Wednesday, February 15, 2012

“A Special Meal” Time to grill!

We love to grill and here in Florida, you can grill just about any day!


Here’s something that works really well on the grill!


My hubby does all of the prep work AND the grilling, which might explain why this is one of my favorite meals!


After the shish kabobs are cooked


he puts everything in a bowl.


Then we put the meat, peppers and onion in toasted pita bread and serve it with rice!


And even though there’s an alligator in the photo and we live in Florida…


I promise you….this is BEEF! heehee!


It’s very yummy and easy, too!


The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Miss Lavender Dreams,

Looks yummy. My Dad grills kabobs too. He makes them with shrimp, and when the corn on the cob is in season (locally) Mom loves when he does the corn kabobs. Sounds "corny" huh? Giggle.

Have a beary fun day, don't forget to hug your teddy bears. (o:

Heaps of Hugs

helen tilston said...

I love this meal, looks fabulous and healthy too and best of all it keeps the kitchen clean and cool

Helen x

Vee said...

It looks delicious! I grilled steaks last night, but I didn't have all the yummy veggies on the side...just some corn and no kabobs. I didn't even think about alligator meat...yikes. From now on I will, though!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

That looks so delicious! You're making me hungry and it's not grill season here for another few months. (Unless the snow lets up!)

Thanks for visiting my Valentine blog post.

Marina said...

For some reason I've been dreading about grilled something for the last few days. Great post! I am your new follower too.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I was wondering what you were going to say that meat was. Oh we are the same we grill at least twice a week in winter as well.

Elizabeth said...

A beautiful looking meal!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh it all looks fabulous and I love Kabobs. We BBQ almost every day too. Hugs, marty

Barbara F. said...

You had me wondering, Diane, when I saw the 'gator and then the skewers :). I love anything grilled, even fruit. xo

Kim K. said...

YUM! It was fun to think that it might possibly be gator...hee hee.
Even though we have snow on the ground we try and grill at least once a week.

Ginger Zuck said...

Gosh, Diane! that looks wonderful! I love anything on the grill. YUM! Gator ain't bad!! LOL

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Hubby cooking on the grill is always a great thing!!! Kabobs look scrumptious!!!!

Diann said...

That sandwich looks so good! We scraped off the snow on the grill last weekend and grilled some chicken and fruit kabobs! yup, we grill in the snow as well! LOL Have a great day!

Vicky said...

Heavens but that looks SO good! Yep, we grill out alot, too! AND being here on the lake, we get to catch our own beef....J/K....tastes like chicken, anyway!!!

Della said...

I love that we can grill anytime here! It makes dinner a healthy and delicious choice.

Those are beautiful kabobs your hubby makes! MMMMMM makes me hungry!

I think it's lunch time. Do you have any leftovers?


Cameron said...

We're actually planning to fire up the grill tonight. My Hubby promises to come home early....heehee...cuz he is the Grillmaster!

Your kebabs look delish! Making my mouth water :)

K'sKronicles said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and following...! What part of Florida do you live in?? I want to retire there..!!!! Have a great day..K

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love beef kabobs! My Dad use to grill them all the time! Yummy!

Carol Stuck said...

Oh yum! The kabobs look yummy! We like to grill in the winter too but sometimes that means cleaning off the snow on the deck. lol


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My gosh but that does look delicious! It's been awhile since we have cooked out even though the weather has been wonderful for it. NOW it's raining..
Hugs, and even though I missed Valentines of these days there will be a surpise. Lots of Holidays coming up...
My baby dolls have been so neglected lately. No change of clothing..just sit there looking at me expectantly. Poor little things.
I did pay some attention to
Abby (the bear that Joyce sent me when I was ill) today. I think she was most grateful. I've been a rather bad Mom.
Hugs and love,

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

LOL - I thought it was going to be alligator too! Looks yummy!!

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

My favorite thing to grill. It will be a while for us, though.

A. Nony Mouse said...

I'm more hungeree now!

Scarlett Clay said...

Wow, this looks great! can you believe we don't have a grill? and it's the same in TX, you can grill most of the year! We really need to get one..I'm thinking Father's Day...hmmm :) Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and have a great week.


Pam at A Little Off Quilter said...

Those kebabs look yummy! My hubby doesn't care how cold it is, he'll grill year-round. We were laughing when he was doing a pork roast on the rotisserie recently, it was about 20 degrees outside and snowing like crazy, and he had a heck of a time keeping the temperature steady! LOL


Megan said...

My favorite meals are also created whenever my husband does all the cooking! I know my family would love this meal too :)

Your comment reminded me to stop back over here and tell you I received my lovely card and valentine in the mail! It was so nice to see read your message :) My 6 yr old daughter claimed the valentine for her room :)

Hope you like how those tags turn out! Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...

looks great, I have heard alligator is good as well, have you ever cooked it? I would prefer beef I think,

Richters Victory said...

looks yummy.

Tolentreasures said...

That looks so good, but why not alligator? Have had it and it was very good! Can't wait for full grilling season here, just doesn't seem right grilling in the snow!


Tammy said...

We pack our grill away for the winter, though it's been so mild here this year we really could have kept it going. I'm ready for the hubs to fire it back up! Yum!!