Saturday, March 30, 2013

~Peace Be With You~

We spent some time at Sholom Park on Friday afternoon and came away with lots of memories and photos to share.


We saw 4 Great Blue Herons and 2 nests.


One of the herons flew in to feed the babies in one nest and that was exciting to see!


We saw a variety of animals and birds and walked around enjoying the sunshine and warm temps.


Sholom is a place to find calm and peace….a beautiful spot to pause and count your blessings.


I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

~BeeBee and Betsy~

I’m getting ready to find pretty dresses for my two newest dollies so I wanted to show them in their nightgowns with their bears and blankies.


When I got Toodles for my birthday in January, I named her BeeBee. The sweet lady from the Etsy store, Scarf Sister had Betsy Wetsy, too and gave me such a good deal on her, that I couldn’t pass her up. They are sisters and she wanted them to stay together. Scarf Sister doesn’t have any other dolls for sale but she makes the most beautiful scarves you’ve ever seen. She has a purple one on sale this week that is gorgeous!


Toodles was from 1960 and Betsy Wetsy from 1958….the same period of time I would have had them as a girl. So I am enjoying my two vintage dollies and they are loving the doll room.


I found the little yellow gown at the thrift store for a nickle.


The pink gown is a baby gown, too.


My girlfriend, Lynn from Present Letters sent me the 2 Raggedy Andys. Aren’t they sweet? I treasure them and my friendship with Lynn. We’re penpals and she writes the most beautiful letters. I bought the big Raggedy Ann at a White Elephant sale and posted about it HERE.


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I’m feeling nostalgic this week and playing with dolls.

What are you doing this week?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What is Wrong with this Picture?

Do you remember playing the game,

‘What doesn’t belong?’

You look at all of the objects and pick out what doesn’t fit with the rest.


Well, if I promise to decorate this shelf later, can I show the ‘before’ pic today? (and you can pick out what doesn’t belong…even though I did just buy them and only pay 75 cents for BOTH! heehee)


I’ve been finding cute little baskets at the thrift store for a dime. (my fav is the green one, it still had it’s price tag on it….from long long ago)

The little owls tucks are from the Etsy store, Nina’s Attic.


And I ordered this cute little bunny from the Etsy store, Barn Hollow but didn’t get any ‘grass’ for the basket. Isn’t he CUTE!!!


I actually made ONE thing this Spring. I cut out a pocket from a pair of jeans I got at the thrift store (and washed first) and made 2 little bunnies to go inside.


And of course you can’t go wrong with any holiday decorating when you start with these sweet dollies that Pat makes at the Etsy store All is Bright. They are holding little eggs made by Nina’s Attic.


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I can see lots of room for improvement and I have lots of ideas. But for some reason I have been stuck this Spring. Has that ever happened to you?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Big Beautiful Florida Skies!

I’ve walked outside several times this week to take photos of the skies!


They are always changing and always beautiful.

The sunset view is what we see from our back door, over the Golf Course.

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I hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday!

Are you doing something special today?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Exciting news to share!

This is a review but stay with me now! I don’t do many reviews so this info may be helpful to you!


I bought reading glasses online from FIRMOO!

The link for the First Pair Free promotion is HERE!


Believe me….you can’t go wrong with this company! Do you know why? You get the FIRST pair of glasses you order FREE! You can’t beat FREE!!! And they come with all kinds of neat extras like a heavy duty case, a cloth case, a cleaning cloth and even little eyeglass tools.


They stay in touch with you and answer your emails quickly. I had 2 questions in the ordering process and they answered them swiftly so that I could get my order completed.

I had my prescription so I filled out the form and chose my frames….easy peasy! (You can ask for a printed copy of your eye exam from your optometrist.)

They even have a way to upload your photo so that you can ‘try on’ glasses to see what they will look like on your face.


It’s FUN! They have a lot of frames to choose from and take about a week to arrive and best of all…..they look and feel great. My frames are very lightweight and perfect for reading.


Mine are #SD2266 in the Tortoise color.

The prices are so reasonable and I’m so pleased  that I’m going to order another pair. After all, I LOVE to READ!!!


Do you wear prescription glasses?


Have you ever ordered glasses online?

Here’s the link to FIRMOO again! Have fun!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Do you ever wonder?

When we travel, we see all kinds of houses….big and small…and I wonder who lives in them and how they spend their day. I’ve always done this for as long as I can remember.


Do you wish you could see who lives here and what it looks like inside?

This part of Old Florida is not an area I would want to live in but I think this little house is charming.

But how about this one on the Suwannee River?


Doesn’t it look a little precarious?

And what is the history of this old house right on the highway?


This sign was across the street. Do you think they found the lost horse?


Just a few sights on an afternoon drive.

But doesn’t it make you wonder?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

“Springtime Mosaics” Note Card Party

The weeks sure fly by! I let the note card party sneak up on me again!


Here are some Springtime photos for you to enjoy!


They might make pretty Note cards.


Have a wonderful week!


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Has your weather been nice?

Hope you enjoy some Spring weather soon!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Visiting Manatee Springs State Park

This is such a beautiful park to visit any time of the year but in the winter months you have a chance to see Manatee come up into the Springs to swim in the warmer temps. We were afraid that we would be too late to see any Manatee but knew we would enjoy the Park anyway.


Luck was with us!


We saw 6 Manatee all swimming together in an area close enough to get a good look. They are mammals and come up to breathe so everyone was excited every time one came up to the surface.


We called this one Silver back because he was keeping his back out of the water and it looked silver.


Wikipedia has an excellent article on Manatees and this photo to give you an idea of what you are seeing through the water.


image source

The whole area was flooded, compared to past visits.


But most of the boardwalks were open to view turtles, fish and water birds.


Manatee Springs is on the Suwannee River and the views of the river are spectacular!



Are you looking forward to visiting your State Parks this Spring and Summer?

Monday, March 18, 2013

He brought us LUCK!

Sunday was a beautiful day for a drive.


(Does it look like he rode on the roof? haha!)


We visited a couple of our Florida State Parks and I have lots of photos to share.


But I thought I would start with the Lucky Leprechaun’s adventures.


Sit back and relax and we’ll travel to

Manatee Springs State Park!


Now the big question in everyone’s mind…

(the one you are too polite to ask)

Did I feel silly posing with a leprechaun?


OF COURSE not! heehee!


Stay tuned for a lucky sighting coming soon to a blog near you! Did you have a good weekend, too?