Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Fairy Tales"

I was fortunate to find some Hans Christian Andersen books
at my favorite thrift store, Lulu's this week.

Do children still read Fairy tales and poetry?
I grew up on stories like these and cherish my memories.
My grandmother read poetry to me and one summer she read "Heidi" aloud.
I couldn't wait to run next door to see if she was ready
to take a break from quilting to read.

Here's a quote from the front of the books.......

"Within the fairy tale treasure which has come into the world's possession,
there is no doubt Hans Christian Andersen's stories are of outstanding character.
Their symbolism is rich with Christian values, and some of them are clear
illustrations of the Gospel. From his early childhood in the town of Odense,
Denmark, until his death in Copenhagen, Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)
had a valid Christian faith that manifested itself in many of the approximately
150 stories and tales he wrote. In one of the, he said "In every human life,
whether poor or great, there is an invisible thread that shows we belong to God."
The thread in Andersen's stories is one of optimism which has given hope
and inspiration to people all over the world."

The illustrations are by Juan Alonso Diaz-Toledo.
They are amazing, aren't they?

These are some of the pages from The Wild Swans,
the first one I read. Quotes and photos from the book.....

Three toads entered the water....
when she got out again, three red poppies floated on the water.

Elisa entered the forest only a short time before nightfall.
Leaving the pathway, she lay down on the soft moss
and said her evening prayer.It was very quiet.
The air was warm, and around about the place where she lay,
hundreds of glowworms shone like green firelight.
When she softly touched one of the branches,
the glowworms fell like shooting stars.

And in the picture book, everything was living.

When the sun was close to setting, Elisa saw
eleven wild swans wearing golden crowns....

When the sun rose and the brothers were changed to wild swans,
they took the net in their beaks and flew high into the clouds
with their sleeping sister.

She asked if that were the country for which they were heading,
but the swans shook their heads.
What she saw was in reality the Morning Princess's
constantly changing castle of clouds.

If I might dream of how I could rescue you!

After sunset Elisa's brothers returned to the cave
and were frightened at finding her unable to speak.

The King led Elisa throught the fragrant gardens and great rooms of the palace.
However, not a smile crossed Elisa's lips, nor shone from her eyes.

"With fear in her heart, as if it were an evil deed she was planning,
she slipped out into the moonlit night, walked throught the long winding alleys,
out onto the empty streets, and towards the churchyard.

Read the book for the beginning AND the happy ending!



Cindy said...

Beautiful illustrations! I don't remember MamMaw reading...I love it when you share your memories!

Jemm said...

Those look like really lovely books! Good find.

Boo-Bah said...

How wonderful that you found them at the thrift store. I think the illustration are so beautiful, so are the stories.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Beautiful, wonderful books.

Janet said...

You got a great bunch of books! I love beautiful illustrations in children's books. Thanks for sharing these.

PS - I read lots of fairy tales when I was a kid, and then I read them to my kids.

Freckled Hen said...

Your new books look pretty. I like to read to my children, especially the little ones but regret not reading more chapter books aloud. Ironically the last chapter book we read aloud was Heidi--a couple years ago--it's time for another! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Those were a great find, I like the illustrations....My mom used to read to me and my brother every night before bed we especially liked Winnie the pooh....hope you are having a terrific sunday....hugs, Jennifer

Draffin Bears said...

Wonderful books you bought and love all the illustrations.

My parents always read to us and I did the same when our children were young.

Heidi, I think was my favourite book when I was growing up - had a wonderful old book with beautiful coloured pictures and I imagined myself up in the Swiss Alps.


Shelley said...

Such a beautiful book. Thank you so much for sharing this charming story. Also, I wanted to thank you for your kind comment on my recent post. I am doing some better by the grace of God and prayers from dear ones......
I am now off to leave a comment on your "Give Away" post...
Have a lovely week......


Sal said...

What beautiful illustrations!
Have just found your blog,so I'll have a good read now!

Sal said...

What beautiful illustrations!
Have just found your blog,so I'll have a good read now!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I love old children's books, especially the wonderful colors of the vintage illustrations and graphics! These are beautiful. Lovely finds!