Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy September to everyone!

Doesn't this month just make you happy and energetic?

We are back in the mountains where it is cool and dry
and loving every minute of the beginning of Fall.

My friend at the Freckled Hen posted a photo of a pear
and I told her I had just taken a picture of mine! lol

I thought my fruits and veggies looked beautiful!

What do you like best?


or fresh veggies?

Here are a few Florida photos !
No trip to Florida is complete without a drive out to the Gulf Coast.

It was a beautiful, glorious day and we enjoyed some bird watching,
a wonderful meal of Almond encrusted Grouper at Peck's,
a walk through the mall
and even a stop at my favorite shop.
My hubby just read my blog and said it looked
like I was saying the old house on the water
above is my favorite shop! heeheehee!
Not exactly.....!

But what we DID NOT expect was this sighting!

We were still near the marshlands
and saw something up ahead on the side of the road!


Of course there was a car right behind us
and you can NOT pull over in the marshlands!
(sorry they are blurry!)


Oh they were the cutest!
And they ran after us oinking all the way!

We couldn't believe our eyes!


Enjoy your day!
And the view from your house!


Studio Petite said...

I grew up in Naples Florida. That awesome pelican picture really brings back some memories;)! Too great!!

Freckled Hen said...

How funny we both took pictures of pears! I like the pelican and spotted pigs and how lucky you are to visit the coast...I really miss the ocean this time of year when there is just enough warm Summer sun left before the cold snap of Fall arrives.

Tammy said...

I enjoy both fruit and veggies!

Those piggies are wee-wee-weeing all the way home...let's hope anyway...LOL!

Tammy said...
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Twyla and Lindsey said...

I love red pears, but I must admit, I am a fresh veggie girl. In the summer, I love tomatoes, peppers and zucchini. Your piggie pictures are so cute! Twyla

Janet said...

I love fresh fruit (as I wrote about on my journal page) but I also eat a lot of fresh veggies, too. Love your Florida photos! My hubby is from West Palm Beach.

Michela said...

Wow! How cute those pigs! What a lovely panorama from your car!

Happy@Home said...

I love your fruit, vegetable and bacon (oops, I mean baby piggy) pictures. So cute and I imagine that was an unexpected surprise in your travels.

scrapaddict said...

Did any of those piggies follow you to the market? Or did they just wee-wee-wee all the way home? How cute!

Holly said...

Piggies! Ha!

This time of year usually makes me feel energetic- AFTER I get over my cold. Seems like I catch one every September. g-r-r-r-r!

Stacey said...

Those wild pigs are cute but absolute pests! We have them on our land in Texas. They root up huge areas of wouldn't believe it!

Your travels look like so much fun. I could use a drive along the Gulf Coast about now. :)

Jacqueline said...

Looks like the three little pigs were playing on the roadside with their cousins...hmmm..I'll take a peach anyday!

lila said...

I love the pear of course! The baby pigs, what a surprise! Good photos!

Lallee said...

You ate at Pecks?????? You were in my county! We'll have to meet the next time you come this way. We have some great lunching restaurants. It looks like you are back in NC now.