Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cabin Fever “Good Fences”

I know many of you are stuck inside because of the weather! I sure hope you get a break from the winter weather soon. We’ve had temps in the 80s this week but I’ve been stuck inside with a bad cold.

So this morning I broke out!


(this isn’t a photo of me)

I made the loop and went to my favorite thrift stores. I wasn’t in much of a ‘thrifting’ mood because I spent less than $2 total!

But I got out and saw green grass and lots of pretty Spring trees and bushes blooming.


And I took a couple of photos from my side window, Tex!

They aren’t the best but I was desperate to take part this week!


I’m joining Tex for the

Good Fences party!

Where shall we go this afternoon?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Slow Sewing “Wednesday Wee Ones”

One day while I was still sick, I got up determined to do something besides ‘rest’! So I started a little sewing project and worked on it some every day.


I used a Pattern that Nana Diana gave me awhile back. Thanks sweet friend!


And used fabric and lace from my ‘stash’.

I think it turned out cute.


Zeta is very embarrassed to show off her pantaloons but aren’t they sweet?

Now that I feel better, I have to clean my house and do ‘real work’ but I still want to be creative…just a little while every day!


Have you done something ‘just for fun’?

Remember to take time to PLAY!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Walking back to Downton

I know we are all sad to see the season end. Lots of surprises in the show last night and ideas for future twists and turns. I sure wish they would add a couple more shows to each season, don’t you?


Nanaland has a Downton post up HERE!

I stayed inside for 2 whole weeks. That has to be a record for me. I must have really been SICK! lol

So yesterday we headed for Halpata Taskanaki Preserve, one of my most favorite places to hike. We took an easy walk (1 hour 15 min) and the weather couldn’t have been better. It was cloudy, a slight breeze and 81 degrees. Beautiful!


It gave me a chance to breathe some fresh air and see if I had any muscles left in my legs! lol

We saw all kinds of birds. And threw out some bread for the scrub jays.


I hope your weather is improving and that you are well. I feel better every day! Thanks so much for your concern and especially for your prayers.

I’m anxious to get busy visiting everyone and learning the latest ‘blogland buzz’!

What have I missed?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Things that make you feel better when you are sick…

Lots of well wishes and prayers help!

Thank you all!


(my soft fleece throw and a new bottle of cough syrup)

And a special thanks to Lorrie from Fabric Paper Thread who took the time to explain about her ‘rice bag’. She’s been sick too and mentioned having one. So I wrote and asked her what it was and if I needed one. After hubby went to the store for groceries (and a 2# bag of rice) I made one.


I made the rice bag out of cotton fabric and then made a cover out of soft flannel.


I kept enough rice out to make 2 packets with essential oils, one peppermint and one lavender.


After a hot bath and a small dose of cough syrup, I heated the rice bag in the microwave with a cup of water for 2 1/2 minutes. Then I jumped fell into bed and put it on my chest. It warmed me and calmed my cough. I had the best night’s sleep in almost 2 weeks! Thank you so much Lorrie.


It always amazes me how many times I’ve been helped by another blogger. I’m so thankful for each and every one of you.


So I think I’ve sunk to a new low in my Mosaic this week. But at least I managed a post. I feel a little better every day. I hope all of you are well and warm and safe from the latest winter storm.


I’m joining Beautiful Sunday and

Lavender Cottage for Mosaic Monday.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Morning at Downton Abbey Updated at the end

I don’t really live at Downton Abbey but I do have a pretty view of a golf course from all of the windows at the back of my house. It was a beautiful weekend here in Florida. I know. I looked out the window.


That’s an improvement. For a few days I couldn’t bear any light but I think I’m finally on the ‘upswing’.


This little girl was adorable spending a day out, golfing with Dad.


To really enjoy some Downton banter, I’m going to give you the link to Susan B’s blog. I know many of you visit her often, but have you taken part in her Downton posts? Click HERE! She is so witty and fun and I love her comments, too.


I haven’t been on my computer much with this wicked headache that hurts with every cough. But I know you understand. I’ll visit when I can…and I hope that is VERY SOON!

Take care of yourself

and take your vitamins!

Update, I wrote this post Sunday, now it’s Monday morning. My upswing didn’t last and I feel worse than ever. Thanks for all of your well wishes. I appreciate your kind words. Back to bed. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Book I read…and the one I didn’t.

This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. And a very easy read.

It’s A Man Called Ove

by Fredrik Backman.


I know someone did a review on their blog but I don’t remember who. Please let me know if it was you! Because of the blog review, I requested the book from the library and read it this week! It’s amazing and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! It has a high rating on Goodreads and I gave it the highest!

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak also has high ratings and I bought it at a book sale last weekend. But I’ve decided not to read it. Not right now anyway.


I love going on Goodreads and reading the reviews left by my friends. It helped me decide whether to read The Book Thief right now or wait. I’ll wait.


Right now I’m reading a good old faithful, Maisie Dobbs mystery, Leaving Everything Most Loved by Jacqueline Winspear. It’s so very good…

and I’m so very sick. Please keep me in your prayers. I thought I had allergies from the pollen but it has developed into fever and chills, coughs and congestion, headaches and general misery. (just ask my hubby, lol)


Luckily I have this medical book to refer to. I bought it at the thrift store awhile back for a quarter and guess what?


It still has the bandaids!

I’m joining Beautiful Sunday and

Lavender Cottage for Mosaic Monday.


Have you read a good book lately? One that you’ve given 5 stars? Have you read the books I mentioned?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Cross Florida Greenway “Good Fences”

We hiked a new trail last weekend.


It was the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway trail. (or a small part of it)


We hiked for 2 hours which is about our limit but it was such a beautiful day.


It’s always exciting to go on a trail we’ve never been on before.


You just never know what you’ll see or ‘hear’!

We heard 2 owls calling back and forth to each other, ‘who cooks for you’! We also saw a hawk fly low to the ground right in front of us across the trail. It was nice to see a few other hikers, a couple of bikes and then THIS!!!


It was a first for us!


Meeting a horse drawn carriage!


Walk on!

I’m joining Tex for the

Good Fences party.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

“Once Upon a Time” Wednesday Wee Ones

“Fairy Tales can come true”


When I went to the craft fair and met the sweet lady that makes doll clothes, I may have gone back later that afternoon and bought a few more.


Maybe I couldn’t resist the Princess dresses that she had made and maybe I had to drive past the craft sale on the way to the public library. (and maybe she gave me such a special deal because I bought more than one)


(my library)


Well…’maybe’ sounds good to me!

And “Once Upon and Time”

and ”Happily Ever After” too!


Visit JoAnn HERE to see her dollies in their precious Spring time outfits. She even made garden totes for them! Oh my!!! And if you are joining us with a ‘Wee Ones’ post today, let me know and I will add a link to your post, too!

I’m joining Ivy and Elephants HERE

and Roses of Inspiration.

Remember to take time to