Thursday, January 30, 2020

Cookies and Collections!

I love to 'collect'! I don't know why but I do! I remember my Grandmother loved to collect so maybe I can blame it on her. lol I like to keep things neat and tidy but I like LOTS of stuff too! So it's a constant battle to keep everything under control.

(a gift from my sweet cousin, Cindy)

I don't buy dolls now. I have a nice collection of dolls that I bought back when I was working and earning! And a lot of the Golden books I have were bought a long time ago too. But now that I visit the library (books sold in lobby) and thrift stores, I find old Golden books from time to time.

I would rather keep the old vintage copies so I donate the newer Golden books to children when I end up with duplicates...which I always do!

So now I'm getting ready to move some bookshelves around to make it easier to access my Golden books and play with them! For some reason, it's not as easy to sit on the floor now. Why is that? Don't you DARE answer that question if you know what's good for you! hahahaha!

And for all this work play, we deserve a cookie!

I've been able to eat a chocolate chip cookie for the first time in over 20 years! I'm trying not to over do it and eat too many. They are sugar free but of course NOT calorie free. And they are SO SO SO GOOD! I can't eat sugar at all....I'm allergic and have a terrible reaction to it. And because I want to be healthy I avoid sugar substitutes. But I finally found some ingredients that 'agree' with my healthy lifestyle and I was able to buy everything in the local grocery store. The recipe is HERE. I used the Bake Believe chocolate chips, almond flour and erythritol (in place of sugar).

I haven't had any bad reactions to these so it has been quite a say the least! And for those of you that wonder, I can't eat processed sugar or even natural sugars like honey, maple syrup or fruit sugars.

Golden books and is good and I am very thankful! What are you thankful for today?

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Monday, January 27, 2020

"The I-75 Land Bridge"

We finally made it across the Land Bridge! It's been on our list of 'hikes to make' for a long time and it did NOT disappoint.

The hike through the forest was beautiful!

Lots of huge Live Oak Trees and enough Palmetto palms to let you know you're in Florida!

I looked at info on the internet so I'll share some of that HERE.....

"One of the unique features of the Cross Florida Greenway, the I-75 Land Bridge, allows wildlife and nonmotorized recreational traffic to pass safely over Interstate 75 near Ocala. The 200-foot-long structure was completed in 2000 and has the distinct honor of being America’s first land bridge.

Bring your mountain bike and explore the 1.5-mile trail through huge live oaks as you make your way to the Land Bridge. Once atop the shrub- and tree-lined bridge, pause and look down at the traffic on Interstate 75, and ponder how enjoyable it is to be biking along the Cross Florida Greenway instead of busily racing along the highway below." 

It's nice and wide to allow people, bikes AND horses to go across at the same time.

And do you see the wide places to get over and look out over the interstate?

Another source HERE....

"This primary trailhead was developed to provide access to the I-75 Landbridge.  The structure, which is 52 feet wide by 200 feet long, follows a natural ridge over 100 feet in elevation to minimize ecological damage. The planters on both sides of the bridge are vegetated with plants native to the surrounding area. The walls were built from local fieldstone."

'peeking through'

And a photo I found on the internet from overhead!

It was a beautiful day for a hike....closer to 70 degrees which we consider perfect here in the South!

13 hikes so far this year! Are you ready to go again? Keep those hiking shoes handy!

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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Beauty in 'almost' every direction!

Blue Run Park is one of the most beautiful places in this part of Florida!

The trail runs through an area with the Swamp on one side and the River on the other.

So there's an opportunity to see beauty in every direction.

We were pleased to see Wood Ducks in 3 different areas.

And amazed to see them come out in the open.

Most of them stay on the Swamp side, under sheltering tree branches and cypress knees.

When you stand on the bridge and look out over the River, you have to train your eyes to see anything in the vegetation
Did you see what's there in the shallow water?

Let's zoom in some!

I'll end with something more beautiful...

Wood Ducks and....


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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Thank you!

I SO appreciate everyone who takes time to visit my blog every week! And it felt especially nice to get all the sweet birthday greetings!

 I felt like it was a 'big deal' this year but when the day came, I felt GREAT!

And I got lots of cards and gifts....greetings and messages!

(and even promises of more on the way! heehee!)

This one from my sweet cousin made me cry!

It was WAY too cold and windy to do the big hike we had planned so we drove over to one of my favorite places nearby, Pruitt Trailhead. 

I know temps in the 50s wouldn't scare most of you but with the wind, it felt a lot cold...EERRR! 

A beautiful pop up card from my youngest son and a sweet letter inside! 

My hubby always surprises me with something funny! 

He said this card reminded him of me Wendy!

Oh my! I LOVE IT!

Thanks again for taking part in my special day this year! To quote from one of my favorite movies, What About Bob....

"I feel good....I feel great....I feel wonderful"! 

heeheeheehee! 🎉

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Monday, January 20, 2020

It was a cold day in......

It was a cold day in Arkansas.... when I was born! 
What did you THINK I was going to say? heeheehee!

My mother said it was icy and cold with snow on the ground in Southern Arkansas on the day I was born. And that's been....a 'few' years ago! I won't say how many but this is a 'big' birthday for me. I would like to say that I have been my usual happy go lucky self looking forward to it but that might be a bit of an exaggeration. But I'm in a good mood today! And guess what! It's a COOL day in Florida on my birthday!

So let's celebrate! 🎪

I'm off to do a little hiking! I'll have to wear LONG sleeves of all things! But I'm looking forward to going on a trail I've never been on before! The Land Bridge!

These are 'old' photos of birthdays of old. Did I say OLD 2 times? Disregard that!

And enjoy your day! 

Eat some cake and I'll have something sugar free!

sugar free?!!! 🍎 

I'm posting this a day early because

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And I'm planning to go outside and play on my special day! 

(I had this little cake on my play stove but hubby put it in the arms of my doll. Everyone at my house takes time to play!)


You're always young enough to PLAY! 🎂

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Amazing Sights at Blue Run!

We took a trip over to Blue Run Park for an afternoon hike and saw so many amazing things in a 2 hour hike!

This Green Heron stood out with it's bright colors in the dullness of the swamp.

You had to look at the right spot to see him!

Later I turned to ask my hubby something and saw this Black-Crowned Night Heron.

He was hard to spot.

He hides among the low branches on the river side of the trail.

Later we were lucky to see another River Otter.

He was the blackest color and some of the photos came out dark blue. (there appears to be a leaf on the back of his head)

We saw him dive into the shallow water and come up with something in his mouth.

But it's hard to tell what he had caught. It didn't really look like a fish but seemed too big for a crayfish or frog. 

And it looked white! He gobbled it down before we had a chance to take more photos. 

What a day we had! LOTS of neat sightings! Many of them 'out of the ordinary' which makes it even better!

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Ross Prairie Hike

When we started hiking here in Florida a few years ago, this is the first trail we hiked. 

And it's still a favorite!

What is that white stuff? 

Don't worry, it's not snow, it's white sand!

And this is Reindeer Moss....really! (also called Deer Moss)

A Palm tree is growing across the trail, of all things!

Aren't the grasses beautiful at this time of year! 

We are still having beautiful weather and enjoying our hikes and day trips.

What's your weather like today?

We've had highs in the 80s, cooler weather on the way. 

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