Thursday, April 30, 2015

Turquoise blue water at Blue Springs Park in Levy County, FL

We stopped at this beautiful park to take a little break on our way to Manatee Springs State Park.


We definitely want to pack a picnic and go back soon to spend the day.


The water was beautiful shades of turquoise and crystal clear!


Lots to do and several nice pavilions with picnic tables. And our temps have been in the 80s, perfect for summertime activities!


Wait for me!!!


Of course I spotted some fences so

I’m joining Tex for the

Good Fences party!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I’m a Spokesperson for TEVA!!!

Not really! But I COULD be!

I was in Texas 15 years ago when my son, D showed me the TEVAs he was wearing. He thought I might like some so off we went to shop for a comfortable sandal that I could wear anywhere.

And the rest as they say…

is history!!!


TEVAs have enough support to wear for hours. They are always my choice for a hike on ‘clean trails’ and a must for shopping. Easy to take off and you can rinse them off to clean.

Your foot works into the rubber type surface just enough for comfort and support and the adjustable straps let you ‘snug them up’ to give you the feel of more of a shoe than a sandal.

So why am I telling you all this?

I finally walked mine to death.


My favorite TEVAs…my very first pair that are a perfect shade of denim blue ‘bit the dust’ yesterday while walking for over an hour at Manatee Springs State Park.


They are ‘cracked up’ now.

BOO HOO!! (oh I said that already)

Do I have another pair? Well, of course I do. I sure couldn’t risk loosing my Teva tan.

But they aren’t a pretty shade of bluebonnet blue.

But they will have to do.

Boo hoo.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Got Trays? Now what?

I walked right up to these trays at the thrift store and stopped in my tracks!

They were PERFECT!

But $40 each! WHAT?


I asked if they would take less and they offered $40 for both.

(I got some more discounts and walked out with a smile on my face!!!)

And BOTH trays! I have 2 round tables and I love the colors of both trays.


They are very large and look what’s on the back.

Made in JAPAN

Alcohol Proof

hand painted


But now I’m ready to accessorize. Oh what fun!


So far this is what I have for the kitchen table.

(I need new placemats too but it’s hard to find oval placemats!)


Still don’t have anything on the library table. I don’t want to completely hide the design with stacks of books.




Any ideas?

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Choo Choo!!!

We were driving to the Gulf Coast one afternoon and I took photos of train tracks,


hubby took pics of this old black engine


and I took this antique train car from the window of our vehicle.


You never know what you’ll see when you drive the back roads. But you can always be sure, it will be interesting!


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All Aboard!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Getting Close!

My little Canon S 100 doesn’t take the best close ups when I zoom in.


But I didn’t zoom in on this little guy!


I walked right up to him and looked him straight in the eye! lol


Who knew a dragonfly would pose for so long?

We were starting a hike at Halpata Tastanaki Preserve when I spotted him. Aren’t the details of his wings incredible?


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Happy Weekend!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Driving South for Good Fences

We took a drive last weekend to Dade Battlefield Historic State Park.


It was sad to learn the history of the battle that started the Second Seminole War.

“On December 28, 1835, Indian warriors ambushed 108 U.S. soldiers at this site, and only three soldiers survived. The 80-acre park protects not only a historic battlefield, but also the natural communities as they existed during the war.”


We had a picnic and a nice walk, then stopped to take the front gate on our way out.


It’s sobering but good to learn more about the history of our nation.


I’m joining Tex for the

Good Fences party!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My $2 “Wednesday Wee Ones”

I get a lot of enjoyment from thrift store finds!


And when I saw this little doll bed for $2, I knew it would be perfect for the doll room.


It was a little rough but I took a damp cloth and cleaned it up in the garage.


And then I placed a vintage towel in the bottom and looked around for baby quilts.


I ended up choosing an old pillow sham (from another trip to the thrift store).


Then I took the second sham and folded it up like a pillow.


Betsy got to climb out of the baby crib and have her very own bed, along with her sleepy time bear and a kitten.


I just love playing with something like this.


(Betsy is a Lloyd Middleton doll)

$2 brought me a lot of happiness this week.

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Don’t forget to

Take time to PLAY!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I made myself ‘Vintage’!

We visited Dudley Farm Historic State Park near Gainesville, Florida and I was dressed all wrong with my shorts and tee shirt. I laughed and said I would ‘photo shop’ myself in later.


So that’s exactly what I did. I came home and put a prairie dress over my top and shorts by using an overlay in picmonkey and then put an antique frame around the photo in photoscape. (just for FUN!!!)

Betsy from My Salvaged Treasures defines vintage this way, vin-tage (adj.) 1.) used to describe something that is not new but that is valued because of its good condition, attractive design, etc.

So I’m going to consider myself vintage in this post! lol


Of course I was drawn to the beautiful quilts in this old home.


Most of the furniture and furnishings are original to this house.


All of the beds were the ones used by this big family of 14.


Old quilts are such treasures, aren’t they?

And they are vintage, too!


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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Ugly Bug Ball!!!

We hiked at Halpata Tastanaki Preserve over the weekend and guess what?


The cactus was in full bloom.

Who knew there was so much in the fields!

(unless you get off the trail! lol)


Look at the quills on them!

It was a beautiful day with a high of 80 so we enjoyed our hike #21 for the year.


And when I had a chance to look at the photos of the cactus blooms, I noticed all kinds of beetles and bees gathering the pollen and drinking the nectar.


But I must say, I didn’t see this little guy until I zoomed in!


I think he should be invited to the Ugly Bug Ball!

Don’t you?

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How many of you remember this song and cartoon?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

On a Sunday afternoon

We drove past these…


in front of this cute house.


Then we saw this…


and turned around!

I had missed good photos of the beautiful yellow flowers but we couldn’t believe our eyes when we spotted this pileated woodpecker alongside the road.

And surprisingly enough…


he waited until we turned around and came back for his photo shoot!

It’s the best details of a pileated woodpecker that I’ve ever captured with my camera. (from the car, with traffic coming) lol He finally flew but landed nearby.


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