Friday, March 27, 2015

Old buildings from ‘Old Florida’

We love seeing things typical of ‘Old Florida’.


After driving by this old house, we found a safe place to pull over and take photos.


It takes you back in time to imagine the family that built this dog trot style house years ago.

Here’s a Wikipedia link to dogtrot or breezeway houses HERE. “Dogtrot houses are characterized by two equal size rooms that are separated by a central open passage, or breezeway, and joined under a common roof.”


What did they do ‘for a living’ out here?


What was their life like?


It had to be hard and HOT!

Do you see the wisteria in bloom?

I wouldn’t want to go back in time, would you?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Back Roads of Old Florida

I had never seen bright white dirt roads until I moved to Florida and we drove out into the countryside.


They are white sand and powdery dust when you drive on them. (which we don’t very often)


But we were on a mission to find some blueberry fields when we passed this old cemetery.


It was out in the middle of nowhere but well taken care of and visited often.


And there were fences and gates, so it was an interesting ‘side trip’.


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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wednesday Wee Ones ‘Hopping down the bunny trail’

I have a tiny bunny on the sewing table that just needs a face.


I’ve mentioned her to everyone and now I realize I need HELP!

Do I stitch a sweet face on her, mark 2 dots for eyes or make sleep eyes?

I just can’t decide.

So she sits here and in the lanai waiting patiently.


What an accomplishment she was to sew. I bet you didn’t know I speak Japanese! ( hahaha…I DON’T!!!) But I figured out how to put her together and really only needed the pattern pieces. The link to the pattern is HERE.


I also made 3 of the sweet and easy bunnies that Stephanie showed HERE.


(the bag is a ‘lunch bag’ I made a few years ago, it has a drawstring liner)


I hope she has a lot more projects to share.

Her tutorials are FUN. Thanks Stephanie!

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I used vintage gingham fabric and old lace for the bunnies.


We’re seeing bunnies EVERYWHERE! Bunny

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Florida Fox Squirrel

What would you think if you looked in the woods and saw this?


I’ve already answered the question in my title but we had no idea what it was when we first saw it.


I googled ‘huge squirrel’ and found some good info about Florida fox squirrels. The website I liked best is HERE. More info HERE. They have some great photos.


We’ve lived in Florida for 10 years but saw this rare squirrel for the first time last weekend. We actually saw two.

But yesterday we saw one that was right along the road and a good place for us to pull over and take these photos.


When I first saw it, I thought it was a raccoon.

The tail is very long and bushy like a fox and when it runs, it trails behind it just like a fox on the run. The body of the squirrel it is 3 to 4 times larger than a regular squirrel and look at the length and width of the tail.


The markings on the one last weekend were a little different. It looked more like it had a black mask with a white nose and the feet were black.


But this one posed for photos so he’s my favorite now!

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You may not think of the ‘piney woods’ of Florida but we have those in this part of North Central Florida and now we’ve seen the Fox Squirrel (very near where we saw a small black bear when we first moved here)

Have you ever seen a Fox Squirrel?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Horse Country for ‘Good Fences’

We took a nice drive through horse country and I was snapping photos as fast as I could.


(and NO, I wasn’t driving this time! lol)

One of the sweetest sight was a baby horse romping with her Mama but I didn’t get a photo quick enough.


Right now many of the horses from Northern states and Canada are being boarded here in Florida so all of the horse farms have dozens of beautiful horses.


My sweet hubby saw this gate and turned in for me to get the photos.


I knew Tex would love it!

I even used if for my new banner …


just in case you think you’re seeing double!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

‘Beautiful Friendships’

We make so many wonderful friends in our years of blogging.


If you look down my sidebar, you’ll see dozens of blogs that I enjoy visiting.

Linda from Sew What! and I became blog buddies a few years ago and I’ve enjoyed seeing all the beautiful things she makes. She has an Etsy shop now with pretty bags and handmade angels.


A few years ago she made this heart just for me…just because we are friends.


So when I got a new basket I put the heart inside along with an old postcard of a Waterhouse print. (they are my favs and I have several in my bedroom)


We live in the sunshine state so I’ll share some sunshine with you today.


I hope your day is filled with beauty and friendship and sunshine!

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“Eggs” I love eggs!

And I love these precious little egg cups.


I know I have a few more packed in my Spring box but this is what I have handy.

It’s not really a vignette yet but it sure looks like the beginning of a ‘collection’.


And I love brown eggs best so I found one with a few speckles to ‘pose’ in my egg cups.

Don’t you love finding something unusual?


A piggie egg cup? I love it!

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Do you prefer white eggs or brown?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Llamas visit the Library on Saturday morning!

What a surprise to stop at the library this weekend and meet some beautiful and very unusual creatures!


Llamas were grazing behind the library, waiting to be petted.


What a fun and unexpected treat!


It’s not something you see every day!


Thanks to the nice people from Stone Leaf Llamas for making my day special and for the little packet of fiber!


You just never know what you’ll see when you get out and about!


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Have a wonderful weekend! Island with a palm tree