Thursday, February 28, 2013

The FIRST person with the right answer…..

WINS! I’ll send a Yankee Dime or a Postcard from Florida to the first person that can spot the ‘imposter’ Pioneer! There is someone ‘posing’ as a Pioneer and I am VERY sure she would never have survived in the ‘olden days’.


If you spot her first and report her to the Blog Police here at Lavender Dreams, I’ll send you a postcard.

Don’t let her big smile deceive you! She is NOT doing a good job at trimming the board…or whatever she was supposed to be doing in that contraption! We can only hope this was not an essential part of the boat he was building by hand! haha


Photos taken here!



(in shorts and sunglasses)

But don’t you LOVE this type of Festival!!!

There’s another one on March 2 & 3 !!!

The Silver River Knap-In info is HERE !!!

Come on down!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is there something WRONG with me?

I need your advice!

No this doesn’t have anything to do with my head being too small for my body (see my post HERE)…I’m all over that now! haha!

I’m just wondering if it is normal to get excited over a stack of old dishcloths?


I have a friend that doesn’t buy anything ‘used’ and she would tell me to save my money and buy ONE new dishcloth instead of this worn out bunch.

But they were red and a couple of them were really old (made in Portugal)…


one was homemade..


and I could soak them in Tide until they smelled fresh and clean again.

(And they were only 25 cents each!)

Is there anything wrong with being happy over old dishcloths?


I know you’ll understand!

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bunnies, Chicks and Mermaids?

I found a ‘new’ store this week, Hearth & Home! They have been there for 3 years but I had never stopped by to shop. And it was full of surprises. The Spring displays drew me into the store but what will bring me back again…and again… are the seashells and ocean related items.


Oh, they had some beautiful things I would love to have!


This would be on the TOP of my list!


It’s a bronze sculpture of a mermaid and a dolphin.

The little turtle is part of the sculpture, too!

The ladies were all so nice and I enjoyed taking photos of the store.


So what did I buy?

Just a couple of pretty things…


a ‘Beach Baby’ bar of soap and one seashell.

I can’t WAIT to go back!


Have you ever walked into a store and it was totally different than you expected? It’s fun to find a new favorite store!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Flashback Friday “Sisters”

Sometimes old photos make me sad. It always makes me miss my family!

But this morning I was inspired by my friend Sandy’s post HERE and decided to take part again.


I talked to my sister yesterday and this morning I’m sharing a photo taken about 25 years ago. My hair was dark (with a little help from Nice and Easy hair color) and her hair was naturally dark. We’ve both ‘lightened up’ since then!

I lived in NC very near the TN border and it was just a short drive to the Appalachian Trail.

It seems so long ago….like another lifetime!

Do you have old photos you treasure?

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Favorite Day….’Wash Day’

I actually like to do laundry and hand wash things. But for some reason, I kept putting little doilies in the basin above the washer when I found them at the Thrift Store until I had a BIG wash day!


But I still find a lot of joy in hand washing pretty doilies and putting them around my tub to dry.


I found these cute little baby outfits for 5 cents each and washed them, too. I wonder if any of my girl dollies can wear one? I have some boy dollies but the girls like to change clothes more often! heehee!


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Isn’t this the sweetest little romper?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Note Card Party!

It’s that time again! And I decided to use some ‘Valentines’ for my notecards this month.





Anyone making Downton Abbey Notecards this month? I’ll take a box of those! heehee!

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A New New Button

Won’t you join us?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Is my head too small for my body?


I bet you’re wondering where I’m going with this!

Well, I bought something kind of cute.


But then I tried to make it better….the jury’s still out on whether I did.

I looked at the sweet peg doll that my girlfriend, Elizabeth from Creative Breathing made and thought….yes, my head is indeed too small!


So I found another head.


And then I wasn’t happy until I made a petticoat, too!


She’s not perfect but she feels much better now.


Do you ever buy something for a quarter and then spend hours working on it?

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Sunday, February 17, 2013


I found a cute little bear at the Thrift store a few days ago and it made me start thinking about ‘color’. It was the darkest purple I have ever seen and it stood out….and I liked it.

I looked around at the colors I surround myself with and wondered how they make me feel.


