Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hiking the HTP for Good Fences

Halpata Tastanaki Preserve is our favorite hiking destination. It's very close to our house and teeming with wildlife. 


And part of the hike takes you on a grassy road with a fence on one side, with cattle grazing in the field.


I don't have wildlife or even cows to show today but I have Dock Weed. 


It's a tall slender plant with a pretty color of red on top and it grows all over the sides of the road, along fences and in fields. I'm not sure it shows up as good against the white sand but I took a close up just in case.


We had a lovely hike (#23) and enjoyed getting out in the 'wilderness'. Even the weeds were beautiful!

Are you familiar with Dock Weed? Have you seen it growing in your part of the country or world?
I'm joining Tex for Good Fences!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Handmade Toys

Oh how I love cute things for my dollies!


And Denise from the Krazy Kraft Lady makes the sweetest pull toys. Her shop is here! I won this bunny pull toy during the Folkart and Primitives Spring giveaway. (I know!!! I am so lucky and blessed!)

I finally got back to my sewing machine to make this cute little play dress for Spring.


If you know you 'have to be in the mood' to sew.


JoAnn is always making something cute for her dolls. Visit her HERE.

A few more bunnies 'hopped' into the picture!

Thanks for joining us for Wednesday Wee Ones!

Do you like new clothes for Spring?

Monday, March 28, 2016

March Mosaics

March is a wonderful month to live in Florida. The weather is gorgeous and wildflowers are blooming everywhere. It's nice to have more daylight hours to get outside and enjoy nature too.


We saw these wildflowers on our hikes this week.


And this is a little 'month in review'.

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Is your weather nice this week?
 Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Anhinga and 'friends'

These birds are pretty common here in this part of Florida, wherever you find fresh water. We spotted this one at Rainbow Springs State Park.


I'm not sure it's happy to share the log or do you think that turtle took a 'snap' at his leg? heehee!


Because the Anhinga does not have waterproof feathers, it must spread it's wings to dry the feathers before flight. 


It is able to stay below the surface of the water for longer periods of time and is know as the 'snake bird'. The long slender neck is the only thing above the surface so it looks like a snake ready to strike.


The Anhinga is in the darter family and uses it's sharp slender beak to spear fish. I was lucky enough to get this photo when he had just speared a fish.


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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hike #22 for Good Fences

Before we hit the Blue Run trail in Dunnellon, lets walk down to the Rainbow River!


Just down this ramp....


HEY....Wait for ME!!!


What a neat surprise to see a couple of dozen long canoes zipping down the Rainbow River!


Here's a little closer view!


They were gone in a flash but I could still find lots to photograph. Don't you love these gorgeous cypress trees?


Oh, and isn't that 'fencing' up there on the bridge, Tex? 


I'm joining Tex for Good Fences!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones "Happy Spring"

'Happy Spring' from the Florida *Wednesday Wee Ones* !


Meet the precious garden mouse that has joined us in the lanai.


I won this sweet mouse in a giveaway and received him from Stitching Time Boutique. Thanks so much Jackie!

He fits right in, don't you think?

JoAnn is showing off her cute dolls HERE!
Shelia's making play clothes HERE!  

Anyone else playing with their dollies this week?

Have FUN and don't forget to 
Take time to PLAY!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Blessings!

I have made so many wonderful friends through blogging. 

Ariadne from Greece and I are long time blog buddies. We share the love of the sea and decorate our homes with the things we enjoy. She sent me a gift of friendship....


sea glass, seashells and broken pieces of pottery from the beach where she lives along with a cute little bottle to make a tiny aquarium and a postcard. (pictured at the top)


Of course the package with neat stamps and even the chocolate box she packed everything in added to the fun. Thank you Ariadne for your friendship and this thoughtful gift. What treasures!


A couple of months ago I won a giveaway given by my sweet friend, Gina. She has a beautiful blog HERE and loves to have giveaways. What a joy to receive a fun package from her! Thanks Gina!


And look at this precious Spring linen and beautiful card I got from Arlene from Nanaland. We are both 'Nanas' and love so many of the same things. Thanks girlfriend!


I know I am blessed and I hope you are too. 

Happy Spring!

Monday, March 21, 2016

"Buddy Books"

I was so happy to find these vintage children's books at the library recently. ('for sale' in the lobby)


The Buddy books were very neat and I found a place for them on the shelves around the tv. I mixed them in with some of the pottery I have on display.


Sorry for the brightness! Good ole Florida sunshine! 


And don't you love the old picture books!


These are from the '30s and earlier. (even before my time! lol)

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Do you love vintage books as much as I do?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Withlacoochee River

A few more photos taken on the hike with our family on Blue Run Trail in Dunnellon, FL.

My daughter in law pointed out how pretty the reflections were on the river.


And our granddaughter saw this Ibis wading in the marsh along the trail.


He had a nice reflection, too!


Our grandson used his sharp eyes to see this green lizard on the tree.


Can you see how beaded he looks up close?


And my son noticed this small alligator on top of the vegetation striking a nice pose for photos.


Do you see that huge leaf in the upper right of this photo. 


This was a baby alligator, about 2 ft long.

We don't see alligators very often. Most of the trails we hike are high and dry. We saw this baby gator off the Withlacoochee River bridge. They inhabit swampy marsh areas and we don't have many of those in this part of Florida. (this info is especially for Vee! lol) 

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We hope to go back again this weekend. 
Do you have any adventures planned?

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lavender Fields

Sometimes when you are driving to a destination, you see something quite unexpected.


On our drive to Rainbow Springs, we looked out our windows and saw fields covered in lavender.


It is a wildflower and I have no idea what it is.


But it was breathtaking! 

Wildflowers are planted all along the highways here, so I'm sure I'll roll the window down again soon for flower photos...oh I mean Good Fences. 

I'm joining Tex for the


Are there wildflowers blooming where you live this week?

*Happy St. Patrick's Day*