Tuesday, July 30, 2013

$4 and 4 hours later!

I found just exactly what I needed for my desk.


Lots of nice size cubbies for pretties and things I like to keep handy for crafting.


But this is how it looked before….


and after 4 hours of ‘playing’ and moving everything around, I was happy with it.


Of course I still move things around a bit every time I walk in that room! lol


The blue cabinet is still handy on this wall.


This is a small room for my sewing and crafting.


It also has a computer and desk, (on a wall I’m not showing in this post) files and an architectural table. Have you ever used an architectural table? You can change the height and it’s perfect for putting a cutting board on top. Right now hubby is sorting papers and files. The closet is ‘his’ and filled with files and important papers…like maps!


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Brenda featured me last week! It sure made me feel special! Thanks Brenda!!!

Top. 5040

So many of the pretty things I keep close to me white I ‘work’ were made by my blog buddies and friends. If you see something YOU made…shout it out in the comments!

Do you have a special room for crafting and sewing?

Or you an organizing nut like me?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Always something unusual at the ‘Springs’!

We drove over to Rainbow Springs State Park one day and got closer to a juvenile Anhinga than we’ve ever been! (probably 10 or 12 feet away!!!)


He kept posing and I kept taking photos!


It was the highlight of our day!

I took this photo of the Rainbow River and cropped it for my banner.


And my new profile pic was taken that day, too!

I discussed profile pics HERE! lol

It’s a beautiful place to visit and the cost? $2 ! You can’t get any better than that! (well, we have annual passes so we get in free!)


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Have you ever seen one of these amazing birds?


Can you see his webbed feet?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Literary Friday with Art @ Home

Let’s see what we have in the lanai today!


It’s warm today but hey….it’s summer time in Florida!


I love going to the library and choosing books from all over the place. It’s fun to discover new authors.


But it’s also nice to check out a book that a friend recommends. My girlfriend from The Freckled Hen just read this book and I’m already about halfway through it. It’s hard to put down! I’ve been on an ‘Old West’ Cowgirl kick this summer anyway and this book fits in perfectly.


Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls is a True-Life Novel based on the incredible life of Lily Casey Smith. She was born in 1901 so she sees a lot of changes in her lifetime and leads an exceptional life! I would highly recommend this book and this fantastic author, who also wrote, The Glass Castle.


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Do you have a good summer time book that you would recommend? JOIN US!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finding something Pretty AND highly collectible

I don’t care as much about how collectible something is because I buy what I like and keep it. I don’t resell anything. If I can’t use it, I find someone who can or donate it to one of my favorite thrift stores.


So I had a nice surprise when I bought this pretty little gold mesh bag, made by Whiting and Davis and found out it was highly collectible. Using a google search I discovered that a lot of celebrities have been photographed carrying them.


There’s a wonderful website HERE showing Nicole Kidman, Shakira, Eva Longoria and even Paris Hilton with these bags at big events. The one I bought looks the most like the purse Paris Hilton has…isn’t that COOL!?


(the closure is interesting, too)

I have a few vintage bags and my most treasured is this beaded purse that was my Grandmother’s.


Maybe I should go to Thrift stores more often! My hubby would have a laugh. He knows I manage to stop in pretty often!

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Do you have any vintage purses or bags?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Bloggers Photo Studio?

How do you feel about profile pics? I use a full length photo of myself on my sidebar because when I put a ‘face only’ photo…it’s scary! I smile real big! My eyes squint! My hair sticks up!

And where do I go to get my photo taken?

Let’s review my profile pics!

Let’s see….I was in the Swamp when this one was taken.


At the creek for this one…


And my newest photo was taken at Rainbow Springs last weekend, 90 degrees with high humidity. I pulled a baseball cap off my too short hair and smiled!


Maybe I should use this one. This is a real Indian and no he is not allowed to smile! haha! (I told you my hair sticks up, now do you believe me?)


I’m leaving these all small… postage size pics! I think I’ll delete this post after I get a few laughs!


So where do you have your profile pics taken?


That’s no fair! Winking smile

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I. Go. Slow…or is it S L O W L Y?

With some of my projects, I drag things out. When I’m sewing, I like to zip zip zip and get things finished. But when I work on my Art Journal, I take my time. I’ve had these 2 pages laid out for a week. Every time I go to my desk, I move things around. So today, I decided…enough was enough! Time to glue things down properly. And you know? It’s a great feeling.


These pages are dedicated to some of my blog buddies. I have tags and cards from other friends, too but these were the ones that worked best on these two pages. Included are tags and notes from

 Marcia, Linda, Kat and Jesse

and Laura, Lila, Marty and Donna!

And special thanks to Jill for inspiring me!


The thrifty part of this post, is that I used things I had. I bought one package of stickers a long time ago and the rest are pretty tags and notes from my friends.


I don’t like to spend a lot on little elements for my journal. I like to use what I have. It’s more of a challenge but makes it more personal, too.


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I write in a journal every day of my life and have for years. So an art journal is a fun challenge.


(this is ‘me’… heehee!)

Are you working on a journal this summer?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Single Red Red Rose

I love red roses!


We have rose bushes that look ‘straggly’ but they produce roses year round here in Florida.


I had a little fun using PicMonkey and IPiccy to add frames and reflections on some of my photos.


And then I tried out Ribbet and found a pretty daisy frame and some different fonts.


My girlfriend, Diane from Diane Wants to Write told me about Ribbet and it’s fun and easy to use! Thanks Diane! (visit her below for a Beautiful Sunday)


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Did you take any photos this week?

(you’re a blogger…what a silly question! heehee)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Come with me!

What is a ‘normal’ day for you?

I like to GO! I usually find an excuse to run ‘errands’ every day!


The skies have been gorgeous this summer and our temps here in North Central Florida? Usually in the high 80s or low 90s….feeling warmer with the high humidity.


Let’s drive back into my neighborhood.


In the late afternoon, some of these big billowy clouds give us a welcome shower. And sometimes something unexpected…


like this colorful double rainbow!


Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your surroundings! Don’t wait for the special trips or events. Enjoy each and every day of your life!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Buying things I don’t need..Thrift Store shopping at it’s best!

I love to shop at Thrift Stores, you might say I’m addicted! You just never know what you’ll find.

Sometimes I even find something I need, but usually it’s just fun finds.



Like this Dowdle puzzle by the Folk Artist, Eric Dowdle.

And I have started looking at items in terms of repurposing. When I bought this, I told my hubby I had bought something I’ve never bought before, a sailcloth shower curtain, in seafoam green. Wouldn’t it make some amazing pillow covers or tote bags?


I walked across the parking lot to the dollar store, bought Lavender Scented Downy and gave it a good soak.


And if you wonder where I am…I might be watching these Doris Day movies, still new in their wrappers


or cooking a dish from this neat cookbook.


(don’t worry, I won’t be smoking while I cook! I’ll do a cookbook post soon!)


“Cookhouse Eggs”

Don’t the griddle cakes look yummy?

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Have you been thrift store shopping this week?

Get out there!

It’s FUN and a great way to reuse and recycle!