Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Don't you want to know how I'm doing with my new resolve to walk every day? 


I've walked every day except one for 3 weeks now! YAY! 


And I really do feel so much better. I've worked on improving my diet too and that has helped. 


We live in a beautiful gated community and almost everyone here leads an 'active lifestyle' so there are lots of walkers out in the evenings. (and a few critters)


(amaryllis in a neighbor's flower bed)
 I took my camera the first few days but now I just carry my phone with me. 


(a neat looking mushroom)
And the landscaping is coming along. I think hubby is just about finished with it. He has planted lots of new shrubs and flowers and a total of 20 rose bushes! They are SO beautiful and do really well here in Florida. (they even grow in Subaru's!!! hahaha)


I worked on a new profile pic for Casa Viola. I'll update it again when everything starts to grow and fill in.

So that's keeping us busy. Are you accomplishing things around your house this Spring too?

We finally got a nice rain shower yesterday and this beautiful rainbow!


eileeninmd said...

Hello, congrats on your resolution to walk more. I am trying to do more walking too, I just wished the weather would cooperate. Pretty sky photos, I love the rainbow. The amaryllis are beautiful. I am sure your roses will look lovely. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

I love rainbows. I think I hooked my wife by stopping one evening to gaze at a double rainbow. ;)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Planted a rose bush (great minds think a like) and getting ready to move Mom next door! Can't wait but such a busy time!

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh I wish I lived there where it is warm and sunny and one can walk around the neighbourhood in the evening when it cools down. That is just perfect to me. Beautiful photos of the clouds and rainbow. Your landscaping looks lovely and I know you'll enjoy all those roses. Have a beautiful day Diane.

Susie said...

Diane, 20 roses ?? wow you are going to have so many wonderful butterflies and bees. Your husband is so sweet to do all this. Good for you walking so much. I wish I had a safe area here. I am leery of walking down the road by myself. I will walk at the park though. Loved seeing all the things you saw on your walk. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Stacey said...

Great job on all of that walking! I go in spurts with it. We are getting lots of rain here lately and it seems to come in the mornings when I prefer to walk. Might just have to be more flexible about my times.

Your flowers and plants look fantastic! Be sure and join the garden party next week.

Love the rainbow pic. Rainbows just make you smile, don't they?

Vee said...

Not a whole lot getting accomplished here. Twenty rosebushes? How'll you water them all? Prune them all? Perhaps they don't need all that!

Susan said...

You have great strength, Sis. Love your conviction to exercise and diet, XOXO

Susan said...

You have great strength, Sis; love your conviction to diet and exercise, XOXO

Lorrie said...

Your car filled with roses makes a pretty sight, but they will look even prettier in the ground! Congratulations on your walking discipline. Exercise really does make us feel better!

Linda Kay said...

Hubby has been really busy planting flowers and finishing up our planting beds around the house. I think he is just about finished, and it looks wonderful. We don't have much in roses, however.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I have been doing some paint touch ups on our exterior and I noted that my new plants in the front beds seem to be doing well. Congrats on your discipline in walking. It is a game changer for sure.

Carla from The River said...

Great photos.
Great job walking. :-) What changes did you make to your diet?
We are doing landscaping too. We had to cut four trees down in our yard this past winter, so clean up. We are almost all done. Hope to finish today!
Next week I will plant my gardens.

Debby Ray said... are quite an inspiration! You should be very proud of yourself, Diane! :)

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Diane, Congrats on your daily walking and healthy routine. It really makes a difference. We walked 7 miles each day on vacation last week when on Coronado Island. It was great and we want to continue between the rain drops this week.
Your front yard is gorgeous. Love the pretty rainbow pic.
Have a nice mid week sweet friend. xo

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Diane, I have been walking Bosco longer in the mornings. I did my planting of flowers and veggies this week. That a is great that you are doing walks and eating better. The roses will be beautiful and you have a lovely front yard. Enjoy the week.