Saturday, January 21, 2017

Are these Birthday Birds? Answer at the end!

The weather has been so beautiful lately that I’m taking more neighborhood walks. It’s usually in the 70s at around 4 pm and several of my friends walk then too. A walk with a friend goes SO much faster!

So in between hikes with hubby, I’ve been walking around the neighborhood…which always takes me past the little pond.


Look at this gorgeous Little Blue Heron that has been here all week!


There were some clouds in the sky so there’s less glare from the water and you can see his true color.


What a rich blue!


And just when I turned to go home, a Red Tailed Hawk flew up into the tree near me.


So I snapped…


and snapped…


until some neighbors pulled up in their golf cart to see what I was looking at.


Then it flew. But how neat to see where it went and what it was doing. Maybe getting ready to build a nest for babies!


So are all these birds celebrating their birthday today?

Probably not.

But guess what!


So hopefully I’m away from my computer for the day, having a birthday adventure.

I’ll visit you when I get back!


(and yes that’s me at 2 years old, riding my bike with one leg in the air, always the daredevil!)

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

How can it get any better than this? The Farmer’s Market!

Did you ever wake up and think you had a post scheduled and realize it’s not there? It’s still ‘all in your head’? haha! And of course it’s the day you need to get an early start.


So I’m on Plan B already today! But so far the day is proving a good one. I start every Thursday by driving over to the Farmer’s Market! I know I’ll find all kinds of wonderful fruits and veggies, all organic and incredibly fresh!


So how did it get better this week?

We have a new vendor that sells wonderful fresh baked bread!


The Flour Pot


And they have a loaf just for me…lots of whole grains and NO sugar! Thank you beautiful lady!


But what did I eat first? (I can only eat half so I have enough to share!)


Next I’ll slice the bread!


Lunch may be a little early today, come on over!

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Why do some Hikes take longer than others?

Even the same trail can take longer some days!

We hiked Ross Prairie State Park over the weekend and was amazed to see the Yellow Jessamine in bloom!


Our seasons seem to all run together and we’ve seen lots of Fall colored leaves this winter too.


So I chose a few pics from our #1 Hike at Blue Run Park and others from our #2 Hike at Ross Prairie to create my mosiacs today.

You didn’t do very good with the last quiz I gave you HERE. So maybe this time you would like to ‘guess’ the reason some hikes take longer! hahaha!


Oh and can you find the banana tree?


And just a little Florida trivia..


we finished at around 3 pm in the afternoon and I took a quick pic of the time and temp (83).

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Ibis and Great Egret!

I promised you the other photos from our hike at Blue Run Park last week.


We had walked up to a marshy area to see these Ibis


when a Great Egret came into view.


We’ve noticed that ‘everyone’ seems to be getting along well lately!


A few pics of them in the clam bed that they were sharing with the Limpkins (so to speak).


(hopefully you saw the Limpkins last Saturday)


We’ve seen so many beautiful birds this winter here in Florida!


(some a little camera shy!)

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Chicken Pot Pie and Pinwheels!

It’s actually been cold enough lately to use the oven here in Florida!


So I made a Chicken Pot Pie! One of my favorite dishes (that I NEVER make! lol).


I had cooked a roast chicken in the oven a few days before, with potatoes, carrots, celery and onion. (I’ll give you that recipe another time) So I had good ingredients to put in the pie.


I made a white sauce, butter, flour a little salt and pepper and milk and added the chicken and chopped up veggies. I wanted even more veggies, so I cooked a few mixed vegetables in a bowl in the microwave for a couple of minutes and added them too.


I made a pie crust recipe and used 3 cups of flour to have enough for hubby to make pinwheels. I divided my dough in thirds. I’ve made a lot of pie crusts over the years and my secret for flaky crust is…don’t overwork your dough. Add just enough cold water to the flour and shortening mixture and don’t keep ‘beating’ it!


(put a ‘little’ butter on top)

Put bottom crust in large pie plate, warm veggies and chicken then cover with top crust. Cut slits in the top for steam to escape. And I put a piece of foil under the pie plate just in case.


Serve hot!


I froze some of mine for another cold day.

Roll out the other dough…


so that hubby can make pinwheels with lots of butter, cinnamon and sugar!


(notice that sugar canister is just a BLUR!)


He baked them at 375 for 20 minutes in the toaster oven.


He didn’t need to freeze any of his! haha!

We cooked together and had fun so…

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Snowmen in Florida!

Snowmen? In FLORIDA?


Yes, I left a few out to enjoy this month.


We don’t actually get snow this far South but I know many of you are dealing with snow and bitter cold temps right now! Stay warm and safe!




I went to Dillard’s to see what they had left in clearance and found 2 of these beautiful plates, Made in Portugal. (and I REALLY needed them! haha)

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Elusive Limpkin

How many birds and animals do we miss in the wild because they are so perfectly camoflauged?


I know we miss a lot when we hike Blue Run Park in Dunnellon.

(some we should probably be glad that we don’t see!)


We were finishing up a hike when we stopped to see 2 Ibis in a marshy area near the trail. (I’ll save those pics for another post!)


And when I walked…S L O W L Y…to get a better look (AND photo!)


a limpkin came into view.


He had his prize and he was making a run with it.


I thought it was a fish until I looked at the photos and realized it was a freshwater clam or mussel!


Hubby stayed back and told me to look again and there was a second limpkin that I hadn’t seen!


We rarely see a limpkin and on this hike we saw two! And we’ve never noticed the clam bed!

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