’ lately! I am SO behind visiting everyone! Please be patient and don’t give up on me! We have had fabulous weather so we’ve been making a lot of ‘day trips’ in our area! I’m having so much fun but I’m SO tired when we get home! I sit down in my chair and read my Nook. I’m reading Dracula by Bram Stoker right now…it seemed like a good time for this book! heehee!


Here’s some sweet blog love from my girlfriend, Jan at My Primitive Nest . Meet Mr. Thomas!


Isn’t he precious?! Every detail is perfection….and he’s weighted to feel good when you pick him up! And if that’s not enough….he smells good! I love him, Jan! Thank you so much!


She also has a website just for her bears! Check it out at Burnt Wood Bears !


My hubby took these photos of the Hunter Moon shining over the mountains!


Aren’t they amazing?


I need to do a post a day for awhile for all of the photos I’ve taken….but did hubby say….Let’s go?! Be back in a bit!


Are the leaves still pretty in your part of the country?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Mums – Mosaic Monday

We saw the Mums in full bloom at the Biltmore Estate! They were all so lovely!


I’m linking with The Dear Little Red House for Mosaic Monday!

I’m hoping your weekend has been beautiful!


Please remember to enter the  CSN GIVEAWAY HERE!

Thanks to  Jen at Muddy Boot Dreams for reminding me how beautiful reflections can be!


What did you do this weekend? Happy Monday!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I hope I don’t get spoiled!

Well….to tell the truth, I love being spoiled! I’ve had so many fun things happen this week….starting with last weekend! While I was shopping with my blogger friends, my hubby bought me a gift!


He keeps better secrets than I do! He didn’t even TELL me! When I went to get my journal to write in it that night….


look what I found!


So I’ve been enjoying my Barnes and Noble Nook all week! I even checked a book out of the library! That’s one of my VERY favorite features! You KNOW how much I love my library! The first book I read was “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison. It’s been years since I read it and I had forgotten how intense…and sad it is! I’m not sure I would recommend it! I’m going to choose a ‘lighter’ read next!


And I also got a couple of giveaway packages in the mail this week! That’s always SO exciting!

I received a Lollibag made by Prudence (Click HERE for her Etsy Store) from Koralee at blue bird notes ! Koralee has the sweetest blog and you’ll always feel happy visiting her!


And be sure to check the other bags in the Etsy store! Prudence makes the most unique and FUN bags! How could you not love a Lollibag ?! ♥


I was SO fortunate to win a giveaway from Metis Linens and this week I received these Vintage French linens!


They came with a beautiful card and a small bag of the most fragrant Lavender! Even the tissue paper smells wonderful! Here’s how they were described on Decor To Adore … “Our third giveaway is a wonderful set of various French vintage hand towels, napkins and damask fabric that can be used in a variety of ways.”


These are ALL things I will use and enjoy! I feel very blessed! Enjoy your weekend! Don’t forget to ENTER HERE for my CSN giveaway! HUGS to you all! ♥