Friday, January 29, 2010

Want to go on a picnic?

I realize that many of you are bracing for a big winter I hesitate to post photos of our picnic today. But maybe it will give you hope for Spring!


We drove over to Shalom Park and sat on a bench and ate our sandwiches and cold coffee drinks.


Then we walked around the park taking photos of the camillia bushes.


We saw some winter wrens, cardinals and other small birds and a handsome hubby! lol


Then we stopped at a bakery and got a loaf of Cranberry Walnut Peasant bread! OH MY!


It is a huge crusty loaf that is really not sweet except when you bite into a cranberry!


It’s beautiful here in Florida today....74 degrees right now. Would anyone like to come for a little vacation?


Thank you to Everyday Bliss for featuring my photo on your post on Serenity. Hop over there! You’ll love her blog!


And a special thanks to Nikon Sniper for stopping by to see my beach photos and make comments! Thanks Steve! I use a  Nikon P 50 to take all of my photos. It’s small enough to carry everywhere! Thanks to my hubby for taking some amazing photos AND for making me a new banner! Here’s another ocean view on our last day there...looking the other direction!


Have a great day wherever you are! Stay warm and stay safe!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


             Traveling allows you to see things you would never see in your own backyard! I don’t know where to begin sharing my trip to Jekyll Island, Georgia!


We had weather of all sorts but we did fun things every day! This was a foggy cool morning...but I’m on the beach! ( I told my hubby when we got to Jekyll, that he would have to take photos! I am too involved in the experience to take photos)


It actually rained all day on my birthday


but we ate at the Grand Hotel, (this is pecan pie! My fav! ) shopped in downtown St. Simon’s Island and went to a movie! We saw “It’s Complicated”! And it was really cute! This is NOT me in the photo below! lol


Look close.....


there were dolphins near the shore!


I hope you have a wonderful week and make some memories along the way!  island

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

“Wednesday Wee Ones” Wendy goes on vacation!

Yes! We took Wendy to Jekyll Island! She has traveled far and wide with us over the years. (and for my followers that are not ‘doll people’, I don’t take her around with me during the day! lol She stays in the room like a normal child and plays with her mermaid! heehee!)


On the last morning we walked to the beach for one last view of the ocean.


And stood by the fire pit next to the pool. It was cool enough in the evenings for a fire while we were there! The heated pool and hot tubs were steaming!


Hope you are all having a wonderful week! After a nice vacation, I enjoy getting my laundry done and things back in order....and catching up with all of YOUR fun!


Take time to play and enjoy life!

 (I’m older now and have more wisdom! ROFL!!!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

“Wednesday Wee Ones” and my famous hubby!

I fell in love with this Annette Himstedt doll


and you had to preorder her months in advance to even get a chance to purchase her.


She finally came but it was just a few days after I lost my Dad ( in the Fall of 1994) so I did not feel the excitement of getting a new doll at the time.

My sweet hubby picked her up and walked around with her and they both looked so cute that I snapped a photo. Later when I showed the photo to friends, they said I should send it to Annette Himstedt.


What a surprise when she contacted me to say the photo would be in her magazine, Undine.


Here are a few more photos.



She holds a special place in my heart....and my hubby is pretty special, too, don’t you think?


Have a wonderful week! We are taking off for a couple of days to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. Talk to you when I get back! Have FUN and take some time to PLAY and celebrate life!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am very blessed to be surrounded with beautiful people and lovely things. Thanks to all of my family and friends for treating me special all year long. And blogger friends, that make each day interesting and FUN!


I am celebrating my birthday this week and we’re going to make a little trip. It’s a really BIG birthday this of those even ones that end in a my hubby wanted to do something FUN this year! I’ll take lots of photos and share them when we get back!

I hope you all have a wonderful week....full of beauty and all of God’s blessings.

A few of my gifts came early.....


sock monkey slippers from my sweet sister ... how cute!


Tea for one from my girlfriend, Kaila! THANK YOU!


And a big package of snacks, candy, cards, cute snowflakes


and handmade things from my youngest son and his sweet family.


This will be perfect to take on our little trip!


Talk to you when I get back! Hope you still recognize me! heeheehee!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Things we love!

It’s been such an emotional week and I think we have all prayed and counted our blessings these past few days.

My hubby put out our bird feeders this week and we have enjoyed all kinds of birds right in our courtyard.


Something new in the courtyard....


(He’s put out another feeder now so I need to take more photos! lol)



We love John Travolta and his family (our house here in Florida is near where he lives so I’m always hoping to see him some time! lol) Check out this video with J. T. and his precious daughter Ella Bleu. It will definitely lift your spirits!

I've put 2 ways to view! Hope one of them works for you!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fashion advice?

I need some help...pronto! lol

We are spending more time in Florida and I am trying to adapt my wardrobe and come up with some different outfits.


This is one of my favorite knit tops (detail below)


and you’ve seen me wear it before. (here with my sweet mother in law!)


But how would it look with a black skirt? I just bought this skirt at Dillard’s and it is really comfortable enough to wear for every day.


Now the REAL question...what do I wear on my white legs?! I don’t have a tan yet so I’m not sure I should go ‘bare legs’!

If I were in a cooler locale, I could wear tights but what do you think I should wear here? If I wear hose....what color? Black or beige? I will be wearing black flats not sandals.


I know with all the horrible news and tragedy in the world right now, this is not really important but it’s something I would ask my girlfriends.... so here I am!

Hope your day is good. It’s beautiful here today and with my closet organized, I’m ready to improve my wardrobe! HELP!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

“Wednesday Wee Ones” Books and bunnies!

I love dolls, as you all know....but almost as much as I love dolls....


I LOVE books! I especially love children’s books.


I have a large collection of Golden books and most of them are on this bottom shelf.


I have different categories....


some are new....


some are vintage....


some were my kids’ books when they were little....


and I even have a nice collection of Golden books from the 1950s which could have been mine.


I bought them at a garage sale years ago and I treasure them. I think I need to make this dollie a slip! lol !!!


My hubby took this photo when he was in the mountains of NC last week and thought they would make cute “Wee Ones”! Bbbrrrrr !!!


Enjoy your day! Take time to PLAY and read children’s literature! It’s fun and refreshing, especially the poetry!