Saturday, March 28, 2009

A quick peek inside my bedroom!

It's always so much fun when you see things you LOVE on a friend's blog!
I went to House Mysteries today and she has made some GORGEOUS jewelry!
My favorite........the Lady of Shallot necklace, of course!

Here are photos of my Lady of Shallot 'dream' room.

And now we've added a chair and lamps!

I have had the Lady of Shallot painting for years
and always wanted to decorate my bedroom around the theme.
I was amazed to find this comforter that I thought was perfect...
and what is it called? Camelot! Of course!

I still have a lot of things I want to add
but I did find this mirror to put on my dresser right next
to my jewelry armoire and I am SO happy with it!

I found it at a thrift store and when I set it down,
I realized I had a reflection of the Lady of Shallot when I took the photo!

This is some metal art called "Cat Tails " that we bought at an art show last year.

I love taking my time and adding things that go with my theme
instead of getting everything all at once.

Thanks for inspiring my post, Denise!

Happy Weekend!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Penny Postcards

I was taking a little break and looking through some of my favorite blogs
when I saw this on A Haven for Vee !

Vee posted about the link called Penny Postcards and LOOK what I found!

Warner Brown Hospital....the famous site of my birth! heehee!

And here's what I looked like......

Here's the link to this page and postcards from the town where I was born!

"Penny Postcards from Arkansas"
(Union County)

Thank you so much, Vee! And just like she said in her post....
Let me know if you find anything interesting in your search!

It's a cool rainy day here but I'm getting lots done!

Have some FUN!

Enjoy your Friday!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Wednesday Wee Ones...and getting things done!"

I've been off the computer for a few days to get some things done and finish some projects!

I'm going to enjoy catching up on everyone's blogs!
I LOVE going to all my favorite blogs!
It's like opening up presents and finding something new in every one!

One little project I really enjoyed making was this little Mary Engelbreit scrapbook.

I was so disappointed to find out the magazine was not going to be available any more
and I remembered the little paper dolls I had saved and always wanted to do something with,
so I used supplies I already had and what FUN!

I LOVE cutting out paper dolls anyway! Relieves STRESS!
(and I did NOT cut my originals, I copies them on card stock!)

I even created a little pocket on the cover of the book
to store an extra doll and clothes!

The only design flaw I have is with the lace I used on the front.
I can't get it to stay on! It won't stick!
I may have to put a piece of paper instead of lace.
Or maybe copy some lace like Diane showed us how to do one time!

On this back page I have room to write something....

It's always fun to do something different!

And I LOVE paper dolls!

ENJOY! And try something new!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Button.....Button......who's got the Button?

I was searching for buttons to use for my pincushions
and found a bag of old buttons that were my Grandmother's.
They were buttons cut from cast off clothing and
then I am sure the clothing was cut into quilt squares.
My Grandmother always had a quilt going and crochet projects next to her chair...
and a stack of quilting, sewing and crocheting magazines on the other side of her chair.

I'm so glad I have a few of her things to make into projects that I can share with others.

When she passed away,
I made everyone in the immediate family rabbits out of muslin from her stash
and dressed them in cute dresses from her fabric stacks.

She had bought out a fabric store that had gone out of business
so she had a lot of beautiful material.
What a blessing to have a a few precious things to enjoy!

This is one of my favorite photos of my Grandmother!

I looked so much like her when I was that age.
My mother is the baby in her lap!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The First Day of Spring!

Happy Spring everyone!

Thanks to everyone that entered my giveaway
and to all my loyal followers!

And the WINNER is........

A Fanciful Twist !

My hubby used the Random Generator to choose the number!

Congrats to my friend that brings us so much joy
with her fanciful blog !

I know you NEED some mice in the house! lol

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is a transition time for me
and I have so many changes happening
that I can't keep up most of the time!

But what a FUN time and how blessed I am with friends and family......and good food!

I made this Irish Soda Bread using the recipe from Charli and Me !
I found this recipe by going to Vee's blog! (thank you, Vee!!) OH MY!
It is SO good, I can not describe how good it is
and my photo definitely does not do it justice!

I did not put raisins in my bread because then I would have to eat ALL of it myself
and I think that would put me over the calorie limit for one meal!
My hubby and I had home made chicken and rice soup
and most of the Irish Soda Bread! YUMO !!!

More thanks for this beautiful felted heart pillow
that I won in the drawing at the Rose Hip blog!

I was amazed at the detail when I received it!

What a work of art!

Thank you sweet friend for this beautiful gift of love!
I hugged it when I took it from the box!

I also received my beautiful bird collage from My Hiding Place this week.

