Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vintage fun!

I love finding vintage treasures! We are decorating today....and I have lots of sweet vintage things in my Christmas decorations!


But I don't want to get too far ahead!


I found these cookbooks at my Thrift store...


and these cute little plastic figurines!


I don't know 'who' they are but they are sweet!

And here's a Vintage blog that's having a fun giveaway right now!

Click here for the Funky Baby Blog Giveaway!

christmas wreath on door resized

Hope you'll visit them SOON!  It ends November 30th!

Another AMAZING giveaway is at Cynthia's Cottage !!!

HURRY !!! It ends December 5th!

FGH Gift Certificate

Enjoy your Sunday! ; )

Friday, November 26, 2010

A little ETSY love!

I LOVE Etsy! It's my favorite place to shop! And it's always fun to get something from a favorite blog buddy!


I won this little pumpkin art from Michelle and she included these magnets from her collection!


She's an amazing artist! So when she posted that she had some little Christmas mice in her  Etsy shop....


I got this one! Don't you love it?

Marivel wrote to let me know she had new earrings in her Etsy shop so I ordered some! I have been wearing the ones I got from her awhile back and I love them!  (I'm not showing all of them in this post! Might be a gift for someone!) But I KNOW I'm keeping this lavender pair!


She has new pouches and always sends me an extra pair FREE!

I also received this apron pattern from Marie Madeline and I can't wait to make one!  Here's their website... Studio ! Look at the Happy Scrappy quilts while you are there! I have one on my wish list!  HERE


Thanks to all of my friends that make unique items and always give the little extras that make shopping fun!

How many of you are shopping today? I hope you get some great deals! Don't forget ETSY for FUN shopping at home!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!



Flowers for you from the Lavender Cottage....


sometimes called the 'Purple House'! ; )

Enjoy this special day! Blessings to you all!




Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What do you see when you bird watch in Florida?

Let's take a nice walk....


You never know what you'll see!


But you better be aware...and look down!


The path leads to this gorgeous lake!


Lots of sail boats....


But what is that 'bump' in the water?


Let's ZOOM IN a little more!!!


And how about an armadillo? (I'm in the car! heehee!)


We actually followed a huge tortoise into the burrow but he refused to pose for a photo! lol


And the deer....


always fun to see the pretty deer!


Beautiful palm trees everywhere you go!


All of this in a wonderful park in Payne's Prairie!


island  Time to LOAD UP and GO HOME!  island

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Product Review coming soon!

I am SO excited to have a CSN product review to do soon! CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find anything you need whether it be a cute handbag, bathroom shelving or even nice cookware!

It will be hard to decide on what to purchase for the review! They have the MOST wonderful products...and LOTS of them!

We are still working on our master bathroom and have all of the wallpaper down!


We plan to paint the walls a slate blue...a rich tone of color! The tub and sink have blue marbled through them!

Do you think the glass shelves would work well?  Click HERE to view!

Premier 3-Tier Wall Glass Shelf  in Chrome

I hope to decorate in a nautical theme so I want the shelves to be functional but not stand out too much!


Enjoy your afternoon! I'm shopping at CSN !!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cross Creek and Two bags full!

We had such a fun weekend! We went to a couple of places! Saturday was the Cross Creek Festival sponsored by the C.C. Volunteer Fire Department.


My Daddy was a volunteer fireman for all the years I was growing up so these heroes hold a special place in my heart!


We listened to great blue grass music....


ate BBQ chicken cooked on the grill (we shared...but hubby got ALL of the brownie!)


saw neat exhibits....



and bought hand made crafts!


A good time was had by all!

And here are my TWO BAGS FULL! heehee!


I just HAD to pick up some pinecones...


and buy some jewelry!


This sweet lady had the most beautiful jewelry at really great prices! But I was trying to limit myself to 2 of her hand crafted necklaces when she surprised me by giving me a third pendant! A piece of sea glass wrapped in silver wire! I was SO excited and happy! Thanks Danielle!


Hubby chose this hand woven 'pine needle' basket! It's made from the 'long leaf' pine needles and has a black walnut  slice in the center of the bottom! AMAZING!


And we just had to get this cute centipede....


oh, and some marinated mushrooms...


a bit on the HOT and SPICEY side!  smile_shades

So that was one of our FUN DAYS! Did you do something special on the weekend?

Friday, November 19, 2010

"Yoga and the angels"

I went to my very first yoga class this week and like so many other things in my life...I wish I had gone 20 years ago! It was amazing and I can't wait to learn more! I found a good website that explains some of it's benefits.... ! I didn't know what to expect after the one hour and fifteen minute session so when late in the day I felt exhausted ...I was a little concerned! But my friend Lila Indigo pears blog wrote to tell me ....and I quote,

"I always feel "like a noodle", floppy and relaxed and so "floaty" that is is hard to do anything else for a while! AND, concentrating on the breath and positions takes all my troubles out of my mind for at least the hour and 15 min. of class!"

I hope she doesn't mind being quoted! heehee! But she has been practicing yoga for years and understands the long term benefits! THANKS Lila for the encouragement! Here's a picture of me on the box! I had quick results! hahahahaha!!!




I found this wonderful old plate at my favorite thrift store this week!


Isn't it amazing? I didn't find much info on it when I did a google search so I think it must be very unique.


Enjoy your day! And please let me know if you have a 'yoga experience' to share! Have you ever practiced yoga? Do you have advice for a beginner? HUGS!   island