Sunday, January 17, 2010

Things we love!

It’s been such an emotional week and I think we have all prayed and counted our blessings these past few days.

My hubby put out our bird feeders this week and we have enjoyed all kinds of birds right in our courtyard.


Something new in the courtyard....


(He’s put out another feeder now so I need to take more photos! lol)



We love John Travolta and his family (our house here in Florida is near where he lives so I’m always hoping to see him some time! lol) Check out this video with J. T. and his precious daughter Ella Bleu. It will definitely lift your spirits!

I've put 2 ways to view! Hope one of them works for you!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


GardenOfDaisies said...

Look at your wonderful birdies! Bluebirds? And Flickers? What is the yellow one? Oriole??
We really enjoy feeding and watching the birds too. I should spend a little more time trying to identify the various ones that come to feed.
I admire JT For being such a wonderful family man. So rare these days in Hollywood.

Ale jc said...

Ahhh a woodpecker, yellow finch and eastern robin, but I am not really delightful...
and yes Haiti is in all of our prayers...Thank goodness for Red Cross and their amazing relief efforts...blessings madame samm

Annalisa said...

Oh lovely lovely post!
I feed birds everyday, I love to see them coming to my garden :) they make me so happy!
You're right, we all have prayed, also here, on the other half of the globe.
Hugs,and thank you for your sweet comments on my blog,
*Love* Annalisa

joyh82 said...

We have been feeding the birds too. Our cat loves to watch them :)
I saw John Travolta's new movie
over Christmas and loved it. Lucky you getting to live near him.

Vee said...

The Travoltas spend a lot of time in my state, but I never dream of seeing them...on an island...they fly in. Hope that you are able to see them in person one day.

The bird feeders will give you lots of fun watching your feathered friends.

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Sweetie! Loved your bird shots, and that video! I LOVE JOHN TRAVOLTA! His daughter is so adorable. I soooo hope you get to see him one day!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed, and my toes too!
Hugs, Paulette xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love the bird photos!!
Hopefully one day you will get to see John never know since he lives near you.

Bearly Sane said...

Such colourful birds you have there Diane.
We took our grandson to see JT's movie last week...certainly gave us a great laugh when the pills got swapped around.
Sandi @ Bearly Sane

Lallee said...

Very nice capture of your birds. Ours have been busy at the feeder too. The robins were all over the yard in force yesterday. They left their signature, throwing the mulch all over the sidewalk. LOL Hope you had a nice Sunday.

Unknown said...

That was adorable. What a bright way to start an otherwise rainy day. Loved it.

Unknown said...

How fun is that at 700am in the morning. Birds and John and Ella Bleu. Makes me want to go dance with my puppies, all day long...a very good day off indeed.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

The birds are beautiful. We put out seed this week and so far have just attracted some little ones. Nothing exotic like yours.
It has been a heartbreaking week, I just can't imagine what it would be like to have to endure what the earthquake victims in Haiti are having to go through.

The video was cute. I have always liked John Travolta.

Have a great day

Twyla and Lindsey said...

So nice of you to feed the birds. John is a wonderful family man who obviously loves his daughter very much. My heart still breaks for him over loosing his son. I hope you spot him soon! Have a wonderful week. Twyla

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Ohhh, what is the red headed bird, I wonder???

Happy@Home said...

You took some very nice photos of the birdies. We enjoy feeding and watching them too.
I hope you are lucky enough to see John Travolta in your area.

Joshy and belle said...

fantastic birds, if you see john say hi from me!!! fliss xx

The Painted Garden said...


Oh my goodness - you already have blue birds visiting with your new bird feeders. LOL - if you don't see John Travolta you always have the adorable blue birds to feed and watch.

Your new black and white out fit is adorable - the top is about as cute as you can get - it looks great with shorts and a skirt.


Unknown said...

I love feeding the birds, watching them busying themselves! suzie xxx

Unknown said...

I should get a bird feeder as there are so many here at home.However, they like to perch on our main door grills and poop everywhere, not much to the delight of my hubby hehe :)

Kaila said...

What wonderful photos of your feathered friends.

Love the video, but now I can't get the song out of my head. :-)