I won this in the One World One Heart event!
It's beautiful and my photo does not capture the beauty!
Won't it look pretty in my new red kitchen?

Happy Spring everyone!
And please sign up for my giveaway this week!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Wednesday Wee Ones"

A few things I think are FUN in my doll room...

besides dolls!

I love my dolls but I love old children's books, too.

I have a large collection of old and new Golden books that I treasure.

I have some that were my kids...back in the '60s and '70s
and even some that I bought at a sale years ago from the late '40s and '50s.
And of course I've acquired new ones along the way!

Love them ALL!

Have a FUN day!

And for MORE fun...PLEASE sign up for my drawing HERE !

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Have a wonderful day!

This is my Lloyd Middleton doll, Winter.
I made this little dress and the beret, too!

And be sure to enter my giveaway!
Drawing will be March 20th!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Just because....

I want to THANK YOU with a GIVEAWAY!

It's been so much fun having this blog
and sharing all my creations with friends and family!

I've met so many incredible people and made so many new friends!

Every time I visit your blogs,
I find the perfect quote or photo to inspire me
and realize how valuable each and every one of you are to me!

I must say I never realized how many SUPER talented people
there were out there in the 'real world' until I started looking at blogs!
If you want proof of this......go down my blog list and spend some time on my favorites!
And there are MANY more out there! I discover new blogs all the time!

But what can I give?

Does anyone need a 'mouse in the house'?

My mice are so good for so many things!
A must for your hobby room or work area!
(maybe your kitchen? heehee)

My mice are very accustomed to living in a house!

But if the weather's nice they might go horse back riding.

Or just stop to smell the roses!

In the hobby room they might hide in the sewing basket....

or put on an apron that you've just made!

But one thing's for sure.....they get along well with others!

So here are a family of mice that would love to move into YOUR home!

And here's a pattern for cute apron ornaments.
(the little apron I've made is the first one I've tried
so I'm going to keep it but I wanted to show it to give you an idea! )

If you are not at all interested in the pattern
...maybe you don't sew....
I will include something else for FUN!

Please just leave a comment on this post
and I will choose a winner from the comments here
on the first day of Spring, March 20th (in the morning)!

Thank you for making my life so much brighter and more FUN!

Happy Spring everyone!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm so excited!

I am so happy to be back and have so many neat things to share!

One great thing about getting away for a few days
is all the new things you get to experience.

Traveling opens up so many creative avenues!
I said....PULL OVER and let me take a picture of that Cowboy!
Yelling like that will at least shock my hubby into slowing down a LITTLE!
But look closer....are you sure this is a CowBOY? lol

We were SO fortunate to have an Art Show
at the Palm Grove Club within walking distance of our house!
It was hosted by the local art club and
we were amazed at the talent among our friends and neighbors!

I bought 2 small prints but forgot to take a picture of one of them! EEEE!

I LOVE the colors in this one and we hung it in the study.

I bought some note cards and these book marks.

I love pretty handmade bookmarks!
I am an avid reader and they make me happy!
Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Annie Giveaway!

This is one of my favorite blogs, "Hand made Annie dolls"!

Her sweet dolls delight me!

Annie is having a March giveaway and describes this beautiful quilt....

"This annie quilt is hand stitched and I colored it with chalk,
I also put wooden hearts and star buttons on."

Wouldn't this be amazing to WIN!
(she has more close up photos on her blog!)

We're getting some much needed rain
so I'm going to do some baking today and enjoy being inside!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

No cable....NO problem!

We went on our little trip but I only managed a few posts!
No good connection to email, read comments or look at anyone's blog!
It was different...that's for sure!

But I wore shorts, rode my bike, sat in the sun by the pool,
listened to my IPOD, read a book, visited with friends,
went to a couple of thrifts stores and an Art Show
and even did some crafting!
I decided to work on a little scrapbook and it was a fun change of pace!
I'll post pics soon! I haven't quite finished it!
(more fun to spend time outside when you're in Florida and it's so WARM!!!)

I can't wait to read my comments!
I am SO thrilled to have so many new 'follower's
and have so many friends viewing my posts!
Thanks to ALL of you....
but next time come to Florida WITH me!

We left and it was 25 degrees with several inches of snow on the ground!
It was in the 80s while we were there....
we got back last night and our high was 42 today!

N C Icicles!!! Brrrr!!!

It's always a shock to feel the elevation change
but the difference in temps is pretty dramatic this time
and the time changed, too! lol

The mountains are in view! YAY!!!

I missed you ALL! I'm going to start catching up!
Can't wait to go through my whole list of blogs
and see what everyone's been up to!

Peach trees in bloom in Georgia...

Happy Blogging!!!