Sunday, February 7, 2010

What are you doing tonight?

Are you having something good to eat?


We are having Chili with fritos and cheese....home made fudge brownies and coffee for the second half!


Girls like football, too!


Who are you rooting for?


Have fun!



Unknown said...

Home created delicious pizza ... c'mon over!

Have a beautiful week.
Happy Valentine's
TTFN ~Marydon

Vee said...

In the immortal words of my visiting daughter on her way to a Superbowl Gathering..."I'm rooting for the team wearing my favorite color scheme." Ha! Have fun, my friend.

Jerri said...

It's my birthday so we are eating out! Go Saints.....New Orleans deserves something good.....


Kaila said...

Uh-oh--May I post although I only watched the last few minutes of the game?

My cat and I shared roast beef, worked on the computer (yes, she helps), and have been shivering under our blankies all evening. (We each have one.)

It is c-c-c-cold here. We are giving away snow for free. Let's go Spring.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Well, we had open faced chicken and gravy sandwiches, fresh steamed broccoli, a big tomato and lettuce salad with delicious dressing home made bread with
REAL butter! Oh...and ice tea. (We live in California and drink it all year round. personally I prefer coffee or hot chocolate but Sweetie pie likes his tea. Can you imagine?) :)

Good heavens! The Saints of course!!!

we did have fun! :)
Whose little girls are those? Could they possibly be ...yours.
Adorable dollies!

Andrea said...

Go saints, wehave been eating all day!

Unknown said...

We had roast chicken! I already know the result of the football, as it is now Monday! Suzie xxx

Annalisa said...

:) Just a normal sunday evening, in good company (my family and pets)
Lovely post, :) How nice those pics!!!
Thanks for your always sweet words on my blog!


Pam Aries said...

I love ya..but those dolls are freakin' me out! haha