I did a google search for color, color and moods, color psychology, color in decorating, the color wheel and the colors of the sea. It was so interesting. But I decided not to add a lot of links. It’s a fun subject to research. Have you spent much time thinking about color and how it affects your moods?


I know that every morning I dress according to my mood. You might think I mean…if I feel a little down, I wear something dull, but I actually do just the opposite. If I don’t feel my best or a little ‘moody’, I wear something pretty. I think wearing my favorite colors helps to brighten my mood. I wear a lot of turquoise, all shades of blue (except Navy), pinks and reds, bright whites and the blackest of blacks….oh and lime green! haha! Colors I NEVER wear are beige or off white, olive green or orange…brown and yellow rarely.

Are there colors you prefer to wear? Are there some you avoid?

I’m a cheerful person most of the time.

Do you think it’s the lime green? lol

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PS The Black and White objects in my mosaic are rocks we found on the beach. My hubby found the black one and I found the white one. It reminded me of the movie, “Something’s Gotta Give”

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pretties in the mail!

I got some pretty things in the mail this past couple of weeks to share!


Shelley from Simply Shelley sent me a gift from the heart.


She has been a blog buddy from the start…one of my very first followers, and she knows just what I love!


Thank you SO very much, Shelley for your sweet gifts and all of the precious notes tucked in each one.

I won a giveaway at Noelle’s Live and Dream a Little and received a movie and book from her.


She has such a wonderful blog. I know you’ll enjoy it, too! We watched the movie last night and it was very good!

And then yesterday I got a package from Danice at Homespun Hannah’s. I won her giveaway.


She always makes the sweetest things! Danice is going through a hard time right now and could really use our prayers, too.


I also ordered a bracelet from Del’s Shells and it came yesterday.


It is SO gorgeous! Look at her shop HERE and you’ll agree…she makes the most beautiful jewelry EVER!!!


Doesn’t this look pretty from every angle?


I’ve had fun these past couple of weeks with so many new things! I am blessed to have so many wonderful and talented blog buddies!

Thanks everyone!

Happy Weekend!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Flashback Friday “Fond Memories”

I should probably change my title because I am not even sure I remember when these photos were taken.


My Dad was a handsome man.

Didn’t he have a dazzling smile?


The sun is out today and we have a busy day ahead.

Do you have big plans today?

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Love Story Untold

We’ll have to use our imagination for this love story.


A few years ago, I found this old bottle at a Thrift Store and when I took it to the check out, the lady said, “Oh how sad. Someone ruined this pretty bottle with tape.”


She actually started pulling at the tape when I said, “Just leave it on…I’ll look at it later.”

It’s old and faded and I can only make out a few words even with a magnifying glass and good light.


What words can I see? Valentine Day and Feb. is all I can make out on one side.

On the other side, Be Mine…I think and the word love. Possibly two names with a plus symbol between them. But the tape has changed the ink and time has faded it all.


So what is the ‘love story’?

We’ll have to use our imaginations.

I hope it’s as wonderful as mine.


I found the other old bottle in the ocean!

Are they old and ruined?

I don’t think so!!!

“Happy Valentine’s Day”

Congrats to the winner of my Giveaway!

The lucky winner is Tricia from Hillcrest Home Prims ! Congrats Tricia!

Thanks for all of the sweet comments!

I’m joining Mary at the Little Red House for Thursday’s Inspiration, “Love”.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TV Time!

Well, I had to find an old photo to start this Before and After post!


We’ve never watched a lot of TV but we do love to watch movies!

So we bought a small TV and put it on a piece of furniture that rolls and that would eventually be in the lanai and match the furniture in there. We had to roll the TV forward to watch it!

Years passed…heeheehee!

Finally we bought a BIG 60” TV a few months ago and guess where we put it?


We searched for a table or entertainment center but could never find just what we wanted until one day last week. Hubby hauled it home in pieces so now…

let’s watch as hubby puts it back together!




So guess where I found it?

(No fair…you’ve been to my blog before!)

At the Thrift Store!

Drum roll please…


A friend came over to help hubby with some lifting and said it looked like it was custom built for our TV! And the color is even good. We wanted to mix some wood tones with black painted furniture and it works perfectly.


Thanks hubby for all that you do!


And I got credit for finding it for….


My BEST Thrift store find EVER!

Are you a Downton Abbey FAN?

We’re ready to watch it now!

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