Monday, November 30, 2015

November Highs and Lows

It’s a beautiful month to be in Florida. We had highs in the 70s this weekend with lots of bright sunshine. We took advantage of the nice weather to go on two hikes. That makes 45 for the year so far.


Halpata Tatanaki Preserve still remains our favorite place to hike.

This is a bit of a recap for November, photos taken from each of my posts this month.


I have been very thankful this month but also keep many in my prayers, as well as our country and the world at large. I missed my family very much over the Thanksgiving holiday and even said good bye to our very best neighbors. (they moved…boo hoo) We’ve had some health scares in our family and other upsets, but lots of blessings too.


I’m thankful for all of my blog buddies and can’t wait to see the beautiful posts in the month ahead.

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On to December and the holiday fun. Island with a palm tree

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are enjoying a balmy week here in Florida and wishing you all a beautiful Thanksgiving Day.
God Bless You!
Wild turkeys that live in our community.
(comments closed so that we can all enjoy a blessed day)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Car Coats and Jumpers

I made these little ‘back to school’ clothes back in the summer.


Of course when you are a dollie, you can start school any time you want.


I had the idea for a lined jumper but wasn’t quite sure how to go about ‘designing’ it so I had to be ‘creative’.


Dollies are very patient when you need a model to work on your fashion designs.

IMG_6288 - Copy

And while my creative juices were flowing, I designed a book bag.


A headband and felt car coat completed her ensemble!


She looks so cute in her Fall outfit that she has decided to wear if for Thanksgiving too.

Happy Wednesday Wee Ones!


JoAnn has a dollie post today too!

Visit her HERE.

I know it’s a busy week but remember to

take time to PLAY!!! School

Monday, November 23, 2015

Spaceship lands in Florida carrying…

Well, we’re not sure what it was carrying but if it was aliens, they are teeny tiny.


This Spiny Orb-Weaver had spun it’s web across the hiking trail on the Florida trails. Click HERE to read more about it.


Doesn’t it look just like a little miniature spaceship? It was about a half inch across.


I couldn’t see the details until I had the photo on my computer. It doesn’t look real, does it?


(sumac in pretty Fall colors)

It was beautiful weather this weekend and we enjoyed a 2 hour hike on Saturday.


I know it’s hard to believe it was in the 80s when so much of the country is getting cold weather.


But it’s Florida!


You can tell you’re hiking in Florida when you see palm trees growing wild in the forest!

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Florida Country Road

I took a little road I had never been on the other day and saw some pretty sights.


Lots of FENCES!


We don’t see as many chain link fences here so this was interesting.


And there were several pretty gates and decorative horses here and there.


These were all taken on a 1 mile stretch of this road.


I may need to go back down that road again to take more photos.


Or at least to feed the donkey.


You just never know what you’ll see when you take the road less traveled.


(this horse is not real! lol)

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Good Fences party.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Nautical Fashions

We’re still wearing shorts here in Florida and going bare foot! lol


So I wanted to show a little outfit I made for Holly.


I decided to try my best to follow the pattern and make something close to the pattern cover. (I usually get more ‘creative’! lol)


I had all of these fabrics so that helped.


Holly thinks she is due some shiny new pattern leather shoes but she’ll have to put it on her Christmas wish list!


JoAnn and I are busy sewing Christmas outfits this month to share with you in December. She has a dollie post today too! Visit her HERE for

Wednesday Wee Ones!

Take time to PLAY!  Island with a palm tree

Monday, November 16, 2015

300 Birds?

Florida is a great place to live if you enjoy bird watching.


Bald Eagle

I’ve seen 3 eagles, 3 osprey and about 300 other birds this week!


There’s a small pond near the library and I drive by it every few days when I run errands.


It has had a huge flock of Great Egrets this week and just as many American Coots.


Of course, what’s fun is seeing the unusual birds tucked in among the common birds.


Great Blue Heron


Northern Shoveler


Mallard Ducks


and large white duck or goose?


Common Moorhen


I’m joining Beautiful Sunday and

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Oh and maybe just one more eagle photo!

Friday, November 13, 2015

DIY in the Master Bath

You’ll all be glad to know, we finally put up a new light fixture in our bathroom.


We thought we needed to decide if we were going to change some of the other fixtures and colors but we decided to buy something…anything! lol Of course it was a compromise from the beginning. As soon as you stand there with all of the choices, you realize you are not going to leave with your first choice.


But now that it is up, I am thrilled! I think it’s perfect and looks so nice with the slate blue and bright whites.


Of course hubby had to do even more to make me happy.


He surprised me with this new light fixture in my tub. He said that as soon as I fill the tub with bubble bath…and get in…then SWITCH IT ON!


It will be ‘mood lighting’. What do you think? Maybe I’ll just switch it on before I hop in the tub, just to see how pretty it looks!


Don’t leave without reading THIS!!! hahaha!