Friday, March 30, 2012

“Baby Chicks hatch in Florida lanai”


Early reports indicate that baby chicks were seen hatching in a North Central Florida home.


Some passers by mentioned seeing baby chicks flying all over a lanai in a sleepy retirement community.


At first it was thought that dozens of chicks had hatched…


but later reports confirmed that there were only a few that were hopping from one location to another.


Sadly, the homeowners….respected blog boppers R & D fear that one might have ‘flown the coop’.



If anyone has details of it’s whereabouts please blog about it.



All will be shipped out soon…we hope!



They were so much trouble to ‘hatch’ that they will only be FREE with purchase of a bag! (VERY limited time offer)

Please visit Diane’s Dream Designs for the details and more pics, of course!

Have you seen any fuzzy chicks at your house today?

Look in the LANAI! heehee!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Guessing Game…want to play?

OK…here’s the game!

I went to the Hospice Thrift store yesterday and I bought 3 items!

Which one cost $1.95?

This BIG fabric box…


this terrarium with dusty plastic plants but LOTS of potential…


or these antique rhinestone earrings?


a. Big Box

b. Terrarium

c. Earrings

d. all of the above

e. none of the above

Would you like to guess?

Should I put the answer at the bottom of this post so you have a chance to ‘ponder’?

I’m sewing up a storm this morning to get ready to show you something new and so adorable you’ll smile!

And don’t forget the ‘Pure Sweetness’ giveaway HERE…ends this weekend!


I’m joining Time Travel Thursday

and Thrifty Things Friday!

and Treasure Hunt Thursday!

and Thursday’s Favorite Things

AND Kathy’s Home and Garden party!



d AND e !!!

They were each one $1.95…

but it was HALF price day!


Am I a smart shopper or what?

a. I’m a smart shopper

b. I’m cheap

c. I sure do like a lot of junk!

d. all of the above



Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Step into the lanai..step into Spring!

I love decorating the baker’s rack in my lanai!

This could even be ‘Wednesday Wee Ones’!



Anne has her beautiful chenille dress on and her knitted bunny today! Does she need a chenille bunny?


We spend time in our lanai year round and we enjoy the most beautiful weather in Florida in the Springtime! Come on in and stay awhile!





I’m linking with Cozy Home Scenes

and Rednesday

and Coastal Charm’s Nifty Thrifty Tuesday!

Please enter my ‘Pure Sweetness’ Giveaway HERE !


Our temps are in the 80s each day?

What is your weather like in you part of the world?

Monday, March 26, 2012

*Pure Sweetness* GIVEAWAY!!!

I’m calling this giveaway ‘Pure Sweetness’ because my girlfriend, Pat gave me this set of paper dollies to give away on my blog! She doesn’t have a blog but she’s been my friend for many years and reads my blog. When I showed the new paper dolls she sent me for my birthday this year…HERE, she read all of the sweet comments. So Pat is ‘pure sweetness’ to send these to me just so that I can give them to one of my blog readers.


This little dollie is pure sweetness, too.


Pat makes these! They are not paper….they are a lightweight wood that she cuts out with a saw! She puts a little wooden peg in the center of the doll and drills holes in the outfits to fit perfectly on the sweet doll. She has gifted me with some beautiful dolls and animals over the years and I cherish each and every one.


My dollies are holding some of mine and some are on a little clothesline.


So I made a little chenille pouch to send them in and I will include a ‘clothesline’ and some tiny clothespins in the package.



I just have to show you how cute the homespun bunnies are now. They have new ribbons and are for sale in Diane’s Dream Designs. I hope you’ll take the time to visit my new blog. (receive a FREE bunny with any purchase!)


TO ENTER - Please be a follower of

Lavender Dreams AND Diane’s Dream Designs 

and leave a comment.

Giveaway ENDS April 1st !!!

Would you like to have these precious paper dolls?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Scenes from the Park for Mosaic Monday

It was a perfect Spring day in Florida….

80 degrees, breezy with low humidity! Spectacular!


We drove over to Sholom Park to feed the goldfish in the pond and take a walk on the trails and off the trails, too!

I always enjoy taking photos and today I felt like I hit the jackpot!

We were watching 2 Great Blue Herons in the pond when one of them gave me these amazing shots!




I’m joining Mary at the dear little red house

for Mosaic Monday! I hope you’ll join us, too!


And come back tomorrow for a

‘Pure Sweetness’ GIVEAWAY!

Here’s a little hint!


Could you use some pure sweetness?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shopping with my friends!

It was SO much more fun shopping at Kohl’s yesterday with my blog buddy and her daughter!

I met Della from Del’s Shells and Laci for a morning of fun shopping!

PX2012-03-23 10.30.48

It was the first time I had met them so we shared lots of HUGS and giggles…and then got down to the business of shopping!

The store was filled with new Spring fashions and Della found some beautiful clothes.

The prettiest new color is coral so I came home with a new coral top, a white peasant top and some Bermuda shorts that I desperately needed!




Della will have a post up soon so visit her HERE !

I had so much fun….got some pretty new Spring clothes AND the best part….Della has agreed to let me adopt Laci! She is the sweetest young lady and I fell in love with them both!

I’m adding a new Spring wristlet to my shop this morning!


Click HERE for Diane’s Dream Designs!

Time to add some pretty colors to welcome Spring!

Do you have anything new in coral?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Notecard Party with Vee

I’m joining the notecard party with a set of notecards…Florida style!


I didn’t have to look far to find several photos that I think would be great for Florida Notecards.


The weather here is fabulous!


I walked over to the pool today and sat in the sun for a few minutes. I had a full day of sewing and that’s how I took a break!


I didn’t alter these photos in any way! (but that would be fun to do sometime, too…when I FIND some time!)

I’m joining Vee at a Haven for Vee!

Has your weather been nice?

Warm hugs from Florida!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Homespun Bunnies marching into Spring

I made some more bunnies and they are marching to their own beat!


“Wait up”, says homely bunny….oh, I mean ‘homey’ bunny!


I’m adding these to my shop this morning in honor of Spring! (a FREE bunny with every bag you purchase!)

It’s a beautiful day here in Florida. The skies are sunny and bright with the puffy Florida clouds that we love.


I caught a photo of the sprinklers on the golf course this morning when I woke up.


Some people get up in time to see the sunrise…


I’m happy to see the sprinklers on!

Here’s a new bag for Diane’s Dream Designs, too!


(this may be a ‘two of a kind’ bag…I think I’ll make one for myself!)

Do you like the Spring colors?

Happy Spring!