Thursday, October 18, 2018

*Fall Pretties*

I love decorating for Fall even though it feels more like summer time here in Florida!


It’s my least favorite season so I make an effort to surround myself with things that look pretty!


I won a fun giveaway at Life and Linda and she sent me these beautiful Mackenzie Childs Elizabethan guest towels.


Aren’t they the cutest!


Thanks Linda! (I love this tag too)


I hung them on the baker’s rack for now.


But I’ll probably move them again! I’m bad to do that! lol

And Sam asked me to show my progress with cross stitching.

10Oct - Copy

(The red barn will be stitched in under the sun!)

I had to take a break when we were in NC. I took my little project bag but I was too tired in the evenings to do any stitching. So now I’ve started again since we came back to Florida. I’m anxious to finish these and start working on something for the holidays.


Do you have pretty Fall decorations up?

Anyone want to brag about their nice cool Fall weather?

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Traveling Mosaics

We had great weather conditions on our trip to NC and back. And since we’ve been back, the weather has gotten cooler and less humid. We are seeing the photos and video of the terrible damage on the Gulf Coast and feel so sad for these fellow Floridians. The damage did not come into the central part of the state and affect us but the sadness and loss sure does.

Trip2 - Copy

I don’t take a lot of photos while we travel but here are a few in the form of mosaics!


And when we stayed overnight in Georgia at our favorite Hampton Inn, this mosaic was on the wall.


Cotton fields ready to be harvested!


The big beautiful sky!


To the MOON!!!


And a little town along the way with Fall decorations.

I just have to include the first photo I took when we got back to Florida. I was gathering up my bag, water, camera, etc and saw this beautiful dragonfly in the grass next to the driveway.


Welcome back….it said!

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Keep looking up!

I drove by the Library pond one day and saw two of the most beautiful Osprey flying overhead! I am changing this ID now! I saw 1 Osprey and 1 Red Tailed Hawk!!! Thanks to everyone that helped me with the ID! I’m pretty sure it’s the Osprey that landed in the pine tree but these other photos are of the hawk! WHEW!!!


I think I only got photos of one of them but it was a beauty.


It’s a great place to see them ‘fishing at the pond'.


He flew right over my head!


And when this one landed on a tall pine tree….


I had a chance to look up at an airplane overhead!


When I got home and showed the photo to my husband, he said it was some type of ‘flying boat’!


I couldn’t believe it! I knew it looked different and I’m still not sure how it is propelled!


What do you think?

Thanks to everyone that commented on the airplane too. It DID have a motor that I could hear. So I’m still thinking it’s type of flying boat.

These IDs are tricky! lol

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

HELP!!! Here we go again!

I use Windows Live Writer to write my posts. But when I change the date of them, they don’t come up in my sidebar….or anyone else’s either!

So I’ll ask nicely if you will skip this post and look at the next one to comment!


SHISH….why does it have to be so complicated????

This is a rhetorical question! You can skip it too! hahaha

Hugs, Diane

Handmade Quilts and the weather!

Well, here we are back in Florida preparing for a hurricane. We were in NC when Hurricane Florence went through the Eastern part of the state and now we are getting ready for wind and rain from Hurricane Michael as it barrels down on the Western part of Florida and the panhandle. I’m keeping everyone in it’s path in my prayers.

I came home in a ‘decluttering mood’ and took a big donation to Hospice Thrift Store last week. While I was there, one of my sweet artist friends, Margaritte told me about the Arts and Crafts show coming up over the weekend in her community. So I went knowing I would buy some of her cards.


And then I saw it…..a Rooster Quilt!


And I was IN LOVE!


(I have it folded in quarters in my photos but it’s 78 by 55)

The sweet lady, Rachel gave me a ‘deal’ on it that included a small Christmas quilt.


(57 by 48)

But as I walked around looking at all the pretty things, I kept thinking about the other beautiful Christmas throw she had for sale. So I went back and bought it too. Her prices were great and I was glad I had enough ‘mad money’ with me to get them. It was just a small show but the best one I’ve been to in years!


(64 by 46)

We don’t have to wrap up in quilts very often here in Florida but I think the throws look pretty on my sofa in the lanai.


Handmade quilts are a work of art and nice to change out for the seasons! I’ve never had a Christmas quilt before! Have you?


And if you come over today, I’ll share a crisp ripe apple with you!


Have you been to an Arts and Crafts show this Fall?

I’m going to publish this a day early before any bad weather gets here. Keep praying!

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Indian Summer in the Mts!

We were too early for the Fall colors in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


But there were still lots of flowers blooming at Fletcher Park!


Do you see the little loops in this flower?


And on this particular afternoon, some beautiful clouds!


There’s a path we call Sycamore Lane.


It is lined with huge Sycamore trees and you can tell how big this leaf is next to my size 7 Montrail hiking shoe!


I kept seeing pretty leaves and when I put them altogether in a mosaic it does indeed look like Fall!


The bittersweet even had a few red berries!


I’m very happy to be back in blogland…


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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Finally! Let’s take a Hike!

After being in NC for almost a month, I finally got to take a few hikes! We worked so hard to help a family member with a move that we didn’t have the energy to walk. (we climbed the stairs dozens of times though so that kept us in shape! lol)


My beloved Fletcher Park is always my favorite destination.


And it never disappoints!


The weather was fabulous! Usually around 80 degrees with a nice cool breeze.


I saw this Starling up high at the ball field.


And this frog down by the pond.


Of course seeing this little boy riding his bike was fun too.


I remember trying to keep up with my  4 sons when they were little.


Parks are a great place to make some memories.


And the views here at Fletcher Park are amazing!

Those mountains are ‘smokin’!

Have you had a chance to get outside this week?

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