Monday, April 20, 2015

The Ugly Bug Ball!!!

We hiked at Halpata Tastanaki Preserve over the weekend and guess what?


The cactus was in full bloom.

Who knew there was so much in the fields!

(unless you get off the trail! lol)


Look at the quills on them!

It was a beautiful day with a high of 80 so we enjoyed our hike #21 for the year.


And when I had a chance to look at the photos of the cactus blooms, I noticed all kinds of beetles and bees gathering the pollen and drinking the nectar.


But I must say, I didn’t see this little guy until I zoomed in!


I think he should be invited to the Ugly Bug Ball!

Don’t you?

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How many of you remember this song and cartoon?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

On a Sunday afternoon

We drove past these…


in front of this cute house.


Then we saw this…


and turned around!

I had missed good photos of the beautiful yellow flowers but we couldn’t believe our eyes when we spotted this pileated woodpecker alongside the road.

And surprisingly enough…


he waited until we turned around and came back for his photo shoot!

It’s the best details of a pileated woodpecker that I’ve ever captured with my camera. (from the car, with traffic coming) lol He finally flew but landed nearby.


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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Visiting Dudley Farm Historic State Park

We had such a fun Sunday afternoon at this beautiful Florida State Park. The website is HERE.


The house was beautiful, built in the mid 1800s!


But of course, all I could SEE were FENCES!


I have enough photos for a ‘month of good fences!


This old split rail fence was a favorite.


Here we are walking past this HUGE cedar tree to the house. (my hubby is 6 ft tall!!!)


And then when we turned around to leave, I saw the hodgepodge at the fence corner.


I wonder if anyone was told to do this job and did it in a hurry!


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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Box filled with treasures “Wednesday Wee Ones”

I’ve mentioned a few times on my blog that I grew up living next door to my Grandparents. And my Grandmother influenced my life in many ways. She taught me the joy of music, books and poetry. She paid for piano lessons with I was a girl and read to me from books she had on her bookshelves. The one I remember most was Heidi.


I married when I was young. And I didn’t really have a whole lot. My grandmother told me to keep some of my childhood things to take with me. So when I moved away from home, I packed a box filled with treasures.

The box I packed my treasures in was a shoe box.

It would sound like a sad story except for the fact that I’ve spent the past 20 years collecting many of the things I had as a child and things I probably ‘wished for’. So it has a sweet ending.

But my advice for anyone getting married or even ‘purging’ is to be sure you keep a box filled with treasures.


My hubby put up another small shelf in the doll room this week for the Nancy Drew books I’ve collected over the years and I filled out the shelf with the Hardy Boys.

And then I decided to dedicate the shelf to my little collection of childhood treasures.


Let’s see…the baby cup I got at my birth, an armless doll with crochet dress, a tiny tea pot, a little cloth dollie and my teddy bear.

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I hope you cherish the memories of your childhood and hold on to the good ones.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Springtime in Florida!

I feel very blessed to live in Florida and Springtime is especially beautiful this year.


I went to the farmer’s market again last week and this time I hopped out of the car to take photos across from the ‘action’, looking out over the golf course.


Hubby came with me this time and took a quick pic of me, too.


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I hope you are having a beautiful week and that Spring weather comes to your area soon, too.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Natural Scenes from Florida

When it’s too warm to hike, we can get in the car and drive!


And it was a beautiful day over the weekend to head to a feeder creek to the Gulf Coast.

I thought you might enjoy seeing some natural beauty.


And how nice to have a bench to sit and watch the boats come in.


Looks like a fun day to be on the water!


We brought an afternoon snack with us.

Time to sit and relax.


Enjoy your day everyone! Sun


Thursday, April 9, 2015

A ‘Half a Hike’ for Good Fences “Orange Creek”

We found a really beautiful hiking trail but it was TOO HOT to hike!


‘Orange Creek Restoration Area’


We walked around for about 30 minutes but it was 90 degrees so that’s as long as we lasted.


I thought about adding 1/2 to my ‘total hikes’ on the sidebar, Carla (from The River) but decided not to! lol


It even had a swampy area and we saw a pileated woodpecker while we stood there looking around.


We’ll go back when the weather is better.

How do you like the one fence post I got in this shot, Tex?


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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hand Embroidery joins ‘hi tech’!

I love to sew and decided to try embroidery again after all these years.


I visited Prairie Patchwork Quilts and saw her precious pillowcase doll HERE and found the kits on sale on Amazon.


I’m starting with a regular pillowcase to see if I remember the basic stitches.


But if all else fails, there are videos galore to view online. Keep your IPAD handy!

I’ll try the pillowcase doll next.



Some of these old transfers were my Grandmother’s. She could sew, crochet and quilt better than anyone I’ve ever known. I hope just a little bit of her talent was passed on to me.


When I went to the thrift store last time, I found this sweet little doll.

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Enjoy your day!