Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall touches around the condo!

I keep most of my Fall decorations here at our condo in the mountains.



It’s fun to enjoy some pretty things while we are here.


And most of my Fall things are the perfect color for our condo that is decorated in what we call ‘mountain colors’.


My sweet Pumpkin girl was made by my girlfriend, Pat at All is Bright…HERE ! I love her so much!



What are your favorite colors of Fall?

PS I had this post ready for the last day of the month but it sure seems frivolous when so many are suffering in our country right now. Our hearts go out to those in the path of the hurricane. We are praying for you all. God bless.

I just read one of my favorite blogs, Muddy Boot Dreams and I love what Jen wrote HERE! It’s perfect for today. Thanks Jen!


Della said...

My favorite fall colors are orange and deep the leaves around your candle surrounded by the pumpkins ;)

Cranberry Morning said...

Love those sweet little pumpkins! It's nice to bring a little autumn into the house to try to extend it a while longer.

Susie said...

I love orange with burgandy reds. Your decorations are perfect. Smiles, Susie

cucki said...

i love fall colors so fav,,
lovely decorations..
big hugs cucki xxx

maddyrose said...

I love orange, gold, brown and red with touches of mossy green. Your decorations would work very well in my house. Happy Halloween Diane. Hugs

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Your beautiful fall decorations are so festive. I love all the fall favorite time of the year.

RURAL said...

Your fall colors fit right in with living in the mountains...a good safe place to be.

Thanks for mentioning my post. Bloggers are pretty amazing people, and I was thinking about how much support they give each other.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

joyh82 said...

Happy Halloween my friend! Hope you have a great day. Love the fall decor, especially the candle centerpiece.

NanaDiana said...

I love all the Fall colors-the oranges and deep russets...gorgeous. Your condo looks lovely- I will head over and check Jen out- xo Diana

Jane and Chris said...

It's hard not to be thinking of those affected by 'Sandy'...but carrying on and doing normal things lifts the atmosphere..that, with prayer, will help.
Jane x

Anonymous said...

I love your fall decor!! I also noticed your Jan Karon books on the shelf. I dearly love Jan Karon and have read all her books!
I knew we had lots in common.
Linda - Kennesaw, GA

Simply Shelley said...

Very lovely decorations! It is hard to celebrate with so much devastation in the lives of others...may God bless them all.

Cameron said...

Looks so cozy there....makes me want to sip on a hot mug of pumpkin spice coffee or chai tea and gaze fondly at the pumpkins :)

I love all Fall colors....I've always been drawn to warm, rich colors.

Betty@SouthernGrace said...

I love the colors of fall too. It's my favorite time of year. We were so blessed to spend last week in your neck of the woods.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

You have your condo beautifully decorated for fall! I love, love, love all the fall colors, it's my favorite season. Enjoy this last day of October!

Donna said...


I've never been a fan of the color orange, so I like it best when I can see the yellows and reds, mixed in with some greens for contrast.

PatC - All is Bright said...

Awww! Pumpkin Girl is out enjoying your beautiful fall colors. Have a wonderful Halloween night my friend and enjoy what's left of Fall cause winter is just around the corner!



Bev said...

Fall seems to be long gone...we got snow so early...that I am thinking its winter... Your pictures are beautiful!!

Vee said...

Oh I shall go and read what Jen has to say. I need something "perfect" for today. Your mountain colors are just right. I love all the colors of autumn...perhaps even preferring the muted colors at the end of peak color.


I Love your Mountain colored condo with the colors of fall! My favorite season!

cynthia lee designs said...

Love your Fall decorations...they look great in your condo. We had trick-or-treat here this past Saturday before the storm. We weathered it okay...had high wind warnings and rain & some snow. We lost power, but only for a few minutes. My thoughts and prayers have been with everyone that has been affected by the storm.

Anonymous said...

Love those autumnal decorations... I too, put up an aside on my post today, my heart breaks for those who are suffering... I'm your newest follower and rss subscriber. Thank you for your recent visit to my place... Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

What a warm and cozy place you must have. Love all the cute fall decor. Joining you in remembering those suffering from the storm.
Jen is one of my blog friends, too!!!

I had an email from blogger Caty...she does not know yet if/when she will have knee surgery.

Have a good night.

Barb said...

Hi Diane,
I love all these colors you have decorated with!! Just fun and beautiful.
Enjoy your Halloween!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love your fall decor and your mountain condo sounds like a dream place. I mean you have the best of both worlds...the beach and the mountains! Hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

So pretty!!! I love all the fall decor! And like you, my heart goes out to all the poor people affected by Sandy! Also, you are invited to my Christmas giveaway!


Anonymous said...

What pretty shots - so lovely!

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi, Diane!
I have enjoyed my visit to your blog so much this morning. I can always depend on your blog being a source encouragement and friendship.
I have enjoyed your darling Fall touches throughout your condo. I love all your sweet little pumpkins. Harvest is such a special time of the year.
Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog. I appreciate them all so very much.
Have a happy day, my friend,

LindyLouMac said...

Beautiful fall colours, I hope your family have stayed safe if any of them were in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

Diane Writes said...

The fall colors are bursting with happiness and excitement for me namemate. I love everything in your home.

Hope you are enjoying your week

Unknown said...

Your Fall decorations look beautiful. I have to say I really enjoy all the fall colors. But the Orange has to be my favorite.


Terra said...

Lovely fall colors and decorations.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Don't you just love fall? Your decorations are hit all of our favorite hues~ it's so easy to decorate with fall least it is for us ~ we just love how it goes with our homes colors!

Ames said...

Cute Diane! I can't wait to pack up the Halloween and get out my Fall things. Since my Fall and Family trip I have really been inspired me. I have all kinds of neat ideas.~Ames

Trace4J said...

Good Morning
I love your beautiful mountain colors.
I love reds and oranges.
Red is my very fav of all.
Love your pumpkin girl doll..SO CUTE!
Praying for so many.
Woolie Blessings

Anonymous said...

It's all so pretty, Diane, and I think that at a time like this it's exactly what we need.
I like that you keep your autumn decorations in your condo. How often do you go up to visit?
Love the pumpkin girl, by the way. ;)