Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hello Kitty “Reporting In”

We walked away for a quick trip to the beach!


Everyone wanted to go but I was a last minute grab on the way out. I’m lightweight and don’t take up too much room!


And look how cute I look with the wallpaper in the kitchen!

It was a BIG condo!


Amazing views from the bedroom…


and lovely décor. (and YES, that’s an unmade bed! We didn’t even have to make our own bed! lol)


I’m pretty sure there were LOTS of photos taken so stop back by!


“Someone” is doing laundry and putting things in order around here!


It’s sure not me! I just sit around and look pretty! teehee!


Have you ever been to New Smyrna beach or Canaveral National Seashore?


It’s our favorite beach and not far from ‘home’!

PS Thank you for all of the sweet comments on my last post. It was a very fun thing to do that I wanted to share. I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love from all of you! There’s nothing like girlfriends to make you feel good about yourself!

Monday, January 28, 2013

The ‘Unexpected’!

I went to the Thrift Store this morning…which was not unexpected!


And I found a few treasures….I can always find something!


But it didn’t take me long and after 20 minutes of browsing, I was ready to get in line.


The LINE….most unexpected!


There were about 8 people in front of me and the line started stretching to the back of the store.

SO…I DID the unexpected! I got out of line, walked up to the lady at the register and asked her if she would like me to help her by bagging the purchases.

And she said YES!

The line kept coming for ONE HOUR! I wrapped and bagged and boxed until almost noon.

And then I retrieved my little basket of goodies from behind the counter, paid for them and sat in my car and called my hubby. I was POOPED! I praised the lady at the register and the other volunteer that brought up more bags and boxes. And they thanked me profusely!

So that was a new Thrift Store experience and one I won’t forget. Those ladies at the Thrift store work HARD and not everyone is patient and kind.

Do you ever do the unexpected?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Flowers

We’ve had such a mild winter here in Florida. We always have certain flowers blooming year round but this year, Spring seems to be coming even earlier and blooms are popping out everywhere. The redbuds and blooming shrubs are beautiful right now. The maples are so red, they appear to have flowers on them, too.


Here are a few flowers blooming in my neighborhood. Mostly we have roses, camellias and azaleas blooming on our street. I even caught a honey bee on one bloom.


I hope you are enjoying a nice weekend. It’s in the 70s this weekend with 80s in the forecast for the coming week! It’s one of the reasons I wanted to live here! I love it! I hope all of you in the grips of winter weather stay warm and safe!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Original Purpose or repurpose?

This is one of my Thrift Store finds this week. I paid $2 and thought it would be perfect to put my hand towel over in my bathroom.


But then I couldn’t figure out how it should hang….


so I tried a few different ways.


And then I folded my towel and put it back on the counter (small elevated shelf) next to the sink.


I think it looks nice and I love the color but I’m just not sure if I want it to take up so much room on my counter.


(different towel, side view)

(Towels, soap and lotion set from Anthropologie)

Don’t forget to imagine my bathroom in a beautiful shade of slate blue. I still haven’t painted! haha!

Do you have any ‘repurposing ideas for this item….

or should I donate it back to the Thrift store?

What’s your opinion?

I need some girlfriend HELP!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

‘Flashback Friday’ Hiking in the Rockies

I got my hair cut yesterday. The lady that always cuts my hair is Pam and she is a true sweetie…closer to the age of my own kids. We were talking about old photos and she said that she looks older in some of hers from 20 years ago than she does now.

I definitely think that is true of mine. This was taken in the ‘80s !


When my sons were growing up we lived in Northern New Mexico for a few years and spent a lot of time hiking. This was taken somewhere in the Colorado Rockies. I can tell it was the year one of my sons took his mountain bike.


He ended up having to carry it for most of the hike. And I have his insulate pad as well as my own on my pack. He was an older teen but carrying a bike was still a challenge. We weighed our packs back then and mine was around 35 pounds…that’s back when I weighed about 100 pounds! lol

And what’s in the pink bag hanging off my belt in front? Pistachios. A girl has to eat! lol


I sure loved hiking with my boys!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Do you want to go to the Thrift store with me?

