Wednesday, November 11, 2009

“Wednesday Wee Ones” Vintage

I bought this vintage, “made in Spain”, round tablecloth at a consignment store awhile back and wasn’t sure what I would do with it.


I love buying things just because they are beautiful and figuring out a use later.


Adara Lina is in her beautiful cradle in the corner of my bedroom and the tablecloth looks perfect draped under her.


And since we are in my bedroom….I have a decorating dilemma.  I wonder what would look good above my headboard.

Our ceilings are 9 ft tall in our condo so I have lots of space, but my headboard is curved iron work.


I wish I could get better photos of the red colors in my bedroom but they always come out looking odd. I am going for a Tuscan look…..Biltmore Estate collection comforter, dark red chenille drapes, Sherwin Williams, Golden Fleece on the walls.

Bedrm1099 Any ideas on how to place paintings….or how many to group above my bed?

DSCN2520 Thanks! And remember to take time to PLAY and decorate!

Penny sent me a photo to show the placement of art above a curved headboard!

Diane headboard 4 This would be perfect! Thanks Penny!! Enjoy your day!


Michela said...

What a pretty bedroom you have! Mmmm.."tuscan look"..lovely words! ;-)

Michela said...

What a pretty bedroom you have! Mmmm.."tuscan look"..lovely words! ;-)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I just emailed you a picture I found that I think would work great as a way to place art above your headboard...
p.s. your bedroom looks great!

Anonymous said...

I aodre your dolls.They are the big ones.I have mostly standing 16 inch dolls.So sweet that little one looks in your bedroom.

Well I have a tuscany kitchen, dont know much about the tucscany bedroom but the pic Penny sent you is just beautiful.I wouldnt mind that for my room.I love everything in it.The sweet little footstool is so cute.Or maybe thats a bedroom chair and Im just seeing the end of it.

Anyway, have fun,I just added some lacy things to my bedroom,. I gues its that time of year to cozy in for a long wintertime.Take Care!

Linda Q said...

Hi Dianna,
Am back to remembering to post for Wednesday Wee Ones. Your baby in her bed is so pretty, that was a great use for that table cloth.
And I hear you on what to put above the bed. You have alot of space so you could do several things. I bed crown would be pretty if you want that look or a grouping of photos or art.
Good Luck with the decorating!
Linda Q

Unknown said...

Beautiful bedroom Dianne, how about a mural, I did one for my sewing room, easy to fix and take out too :)

Kaila said...

I am glad that others have decorating tips, as I am hopeless and helpless as a decorator. (I never outgrew the early-dorm room style.)

I do love your bedroom. How elegant! Your style could be featured in all kinds of high-end magazines. (In case you are wondering: I recognize great style; I just can't create anything that resembles it.)


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your bedroom is beautiful just the way it is. I don't have anything above my bed either so I'm not one to offer advice, but I have seen groupings of plates above the bed that looked really pretty. I love that round table cloth. You found the Perfect use for it. Twyla

crystal said...

Adara Lina is absolutely gorgeous and the tablecloth is the perfect backdrop!!! I love using linens as decorating accents.

And the colors you've chosen for your bedroom are so elegant, and yet very warm and inviting at the same time. Penny's photo is a great resource. You'll have fun experimenting :-)