Sunday, June 29, 2014

“Happy Days” Mosaic Monday

It looks like it’s going to be HOT here in Florida all week but we’ll plan our fun around the heat. How nice to have a cool house and a pool close by.


We are already enjoying some ‘happy days’ because one of Kim K.’s creations has come to live at our house.


She made me this most precious little shadow box with a Kim K. dollie decked out in red white and blue!


Effy and Mimz wanted her to break out of her box and join the Circus so that’s just what she did!


Do you think Mimz should be holding a firecracker that’s LIT and ready to go OFF?


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Hope you have some ‘happy days’ ahead, too!

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Joys of the Library! “Literary Friday”

Come on! Hop in! Let’s run over to the library!


On these hot summer days I love to read.

It takes me back to my childhood. Growing up in Arkansas, I walked to the library on hot summer days to check out books. Then I would spread an old quilt on the grass under a tree and read all afternoon.


I’m reading two mystery series and loving them both!

Maisie is a wonderful character in this series by Jacqueline Winspear.


And if Inspector Gamache wasn’t already married…I would propose! (oh, did I forget that I’m already married, too? hahaha) Mysteries by Louise Penny.


We’re watching the Cranford series thanks to the library and so many of your suggestions!


Oh, and do you enjoy a free magazine as much as I do?


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What’s not to love about your local library!

What are you reading?

Have a wonderful weekend! Island with a palm tree 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Take a little drive for Good Fences

We drove down a road we had never been on last weekend and saw some beautiful countryside.


The sun was reflecting on this gate, making it hard to get a good photo, but it was beautiful.


Sometimes you see an opening and wonder what is beyond the fence.


I love to follow old trails. But summertime is not the season for hiking in Florida.


We’ll enjoy other endeavors while it’s hot.

Stay tuned! I’m still sewing! Winking smile 

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What are your plans for the day?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lots of Etsy Love!

Everyone knows how much I love Etsy. It’s fun just to sit down and look at all of the beautiful handmade items. Of course that gets me in trouble every time. But I want to share my latest Etsy love just in case you need some, too!

Stephanie from The Enchanting Rose is closing her Etsy shop HERE and having a BIG SALE!


I bought this precious little pillow for my dollies and she sent me some pretty tags, too.


Everything is made with love!

Marilyn from Beach Sea Crafts is closing her shop this summer and has discounted her jewelry even more and has lowered her shipping charges. I wish I could buy her out! Her jewelry is just what I LOVE to wear!


Here’s a link to Effy the Elephant and Mimz the mouse pattern HERE! It’s such a bargain for $3! And it’s not hard. The fabric I used made it hard. I can’t wait to make one in felt. The shop has beautiful fabric, too!


Bella has some new Tilda type dolls in her shop HERE and they are lovely. Her dolls are so cute with fun personalities and the cutest clothes.


Isn’t her ballerina sweet!

(this is HER photo, I haven’t bought one of the Tilda dolls. I still hope I can make one soon)


So that’s what’s getting me in trouble lately.

Do you have a favorite Etsy store I need to know about?

I finally updated my pinterest boards to include the dolls I’ve made. Visit me HERE ! Thanks!

Have a FUN filled day! Sun

Monday, June 23, 2014

‘Sunday’s Best’ on Monday

I never imagined myself as a doll maker. I’ve collected dolls for almost 20 years now and I’ve always loved sewing. But I just now got brave enough to create some dolls of my own.


I’m still working with ‘free’ patterns so the biggest challenge for me is the outfit.

I want to make something more ‘creative’ but for now I’m keeping it simple. Must have some bloomers though, Nana Diana! lol


I twisted up her hair, too. No stringy hair for this little girl, Susie! haha!


This little girl started off in one direction but when I finished up her details on Sunday afternoon, I knew I would name her Sunday.


I found this old tablecloth at the thrift store last week.


Aren’t the washed out soft colors beautiful?


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Enjoy your Monday!

It’s my favorite day of the week!


Another pretty day to hang out in the lanai.

What are you doing today? Red rose

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Florida Green

We’ve had enough of those afternoon showers to keep things pretty and green so far this summer.


So I walked around the yard to take a few pics.

The golf course looks pretty with the big sprinklers on.


And look at the mulch! (hubby has already spread it all! thanks hubby!)


Do you remember what this is?


It looked like this last December.


Probably not everyone has a Poinsettia in their flower bed. I think it’s special.

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Are you enjoying a beautiful weekend?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Good Fences and Circus Acts!

I took these yesterday on the way to the library.


It’s hot here in Florida but still pretty and green.


I told Tex I would put a fence around my circus animals if I got desperate for a fence photo, so here they are! I worked hard on these (and I guess I’m proud of them) so I’ll give the link HERE to see “The Circus Big Top”.


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Is it hot where you live this week, too?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Welcome to the “Circus Big Top”

We’ve said our house is a little like a ‘Zoo’ sometimes and now we’ve joined the circus!


Effy and Mimz are playing jacks and entertaining crowds of excited fans for peanuts. (well, they don’t actually HAVE any peanuts yet but I’m working on that)


I bought the pattern on Etsy HERE and it was very well done and easy to follow. I was so excited to find a nice red fluffy throw at the thrift store to launder and cut up for the elephant. I was excited until I tried to sew it with the sewing machine. I got an ERROR 6….which must be the most serious error EVAH on my brand new sewing machine. So I rebooted it and sewed most of the elephant by hand.


I used some gray felt for Mimz the Mouse and that was much easier to work with.


It was a lot of hard work FUN!

I love the results and now we have a few more characters for the ‘ZOO’! hahaha!


Have you ever had FUN that seemed more like WORK?

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Throw PEANUTS if you love these guys!!!


Looks like they could use some gumballs, too!

SunIsland with a palm treeSun HAVE FUN SunIsland with a palm treeSun