Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Little Suzy Homemaker News

Well, first I put it in the dining area of the kitchen.


I had a good spot for it but it just didn’t look right.


And then hubby came along and put a raven in the oven.


But still that didn’t seem quite right. lol

So we both walked into the ‘doll room’ and hubby saw the perfect spot.


(Silvi 31 inches, Kida and Julika both 33 inches tall)

I put some of my favorite Himstedt dolls around it. I think the little redhead, Silvi is just the perfect size for it.


They still don’t have any pots and pans but they are just enjoying not having to cook! heehee! And they have salt and pepper in case they get something ‘to go’! 

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Julika looks sweet, doesn’t she?


Want to come over and play in the doll room? 

Everyone is welcome!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Are you SKEEEERED of the Dark?

We’ll be seeing lots of ‘scary’ things this coming month on all of our favorite blogs!


And it will be so much fun to see how creative everyone is.


But if you go out into our courtyard at dusk, bring your flashlight and be prepared to see a scary creature hiding in the dark.


This little guy wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Well…he might EAT one, come to think of it!


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Have a spookeee week!

(Did you notice I’m misspelling words on a regular basis now?)


Don’t be SKEEERED! Ghost

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Three C’s…CAUTION in Capital Letters!

Caution, Candles and Colored Lights!

No the candle wasn’t lit.

And I’ve used these colored lights in this wicker basket for years now.


(an old photo of it lit up at night)

But when I brought it to Florida a couple of weeks ago, I put a Fall scented votive candle inside to make it smell even nicer.


(this is with the lights AND candle pulled out)

The colored lights got hot and MELTED the candle.


And this is what the carpet looked like under the basket.


What a mess. But the good news?

It could have been a WHOLE LOT worse! I have silk leaves inside the basket, too and the candles could have ignited the whole thing!

Hubby didn’t like the strong scent of the candle so I reached inside to take it out and that’s when I discovered, a light bulb was on top of the candle and it was a melting mess!


We’ve worked on cleaning the carpet and it looks a lot better now! The pumpkin is in the kitchen now and I’m not sure WHERE the lights are! lol

WHEW! And that’s the cautionary tale I wanted to share! The 3 C’s!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fences and Trees

It’s been a good summer for this part of North Central Florida. There’s been enough rain to keep things pretty and green.


I hate to see someone carve into a big beautiful Live Oak, but it’s done now, so I thought I would share.


(that’s a party balloon on the ground not a wild animal)

I like the sentiment….but not the damage to the tree!

We drove to a boat ramp to see if anyone was catching fish and this was a pretty setting.


The shade looks welcoming, doesn’t it?


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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Books…Glorious Books!

I love books, especially vintage books!

And when they are children’s books,

 I am ‘over the moon’ with JOY!


I found these in the lobby of the library among the ‘books for sale’!


The mystery for boys AND the Carolyn Keene mystery are both 1934 books.


I took them to our library table to enjoy for awhile.


I change the books on top of this table pretty often. Oh…and do I see a stack of maps?


They are always fun to peruse here too.


A glimpse of the bookcases behind the table.


My favorite find is an old reader like this one.


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Don’t you love the illustrations in this old 1938 reader, The Road to Safety?


And let me add one more so that you can see the little Fall peg doll! School


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Homespun Harvest Happiness!

I think I’ll call him Howard!


I had an idea to make a bear and wanted to try an old pattern with some old fashioned homespun fabric.


He’s considered a ‘classic bear’ and I fell in love with him while I sewed.


I received these cute treat bags and the pretty mug mat from Simply by Laura HERE when I won a giveaway that Brenda had at the Rusty Thimble a couple of weeks ago. Brenda has her September giveaway going now so visit her HERE to enter!


Even her cards are pretty!

Thanks Laura! Red heart


Howard thinks the treats are his!

And I think he’s right!


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Have you been sewing or crafting for Fall this week, too?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Florida Farm Fences

We love driving by the beautiful horse farms that are everywhere in this part of North Central Florida.


The horses are beautiful, too.


This was a pretty view from the window of the car.


And if you look closer, you’ll notice there are cattle egret lined up on the fence.


You just never know what you’ll see in Florida!


I’m trying to peek through the fence here!

I see them…do you?

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Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What do these have in common?

I love jars…

and jars with red lids are even better.


I think of craft projects or a nice heavy jar for seashells.

And this one had a name across the red lid so it was easy to ‘google’.


So what do they have in common?

SAMAE was considered a miracle cleaner back in the ‘40s and ‘50s.


(image from google search)

It was a powder like Bon Ami. I ‘swear’ by Bon Ami. It’s the cleaner I’ve used for almost 50 years! “Hasn’t scratched yet”

Have you ever seen one of these jars?