Or would you rather go in this van?


Or maybe Cinderella’s coach is more your style!


The ‘coach’ was on the radio antenna!


And yes, I am taking photos through the dirty windshield while driving down the highway  on my way to the thrift store! heehee!

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And you’ll be glad to know I took time to PLAY!


Vee did, too! And sent me a link for this precious ballerina, HERE !


And my girlfriend, Karen sent me a link to some FREE Valentines that anyone can print, HERE !

And speaking of FREE…..

‘3 Days to Downton’


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here’s something for YOU!

A bouquet of flowers for all of my sweet blog buddies that wished me a Happy Birthday on my special day!


So what did I get? My one special gift that I picked out for myself from the Etsy shop HERE ? (she has one more doll for sale that I wish I could get!)

A Toodles doll of course!

Meet BeeBee!


Just what I needed! A ‘new doll’!

She is so much like one I had when I was a girl and I love her.


She came in her originals but had to get a Florida outfit on right away! The little quilt she’s on was made by my cousin, Cindy! Thanks Cindy!


And to make my day even more fun, my friend Jan did a special post for me!

It’s HERE ! Thanks girlfriend!


Hubby and I got in the kitchen and made pastries. Hubby made pinwheels that he likes (with sugar and cinnamon) and I made 2 chocolate eclairs (sugar free) and I ATE them both! Was I supposed to share? heehee!

Monday, January 21, 2013

“Paper Doll” Memories!

Yes, it’s me sitting at the table with my sister and cousins when I was 6 years old.


Let’s see that would be …mumble mumble mumble…years ago! heehee!

Yes, it’s my birthday today…again!

In this old photo, I am opening a record entitled “Paper Doll”.

"I'm goin’ buy a paper doll that I can call my own....
a doll that I can carry everywhere"


A few years ago, my hubby found the piano music at an antique store so I have it now for my memories. The record is long gone.


So I hope when you read this, I have my feet in the sand but if not, I will at least sit in the sun today!


I have lots of good ones!


Anyone want a chocolate éclair? I’m having one of those instead of cake today. Did I say ONE? Sometimes I lie! hahaha!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

“Trees are poems….”

I’ve spent some time at Sholom Park this week.


Not all of the trees have leaves right now but many of our trees are live oaks that keep their leaves all year round.


A peek at the trees from my bedroom window shows the sunshine we’ve enjoyed this week. (these are in my backyard not at the park!)

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Art in the Park?

I had such a nice walk at Sholom Park this week. I tried to walk for 30 minutes before taking photos! It’s hard not to stop. There are so many beautiful scenes along the way.


I asked to take photos of this precious family and this budding artist!


Isn’t she sweet?


So much of the country is having crazy winter weather but it has been warm here this week!


I don’t usually sit down, but isn’t this inviting?


Did you love to draw and paint when you were a child? I think we were all artists when we were younger. Some of us are just out of practice…like me!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Flashback Friday “A Before pic”

This is a photo of my Mama and Dad just before I was born!


My Mama looks so happy and beautiful!

She is still a beautiful woman and I’m thankful for her. I sure do miss my Dad.

I’m joining Seaside Simplicity for Flashback Friday!


It’s fun to have old photos scanned to enjoy on your computer! I still need to scan some more, do you?

I’ll have another Flashback photo to share on Monday if you want to stop back by then!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Take a closer look!

Did you ever walk by something of beauty….deep in thought?

I almost did when I was at the park this week.

The Tulip tree, or Japanese Magnolia is in full bloom here in Florida right now.


I tried a couple of settings and liked this shot best.

Here’s the Tulip tree I almost missed!


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Have you taken a photo this week that you would like to share?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Note Card Party

I always love to join in with photos I’ve posted in the past that might make good note cards.



I know…I just had to sneak in a Christmas card or two but I love these sweet angels!



I’m joining Vee for this FUN party HERE !

I hope you’ll join us, too!